Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just Because Randi Did It!!.... Me Simpsonized!! Notice the barbell in my hand!

Oh Crap.. I had a cigarrett last night... dang it. I went to the bar to practice my song I have to sing tonight and I just got that terrible urge to have one. So I did. Just one... but still not good.

Another 'oh crap' moment... I didn't do my mile run yesterday.. so I have to do it this morning, now that my lungs are tight again. ugh.

The scale stayed at 206.5 this morning.. so at least that is some good news!

I am nervous about tonight.. and will spend the day in my closet trying on as many outfits as possible... and then throwing them to the floor in disgust! LOL At least I have my blue suede shoes.. that saves me three hours! I heard some of my competition last night, some were fantastic and others still did not know their songs. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Yesterday I managed to pack 1/3 of the house.. so today I am going to focus on cleaning. Besided, I used up all my boxes..

As for the challenge:

The winner of the person who stuck to the challenge all the way: CORY!!! She actually gained a pound, but it was probably all the muscles she got learning to belly dance!! Whoooooop.. good job cory!

The winner for most weight lost: ME!!!! With a total of 4.5 lbs!!

That felt good. Now if I can only keep it up for the rest of the year!LOL Keep your eyes open for the 'Last week of August' challenge coming up!!

Ok guys... sorry this is short and choppy.. guess I just dont have my mind together yet this morning.

Have a great day!


Randi said...

Congrats to the Weeners!
And no more smoking!

Christine said...

Congrats to you for a very successful last week of July challenge! Keep it up - I hope that those blue shoes bring you all the luck in the world! Wear them to bed if you have to! :)

de said...

hi tl; you keep on going little girl wish i could watch you win that sing song but, mike and family are comming up. he will ne 62 in sept. and he and the magic midgit are looking for various investment deals here and in newmexico for their ole age