Sunday, August 05, 2007

Official Weigh In : 203.5 (-4.5 lbs)

Oh Yeah baby!! If I keep up these big losses I will be in Onederland by next weigh in!!! I haven't seen the ones in 4 years...It will be so nice to wave goodbye to the twos. Never ever again! This brings me to my half way point towards my first goal of losing 22 pounds! Can it really be happening? Am I finally doing it?

Today I have to play drums for service... hopefully my arms are not jello from practice! This afternoon we are fixing our fence.. the wind storm blew down a whole section of it.

We went and saw a house yesterday that we are crossing our fingers for. The man is willing to lease the house to us until we sell this one and can buy his. Make sense? The house is amazing. It has hard wood floors, high ceilings, huge kitchen that is amazingly beautiful, bathrooms that I could spend days in, and a huge shop out back that hubby can spend his weekends in.It even has a pink princess room for the girls! It will be a perfect house for us if everything goes well. Hubby goes on Monday to look at the paperwork and make sure we can afford it.

Christine asked me to post a picture of my lovely feet on the scale.. as I have not had a pedicure in years, I think I will wait and do that next weigh will take that long to get these poor old neglected things to look good and hopefully it will be a time to rejoice and will deserve the red polish!


de said...

you do good tl. i guess you did not injure our bukk rider if he can go house shopping

Christine said...

Oh my goodness - your daughter looks like she belongs on the fron of a magazine. What a sweetheart! She looks so much like you.

Super happy for you and your weigh in! You are flying girl. Very proud of you.

My weigh in is tomorrow AM. Heading out right away to go and buy some obnoxious red polish! Ha, wish me luck.

In answer to your question - YES YOU ARE FINALLY DOING IT!!

Kitty said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Your kid is sooo cute. She looks like you!