Monday, August 13, 2007

Jumped on the scale this morning... positive I had gained 5 lbs yesterday alone.. but have actually lost 1/2 a pound! Huh... guess my body needed that little bit of sugar to start burning again. LOL .

Today we should find out from the bank if we get this house we are praying for... I am terrified,anxious and just plain scared to death. Why cant they make buying a house a fun and pleasant experience?? Why does it have to be full of hateful people that only look at you for your money and not who you are, or why you need the house??

I am keeping my fingers, legs and arms crossed today.. which will make doing laundry a bit of an acrobatic move.. but until I know, I 'm going to be a little tense.

I have to run today... in fact, I have to run every day this week and next! I desperately want to be under 200 lbs by the wedding on August 25th. Lots of water, no snacking and lots of exercises..... gotta do it!!


Cory said...

I so hope you hear good news from the bank!!!!
Just try not to hurt your self during your acrobatic chores!

Laura said...

House-buying sucks. It's pretty rare that a buyer cares who buys - unless they have a sentimental attachment to the house or a personal relationship with the buyer. Also, generally, house sellers try to maximize their investment by hiding important information or remaining deliberately unaware of it.

We had bad neighbors who pretended not to know about the termite damage in their house (even though we'd told them about the damage in ours and the houses were attached rowhouses). When the housing inspectors turned up termite damage, they tried to scam us into helping pay for a temporary solution for their house. They expected us to help pay for the "bombing" of their house (which kills this year's termites) when they refused to help us pay for the poisoned bait we'd been putting out for three years (which kills the hive). We told them to fuck off.

All this is a sort of round-about way of saying - spend the money on a good home inspector. It will definitely increase the hassle of house buying right now, but will decrease the hassle later.

I love the house we finally settled on and while it has a variety of problems, they are all known problems.

I'll have my fingers crossed as well - that you get the house, and that the known problems with it are all minor.

Groovybabe said...

Good luck with the house.

Christine said...

My toes are crossed for you with the bank. :)
What a great picture of you and your daughter! Very nice!!!

ANd you can get to 199.9 by your goal - just pound back that water!! I need to listen to my own advice by the way, HA!

Take care.