Saturday, September 30, 2006

I feel great!!

Ok, so I didn't run yesterday morning, but I did take the girls to the park and walked around the path for 1 mile! It may sound easy to you, but pushing a double stroller over a walking path that has more hills then flat spots is quite the task! I felt great afterwards. We ran into Tammy and Tina, two moms from church, and their kids playing on the jungle gym. So we stayed and played for another hour. Is was great fun... will definatley have to do it again.

I worked out again last night for an hour. I timed myself for the first time on the mile run... 16:20. A turtle pace compared to Angie's 11 min miles!! But I will get there... I have faith! I also worked out my upper body and am feeling a little sore.. but all around better!! I have my Kempo class this morning. Three hours of kicking, punching and pure torture. I LOVE IT!! Angie gave me great advice about taking it a minute at a time. That helped alot yesterday. I walked into the kitchen alot in the afternoon, but everytime I reached for something to snack on, I just thought of that advice... grabbed a glass of water or cup of tea... and told myself to wait another 15 minutes. By the time I did that 4 times... an hour had gone by and I was too full from all the water I drank to eat anything. I also got in a couple of miles walking to the bathroom and back! LOL

So, all in all, I think I am off to a good start. Feeling good, inside and out.

A couple of people asked me who Tigerlilly was... Most of my family knows that as a young girl my dad nicknamed me Tiger. It followed me thru the years. As I got older, it turned into Tigerlilly. I guess I had blossomed!! So, to me, Tigerlilly is a strong, athletic and healthy girl. She can do anything she sets her mind to, and has her whole life ahead of her. So in all of this, I guess I am on my way to finding Tigerlilly once again! I know she is still in there somewhere.. !!

Looking towards a hectic weekend... but am feeling strong!


Friday, September 29, 2006

The Goal

Ok, I confess.. I am not running this morning. But I did get my husband to agree to work out with me tonight. He and I are complete opposites.. in many ways... but mainly in the weight department. He is 6' tall and a perfect 150. He says he wants to start gaining weight.. HA.. how do I cook food for two totally different goals???

Well.. my goals are quite simple really. I dont care to be the perfect thin... just healthy thin. Which for my height and body build would be between 145 and 155. My body is scarred from surgeries, especially my abdomen, so beauty is not really an issue for me. I just want to be around to play with my kids and grandkids for years to come.

My weight now? Do I dare write this down for all to see?? I guess I must... 208. Yes.. I am over the 200 mark. I never thought I would be there in my life. I , of course, went over when I was pregnant... both times.. but always expected it to fall off after giving birth. The first time it did!! The second time it hung around a little longer... and then I was diagnosed with cancer.. had two major surgeries and sat on my butt for a year. I guess that would be the reason I am (insert 'f' word here) .

My short term goal is to get under the 200 lb mark before our move to puerto rico.. which could be as soon as a month away.. so.. I better get moving!!

I did GREAT on my diet yesterday.... until about 9pm and my husband went to bed and left me watching the end of CSI... then I quietly went into the kitchen and grabbed the ice cream.. ugh. I am so mad at myself. So today.... THROW AWAY THE ICE CREAM!!!


Thursday, September 28, 2006


What can I tell you about me that you dont already know? Well, everything. But I'm not here to write a novel of my life... no one would ever print it! (or spend the time to read it) No, I'm here to write about my struggles with FAT! Yes... the "f" word. As ugly a word as it is, I have lived with it my whole life. Now, after two kids and two major surgeries... I am ready to get rid of this load on my shoulders....waist...butt...hips.... (you get the picture)

So where to start... ugh. The ultimate question that usually stumps people so badly that they just say... FORGET IT. But... not me. Where am I starting? Well.. with well proportioned meals, excesive amounts of water, extra cups of decaf tea... and, of course, EXCERSIZE. Now... I have always been active. I was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Karate by the time I was 16. (I just signed up for a Kempo class on saturday.. .we'll see if I still got it) My main problem is food. I LOVE food. It is not just my comfort.. it is my lover... my friend. It does not help that being a stay home mom, I tend to cook, ALOT, and love it. So , food will be my main competitor in this race. Second will be my stamina. How long will I be able to keep this up? Will I be able to make this "life change" that you have to do in order to lose the wieght for good?

Well... I dont have those answers just yet... but hopefully we will find them along the way.

First thing first... running 2 miles in the morning. Wish me luck