Friday, August 31, 2007

Well, I didn't go to the "mountain idol" try outs last night. Just wanted to stay home and cuddle with my girls. I also figured that I am going to be out all weekend doing the 'gig' so I better get some sleep while I can!

Yesterday was not the best day... ate 'ok' and NO exorcise. But I did get up early this morning and took the girls for a walk around the block. So today is already off to a great start. I have vocal lessons tonight.. practicing all the songs I have to do back up/harmony on this weekend.

Tomorrow is the first of September. Do you know what that means? It means I have been 'committed' to this diet for 8 months (and have only lost 10 lbs). How pathetic does that sound. I should have reached my goal 2 months ago. Well, I am NOT going to celebrate the new year the same size I was this year damn it. So, as I have figured it, I have 17 weeks left before the 1st of January 2008. Even if I only lose 1 lb per week, that will bring me to 188 lbs. Not bad... but is that really going to be a goal weight that I have to push myself to reach? Well, obviously YES... if you look at the last 8 MONTHS... but I think I will raise the stakes a little. My goal for the next 17 weeks will be to lose 2 lbs a week. THAT will bring me to 171, and that will make me VERY happy. So, as of this morning I am busting my ass. I want to see the new year brought in wearing a size 9 dress... and wave goodbye to 34 lbs with toned arms!

What has brought on this new determination and motivation? Well, I watched UFC again last night with hubby... and if you have been reading along for a couple of months now you will remember that THAT was a motivational tool for me. I guess I lost it when they canceled the show for the summer 'specials'... but its back.. and so is my motivation. Its time to bring Tigerlilly out of hiding!

Will post pictures of the gig this weekend on Monday... Y'all have a great weekend and if you have lost your motivational tool, well, go look for it!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well, yesterday was not the good day I was hoping to have BUT I did get a 20 min weight lifting workout and a 1.25 mile run in 20 minutes.. .so it wasn't all that bad. I also drank about 2 gallons of iced tea... it was so hot and muggy. Today is supposed to be a little cooler, and no rain clouds.

So this weekend is my first 'Gig' playing congas/percussion with Rhythm Asylum. We are playing in 'The Orchard' which is an area fenced off behind the local steak house. It is actually very nice. They have tables, a dance floor and a bar out there... and with it cooling off at night it will be alot of fun. They played there a couple of months ago and the place was packed with over 200 people. I think it will be double that this time.... Tonight we have our last practice before the show, so I have to be on top of it. (It also means an automatic workout tonight! LOL I end up sweating bucket loads because there are eleven of us in a small room off a garage... in about 5 minutes of playing the room hits about 110*F)

Ok.. so most of the snacks are now gone.. either I tossed them or the kids and I finished them off yesterday. (note the reason why yesterday was not a good day for me) Today I have had my bowl of oatmeal and 2 glasses of iced tea. For lunch I am planning a salad with pineapple... and dinner will be something light since I have to go play. If I can just keep my mouth shut between meals, and get in a run.. then I think today could possibly be my 1st good day in over a week.

On a side note, the new 'Mountain Idol' contest has started and tomorrow is my day to go and try out for it. I am a little nervous about it..not sure if I should try again. I love doing it, but it is a lot of time spent in the bar. I have been sober now for 4 years.... I haven't really had a problem drinking water or tea in the bar, but I still feel out of place. I'm a married mom now... not the single bar fly I once was. I don't know, if I make the cut tomorrow night then I wont have to go back until the first night of the challenge, and that is in November. Ugh... I think I will just see how I feel about it tomorrow night.

I think I will get the kids dressed and outside before the sun gets too much hotter. Maybe I can get another workout in mowing the lawn! Ha.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Awwww shucks.. you people are too sweet. Thanks for all the compliments... they were accepted with blushing cheeks! Now I don't want you to think that I constantly put myself down... oh no... I know I am a good lookin' woman! Hehehe.. but come on people, everyone has something that irks them about their weight, right? I just HATE pictures of me! LOL I have this weird picture of myself in my head...(apparently a skinny picture) but when I see a picture of myself, then that picture is shattered. What runs thru my head... "Am I really that fat?" "I looked so skinny in that dress at home... " Am I deceiving myself every time I look in the mirror? Am I crazy? LOL

I don't know, maybe I just don't want to accept the fact that I have let myself get so big. My fear?.. that I will never lose this weight. That this blog, as much as I love it, will last for years and years... only to end at the same weight as it began. Kind of like that nightmare where your falling and never hit bottom.. well, I'm falling but the ground isn't getting any closer.

So on that high note...I am having a hard time getting back on track with eating. It doesn't help that I have left over cheesecake, cookies and chips that I got for hubby and kids to snack on at the wedding... the cheesecake has been tossed as of this morning, but not after a couple of bites. The cookies and chips are still in the cabinet...those I can stay away from fairly easy. I HAVE to workout today... at least get in my run. If I can get at least one good day behind me again, I will be fine.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Well, it is great to be back after a week of stressful relaxation... hehe.. It wasn't too bad, but I would not call it a 'vacation'. LOL

So, in complete shock to me, I maintained my weight at 205 this week. Unbelievable!! I ate like crap all week...cakes, cookies, fat and more fat. Maybe I didn't eat as much as I thought I had though... ??... hmmmmm

We went to a wedding on Saturday. ALL DAY Saturday. I have never been to a wedding that lasted that long. It was miserable.. but beautiful. I did leave in the middle of it to take the girls home for a nap... then change into the 'formal' attire and get back for the reception. It was my hubby's youngest brother..and I was very proud of him. When he and I first met, he was 15..and always in trouble. He has done a COMPLETE 180 and is now a Lt Cpl in the Marines. He found a beautiful (and nice) girl who has a very cute 3 yr. old little girl. They make a wonderful family, and the wedding was a happy one. Here are some pics....

In the middle of all of this someone took this pictures.........

Now I know you are thinking: 'That's a great picture'... awwww, but you would be wrong. See, its only great because I cropped it... here is what I really look like in this pic......

Where did that other ass come from?? Was there someone hiding in my dress?? No, no, that is me.. ALL me. Aaaaaaaaaaack... time to get back on my diet!!!

So here I am ... back to eating less fat, exorcising a little more.. I have 5 lbs to lose before I am in Onederland... so that is what I am going to concentrate on.

Lets get focused people!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sick, stressed and seriously busy this week. I am in need of a little break from blogging, so I will return on Monday Aug 27th with my next weigh in.

God Bless and have a great week.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My first day of journaling went great. I managed to write down everything that went in my mouth..(including 8 fig newtons!!WTF?? 8???)... and came out with 1520 calories and 30 grams of fat. Not too shabby! I also drank 12 glasses of water and 5 cups of tea. (jeesh, that sounds like a lot)and I ran 1.26 miles!! I would say that my first day was a success!

We did not find out anything from the bank yesterday.. which was torture. Hopefully that means that today will be the day! I will just have to wait and see.. what is meant to be will happen in its own time.

10 Things I Want to Do When I'm at Goal Weight!!

1. Take a shower... and enjoy less surface area to clean!! LOL

2. OH.. and while I'm in there.. shave my legs without moaning and groaning.

3. Slip on those old hip huggers that I wore everyday!!

4. Find that old shirt that made me feel sexy ... hope I didnt toss it in a moment of rage!

5. Go to the city and head for the mall, where I can shop in ANY store I want to !!!

6. Find something sexy for hubby to enjoy (Since I've been pregnant 75% of the time we've been married.. he might enjoy seeing my body back to normal!)

7. Play with the girls... alot!.. not that I dont now, but I think I will enjoy it even more!

8. Focus on my health... everyday!

9. Get out and do stuff with hubby... quit being so damn lazy!!

10. Enjoy life....

Most of these I do now...anything that does not have to do with clothes!... but I think that at my goal weight I will be such a happier person and doing them will be 10 x's better!

For now I will focus on today...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My hands are killing me... 3 hours of conga playing and tambourine shaking has every muscle in my hand making itself known! It was worth it though. I had a blast. I met the other 10 member of the band... so you can get an idea, there are three in the horn section, three in the vocal section, two in the drum section, one at the keyboards, one at the guitar, one at the base!! The practice area was a small room in a garage... and I was sweating like crazy by the end. We have a show already booked for Labor Day weekend and I have to learn about 40 songs by then.

So this morning we are waiting to get the final go ahead from the bank to put an offer in on the house. Yikes! When they do that, I will be grabbing the kids and jumping in the car for the hour ride to the house where I will be meeting the realtor. I cant believe this is actually starting to fall in place.

The self sabotage stage is over...or at least under control right now. There is something I read over at Life of L that kinda stuck in my head. CONSISTENCY. If I am consistently exorcising, eating right and writing it in my new food journal (thanks L for that idea) and drinking my water.. then eventually that will become second nature to me... and the weight will drop. So my two favorite words now are FOCUS and CONSISTENCY. Today I am running another mile... drinking my 8+ glasses of water..and eating low fat /low calorie meals. This will be day 1 in my food journal....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Does anyone else in this hell hole called 'dieting' suffer from self-sabotage? I swear, every time I get close to getting under the 200 mark.... and yes, there have been MANY times that I have reached this point....I end up eating, and eating and losing my focus, and I end up at the weight I started at. Well, for the past two days I have caught myself in that automatic self sabotage mode. NO MORE!! I am not going to end up at the beginning again... not again! I am going to drink my water, eat healthy low fat food.. and NOT eat in between meals! I am going to do my run this morning and my weight lifting after. I am going to push past this point. I am not going to be scared to weigh 199.9 lbs. I am not going to be a failure...

UGH... ok, I feel better now.

Its Wednesday.. which means three things. One, I still have 5 days to lose weight before my regular weigh in. Two, I HAVE to run this morning. Three, I have my first band practice tonight with the Rhythm Asylum playing congas.

Still waiting to see if we have the house... Aaaaaaaaaack. I have come to terms that if we do not get this house then we will just move into an apartment here until this house sells.

I have joined a couple of challenges. The first one is over at FatBlokeThin...see the button on your RH side. I have already won the first week there with a 3.3% weight loss... I don't think that will happen again this week, but damn it, I'm trying. The second one is over at The ELFF Diet. (Eat Less Fatty Food) My partner is Anne-Marie. We have to check in with each other and make sure that we are doing our exorcises and keeping to our diet. Every Sunday we weigh-in/check-in with each other and Carmen. This Sunday will be our first week... and I want it to be a positive thing. So I need to get off my arse and go run.

Have a wonderful hump day... see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I didn't have a whole lot to share today so I bloamed (blog/roamed) to see what everyone was up to. I started to see a common thread.... everyone ends up in a fast food restaurant sometime during their 'diet'... so I thought I would share something with y'all. I carry this around with me in my car, just in case I have to do an emergency pit stop for lunch with the kids...

This is a list of the HEALTHIEST and the WORST food at each restaurant.


The BEST: Hot Ham and Swiss melt - 1 serving has 270 calories and 8 grams of fat
Martha Vineyard salad - 1 serving has 270 calories and 8 grams of fat

The WORST: Corned Beef Reuben sandwich - 610 calories and 27 grams of fat
Southwest Chicken wrap - 550 calories and 30 grams of fat

Burger King:

The BEST: Tendergrill chicken sandwich with honey mustard- 450 cal and 10 g of fat

The WORST: Tendercrisp chicken sandwich- 780 cal and 43 g of fat
Cheeseburger whopper- 760 cal and 47 g of fat

Carls Jr:

The BEST: Sandwich, chicken, BBQ, charbroiled- 370 cals and 4 g of fat
Salad, Chicken, charbroiled- 330 cals and 7 g of fat

The WORST: Hamburger, SuperStar- 790 cals and 47 g of fat

Dairy Queen:

The BEST: Ice cream bar, vanilla orange, no sugar added- 60 cals and 0 fat

The WORST: Ice cream , Blizzard, chocolate chip cookie dough, medium - 1030 cals and 40 g of fat

Jack in the Box:

The BEST: Asian chicken salad- 140 cals and 1 g of fat

The WORST: Ultimate Cheeseburger- 1010 cals and 71 g of fat


The BEST: Apple Dippers, with low fat caramel dip- 100 cals and .5 g of fat
English Muffin - 170 cals and 4.5 g of fat
Fruit n yogurt parfait(with granola)- 160 cals and 2 g of fat
Hot fudge sundae- 330 cals and 9 g of fat
Sandwich, grilled chicken classic- 420 cals and 9 g of fat

The WORST: chicken selects, premium breast strips- 630 cals and 33 g of fat
Quarter pounder with cheese- 510 cals and 25 g of fat

Taco Bell:

The BEST: Chicken/beef Enchirito - 250 cals and 5-7 g of fat
Gordita baja, chicken- 230 cals and 6 g of fat

The WORST: Fiesta taco salad, with shell- 860 cals and 46 g of fat
zesty chicken border bowl - 710 cals and 38 g of fat

I have a bunch of others, but these are the main ones that I use... if you want to see if I have one of your local fast food joints just comment me and I'll post it.

Write these down and put them in your car... that way if you find yourself in a drive thru, you will know the smart choices!!

Have a Great day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jumped on the scale this morning... positive I had gained 5 lbs yesterday alone.. but have actually lost 1/2 a pound! Huh... guess my body needed that little bit of sugar to start burning again. LOL .

Today we should find out from the bank if we get this house we are praying for... I am terrified,anxious and just plain scared to death. Why cant they make buying a house a fun and pleasant experience?? Why does it have to be full of hateful people that only look at you for your money and not who you are, or why you need the house??

I am keeping my fingers, legs and arms crossed today.. which will make doing laundry a bit of an acrobatic move.. but until I know, I 'm going to be a little tense.

I have to run today... in fact, I have to run every day this week and next! I desperately want to be under 200 lbs by the wedding on August 25th. Lots of water, no snacking and lots of exercises..... gotta do it!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weigh In Day and its a gain... ugh! 204.5... yesterday was not the perfect picture of eating healthy, so I guess I can understand it. I've also been slacking on my water.

Today I am headed to a friends house for her dads birthday. It will be BBQ.. which I am nervous about because I don't eat hot dogs or hamburgers... and knowing this family they wont have a salad so I am thinking of making a big one and taking it with me. Will that seem rude if I don't eat anything but the salad I brought?? Definitely no cake...

ok.. so I have my fiberlicous cereal and my huge jug of water in front of me, later... running!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Went and cashed in my $150 gift certificate at Corral West... bought these awesome boots!

Also went shopping with my friend Lynn and bought some clothes for our first performance Labor Day weekend... bought a pair of black pants in a size 16!! One size down from what my jeans are.. whoop!! Also got a beautiful white tank top with a lacy jacket that goes over it... and a green shirt that is fabulous with green feather like fringes all the way around the off the shoulder top! I will be looking fantastic.. I am listening to the music as I write this. I want to make sure that when I go to practice Wednesday night I will be familiar with all the songs.

Tomorrow is weigh in day... the last weigh in for my 6 week challenge... which also means its time to start a new one! Oh... and it will also be my reveal of the red toe nails!

See you then!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Me Singing...I think!!

Last night was a blast. The bar was packed, the radio DJ was live on air and talking to everyone. The music was loud, the singers were amazing. I came in 3rd. Eh.. I had a blast and that is what counts. I still won a prize of $150 so not too shabby! My best friend Lynn won 1st...and she deserved it.. she rocked!

Me and Lynn....what the #$@%???

Weighed in this morning at 202.5!!! Yahoo.. the scale is moving down again! I may not break the 200 mark by this weeks weigh in.. but it is going to be soon!!

I have a couple of things happening this month that should be motivating me. My hubbys youngest brother is in the Marines and is coming home on the 24th of August...and getting married on the 25!!! I am so happy for him... it will be a BIG party!! I want to be able to wear my 'post first baby' jeans.. they are not quite my 'skinny' jeans, but they are definitely on the right path...and smaller then what i am wearing now!

Second thing is actually on Labor Day weekend. It will be my first public performance playing congas for the band. Lynn...yes, the girl who won first place... is going to take me and her daughter shopping for matching outfits. Since we are the only women in the band we figured it would be fun to wear the same thing. It has to be fancy... and most likely skirts... so the skinnier the better!! LOL

Today is Friday.. and I am not planning on doing a whole lot of anything. Just kicking back and relaxing with my munchkins.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

God is amazing. We did not get the house we were trying so hard to get...BUT...yesterday I was with a realtor looking at houses and she looked at me and said "why dont you come look at my house!". At first I was a little confused. "Thank you, but I think we should keep looking at houses before the kids get too tired.".... she laughed. "NO... I am selling my house and I will bring the price down for you if you like it enough" ... We drove over to this beautiful neighborhood and stopped in front of a beautiful house built on the side of the hill. We had to go up 15 steps to the front door. I turned around to see the view and it took my breath away... you could see the entire town and beyond. The house is 3 stories.. the top is all the master bedroom and master bath (with a claw footed tub), the second floor is the main floor with the kitchen/living/dining room and 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.. the bottom floor has the garage and two huge rooms to make into whatever you need. This house is fantastic... more then we could have ever asked for. Today we are talking to the bank and trying to get an offer ready for her.. If we get this house it will truly be a blessing.

Tonight is the finale. I am going thru stages of terrified and excited. I know my song, but they said we need to do some dancing... what?? How am I supposed to dance on a stage that only gives me 4 feet to move around on... and what kind of dancing? I still dont even have my clothes picked out...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk. Plus they will be broadcasting us singing LIVE over the radio... can I get a 'take two?'...

I am going to do my run today to try and get my stomach settled a little! Ha! Then it is off to spend hours in my closet trying on clothes that dont fit. Ugh.

Tomorrow is friday... YEAH!! I am ready for a weekend with hubby...and I'm ready for all of this to be over!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Collar bones!! I have collar bones!! Holy bones... I can see them too!!!

I stepped on the scale and it is stable at 204.. I think that is ok (I am due for a small loss week) I did my run yesterday and my legs muscles feel extremely sore....I was going to run again this morning, but I think I will let today be a rest day. That way I can run tomorrow and get all my jitters out for tomorrow night! I am so n-n-n-nervous! I have to pack my clothes today, so I am going to go ahead and pick out my outfit for tomorrow night... it has to be western... no problem!

So it was a no-go on the new home. Oh well.. the guy was being an idiot and kept wanting more money, so we walked out. We looked at a couple of other houses yesterday, but nothing yet. Hubby is going to look at another 4 bed 2 bath today.. I am crossing my fingers that it will be a nice one! I just want to get moved in and settled with all of this behind us.

I have to practice my congas with the music they gave me, but they gave it to me on a dvd disc. I guess I'm supposed to put it on my computer to listen to it, but I cant figure out how to do that.. so if any of you are computer geniuses.. please email me and tell me how!! (CORY!!)

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. ~Orson Welles

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I didn't do my run... made the band playing congas!...still don't know about the new house (grrrrrrr)...packed about 5 more boxes... and continued to stress.

Thank you ladies for your supportive comments.. I think today will be better. I HAVE to run today to make up for yesterdays. I don't have to go anywhere, so I can focus on packing up my closet (which is a little bit scary!). I don't think I was on track with water yesterday.. so I desperately need to drink drink drink!!

I jumped on the scale this morning.. it went up 1/2 a pound. I am pretty sure it is all water so I'm not too worried. I AM worried that it is Tuesday and I am still not 100% on my song to singing in the finale on Thursday night.

I played the congas yesterday for a local band here and was hired on!! Yahoooo. I will get paid $100-$700 for each show. Amazing... you can make money doing something you love.

I have to say that had this all been available two months ago when I was at my highest weight.. there would be no way I would do it. Losing weight (even though its just 11 lbs) has given me a little more confidence to get out in front of people and show them what I can do! The karaoke contest, the conga playing... they are both things that are putting me up on a pedestal.. literally.. and I have to be able to smile and perform... its only going to get better baby!! whooohooooo!

Time to roam the blog world and visit y'all!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday morning...blah...hubby is off to work and I am sitting here staring at the treadmill. I HAVE to do a run this morning, but cant seem to get to excited about it... I think I am officially stressed about moving and buying a new house and selling this one. There is so much to do. I have to get everything packed, this house needs painted and cleaned... and move into the new house (which we are still trying to get)which is an hour away. We have to be out by next week because this house is already on the market and we have a lot to do to it before it is ready to show. Hubby will call me this morning to tell me if we got the house or not... after that it might be a little less stressful. The best thing about this house we are (hopefully) moving into, is that there is nothing I would change or add to it. Its beautiful...So today I am concentrating on packing and cleaning.. and if I can get a brush, I will start painting. I also have a chance to play congas for my friends band.. the tryout is today at noon. Oh!! and in the midst of all this, I am still singing my song for Thursday... ugh, talk about more stress!!!!Sorry for the bummer of an entry, but just not in the mood to write today.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Official Weigh In : 203.5 (-4.5 lbs)

Oh Yeah baby!! If I keep up these big losses I will be in Onederland by next weigh in!!! I haven't seen the ones in 4 years...It will be so nice to wave goodbye to the twos. Never ever again! This brings me to my half way point towards my first goal of losing 22 pounds! Can it really be happening? Am I finally doing it?

Today I have to play drums for service... hopefully my arms are not jello from practice! This afternoon we are fixing our fence.. the wind storm blew down a whole section of it.

We went and saw a house yesterday that we are crossing our fingers for. The man is willing to lease the house to us until we sell this one and can buy his. Make sense? The house is amazing. It has hard wood floors, high ceilings, huge kitchen that is amazingly beautiful, bathrooms that I could spend days in, and a huge shop out back that hubby can spend his weekends in.It even has a pink princess room for the girls! It will be a perfect house for us if everything goes well. Hubby goes on Monday to look at the paperwork and make sure we can afford it.

Christine asked me to post a picture of my lovely feet on the scale.. as I have not had a pedicure in years, I think I will wait and do that next weigh will take that long to get these poor old neglected things to look good and hopefully it will be a time to rejoice and will deserve the red polish!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Had a great day yesterday. Ran all over looking for a house to move into this week... may have found one, but we are going to meet with the owner today. I am praying we get this house. It would be a dream come true. He is willing to rent it to us until our house sells so that we can then buy it from him. It is a beautiful 3 bed 2 bath...gorgeous...big work shop out back for hubby...two car garage...and right in our price range! I hope it works out today!

I played drums last night.. and of course the first song was at super speed and of course I was wearing a sweater, so you can imagine the sweat I was pouring! My arms are killing me this morning, but hopefully they start feeling better for tomorrows service!

I had a friend come and watch me play drums. She is in a 10 piece blues/jazz/R&B band and they are looking for a conga player....she asked me to go to her house on Monday and see if I can play with them. IF I do , it means $100 a gig! wooohoooo

I am singing my song every second of the day just trying to remember the words.. as soon as I have them down I can start to really work the improvising part.I am sooooo nervous and excited.. I just keep picturing the radio mike in my face while I'm singing... if that doesn't scare me the hundreds of people will!! LOL

Today is going to be a little hectic... tomorrow is weigh in... so I will see you then!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

First of all.... I jumped on the scale for my morning ritual and I am down ANOTHER pound! I'm telling you people... this 'you are what you eat' is true...I've cut my fat intake in half and my body is finally responding!! My 'official' weigh in is on Sunday and it looks like its going to be a good one! Yahoooooo!

Second.... I MADE THE CUT!!! I am in the final four for the finale next week!!! I am so excited.. It will be broad casted live and there will be A LOT of people there. The best part is, the song we have to sing is country... and I AM COUNTRY!!!! YeeeeeHawwwww!

Today is hubbys 31st birthday.. we are going to a local town for their yearly local festivities... and tonight I have church band practice (I fill in on the drums whenever they need me to) and then meeting my friend Lynn to practice our new songs!! So it will be a busy Friday.. but a very good one!

I forgot my camera last night, but will take some pics tonight and will DEFINITELY take tons of pictures at the FINALE!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just Because Randi Did It!!.... Me Simpsonized!! Notice the barbell in my hand!

Oh Crap.. I had a cigarrett last night... dang it. I went to the bar to practice my song I have to sing tonight and I just got that terrible urge to have one. So I did. Just one... but still not good.

Another 'oh crap' moment... I didn't do my mile run yesterday.. so I have to do it this morning, now that my lungs are tight again. ugh.

The scale stayed at 206.5 this morning.. so at least that is some good news!

I am nervous about tonight.. and will spend the day in my closet trying on as many outfits as possible... and then throwing them to the floor in disgust! LOL At least I have my blue suede shoes.. that saves me three hours! I heard some of my competition last night, some were fantastic and others still did not know their songs. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Yesterday I managed to pack 1/3 of the house.. so today I am going to focus on cleaning. Besided, I used up all my boxes..

As for the challenge:

The winner of the person who stuck to the challenge all the way: CORY!!! She actually gained a pound, but it was probably all the muscles she got learning to belly dance!! Whoooooop.. good job cory!

The winner for most weight lost: ME!!!! With a total of 4.5 lbs!!

That felt good. Now if I can only keep it up for the rest of the year!LOL Keep your eyes open for the 'Last week of August' challenge coming up!!

Ok guys... sorry this is short and choppy.. guess I just dont have my mind together yet this morning.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well... July '07 is gone, and with it went 5.5 more pounds!! Not a bad loss for a month. As for my challenge... my weigh in this morning was 206.5! Thank you WATER!! That gives me a grand total of -4.5 lbs in the past week! Hmmmm, think I have finally found the trick to dropping those pounds. I have been in idle for a couple of months now... maybe my body just needed to be given a little push. I will tell you the other secret of my weight loss... 19g of fat! At every meal I count my fat grams... and I keep them under that magic number of 19. I also look at the calories and make sure that I don't eat anything that had more then 1g of fat per 100 calories. I know, it sounds confusing... but it is really easy.. just pick up the healthy food and you don't have to worry too much about it! Eating all natural has really helped me focus on this diet...

Today I have my morning run to do. I am really starting to enjoy it! I also have to pack, pack, pack... oh... and do laundry... again. LOL We are looking at moving out of this house and into our rental by the middle of August... which gives me two weeks to get this house packed and cleaned. Ugh..

Tonight I have the option of going to the bar and practicing my song for tomorrow nights competition... I hate to go to the bar more then one night a week... but if it helps me win $1000 dollars then I think I should go!

Tomorrow I will post my challengers final weights... and we'll see how we all did! (Girls, just email me anytime today with your final weigh in! Oh and your address, if you feel comfortable, so I can send y'all a little something to keep you motivated!)

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. ~Mark Twain