Monday, June 30, 2008

The Difference....

It was a great weekend. I learned a lot. Like how much my body hates me when I eat nothing but crap! I had ZERO energy, my stomach cramped up and I was in a fog all day. Ok, so the cramping up was because I am lactose intolerant and ate ICE CREAM... yes, I was stupid. But in that stupidity I learned that I cant go back to feeling like that ever again. Of course, I lived like that for years (which is how I made it to 225 lbs). I must have become numb to the pain, the depression and the lack of energy.

Now that I have lived the good life. Eating great, working out, having tons of energy and no depression.... I don't ever want to stop! Now, I may have to have that occasional fall back, just to remind myself.. but I will never return to that life again.

My weight this morning was 196. Yes, a gain... but no wonder! I haven't had water in two days (my wedding ring is tight) and I haven't worked out since Thursdays run.

I have to have goals. I feel stagnant if I don't have one to move towards.. so here they are:

1st goal: JULY 11 = 190 lbs

2nd goal: AUGUST 1 = 180 lbs

3rd goal: SEPTEMBER 1 = 170 lbs

4th goal: OCTOBER 1 = 160 lbs

This will give me a month to lose 10 lbs... do-able? I think it is! Why did I stop in October? Because on Oct. 4th we are on the train to Disneyland.... and, unlike last year, I want to look great! No more squeezing into my jeans... and no more hiding behind a shirt at the pool!

I have 3 full months that I have to focus. No cheating on the weekends.. no missing workouts... no sad excuses. I know I've said this (to you and myself) a million times, but this time I want to prove that I can get serious, buckle down and do it!

Today's Plan:

2 mile run
Chest and Back, Abs

I need to replenish my body with water.... lots of water!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Weakness

Baby's party was a blast yesterday. It was the perfect number of friends and family. We grilled some hot dogs and ate tons of cake and ice cream... Some pics of the happy day:

The Pinata!!

The Cake!!

The FUN!!!
So, it is 8:30 in the morning and I have already had a couple of bites of leftover birthday cake.. and I'm sure it wont stop there.. but I'm not going to stress about food today.. I'm just going to have a good, relaxing day. I will be a true procrastinator and say... I'll start again tomorrow!

Friday, June 27, 2008

TTLTWIOAIF (thank the lord this week is over and its friday)

Not that this week has been bad... I'm just looking forward to the weekend! In fact, I look forward to every weekend in July too! July is the month of rodeo's, picnics, cage fights, anniversary's and more. This is officially the busiest month for our family. I love it though.

Anyway, this weekend is Baby's birthday party with friends and family. I have a couple of things to get done tonight.. but otherwise it will be a stress free gathering with lots of food and fun.

This week HAS been bad in one way... my food. I have eaten more crap then normal. Cupcakes....yes, I indulged head first into the icing, batter and whatever else was sitting on the counter! Macaroni and Cheese... this is something I don't usually have a problem NOT eating because it reminds me of my old grade school and makes my stomach grumble in an unnatural way... but I ate it anyway. Bread...lots of bread. Ugh...

Yesterday I finally saw the light. I know that my problem with food is in my head. For some reason I have a switch that turns on the 'I'm Hungry' sign in my belly permanently. This switch is sometimes, to easily, turned on. Last night I finally turned it back off and hung a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign on it.

I need to focus on the food I CAN eat... instead of dreaming about the food I CAN'T eat. Really, I don't crave bread unless I'm thinking about not being able to eat it. It's the ol' you want what you cant have thing. So.. focus on veggies, fish, salads, protein shakes and fruit. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.

Last night I ran 2 miles.. and then went to my Tang Soo Do class. Yes, I thought I was crazy too.. but I needed to do it. Once I got to class I was a little worried.. we sparred for an hour. Four 15 minute fights. YIKES! I was amazed at what I did. I was sweating... I was feeling the pain... but I wasn't out of breath and I was able to keep fighting even though my legs were yelling STOP!!!! My endurance has never been that good. I think running is doing the trick!

So, I took a few good hits. One guy is fighting next weekend at a cage fight event in the next town over. Master A thought it would be a great idea for him to fight me.. I do have the best kicks in class! ... and get him used to taking a few hits now and then. I got him a few time and he countered with a few good punches to my face (I'm not used to using hands in sparring) and one good kick to my left leg that caused my left side to go numb. That pissed me off and I had to counter with a spinning round kick to his head.... I LOVE THIS!!!

Today I am sore.. but its a good thing. It is reminding me why I don't want to eat like crap ever again. I want to train my body.. I want to be in the best shape I can.. I want to kick butt next time I fight that guy!! LOL

Today's plan... I'm not sure. I might run, I might do Yoga...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bloggers Quilt

It is time for a meeting of the minds, the hearts and the hands....through a quilt.

I have been blogging for two years now. At first it was all about journaling for me. Writing down what I was feeling and why I thought I had gained so much weight. I blog today for the same reason, but also because I have found my niche in a community of friends that I cherish. I no longer blog for myself, but for the women (and the occasional man) who are grasping for help. We have all experienced life in its many colors, and we have all shared our stories with each other.

Today I am asking that we put our lives, our hearts and our stories into creating a single object. A quilt that will forever bind us as sisters, brothers and friends.

Here is what I am asking of all of you...

On a square of 12" X 12" cloth... get creative. Make that square a reflection of who you or your blog have become over the years. It doesn't have to be about weight loss... that is only a glimmer of what is inside all of us. Have you become a stronger woman? Have you taken a journey that you would have never taken before? ... think... imagine... create.

If you are interested in becoming part of this quilt... get started! Email me and let me know that you are working on it. You have until the end of October to get it done. If you don't know how to quilt, or don't have the time to quilt then just make the top and I will finish the quilting for you.

Make sure that your name... or your blogs name... is visible somewhere on that square!

Once I have recieved all the squares I will join them into one quilt.

Share this with every blogger you know. Lets see how big our family is!!


My baby is 3 years old today. I can't believe this much time has gone by. She has changed so much in the past year. Talking in full sentences and using the potty. Her loving personality has come through... I am a very blessed Mommy! She sure has changed from this little baby:

I ate cruddy last night. Not exercising apparently gave me a free ticket to bad eating. Four pieces of bread... ramen noodles... ugh!!! So, I have to get my mind focused again. I have a 2 mile run planned for this morning and then Core Synergistics tonight. Food is definitely going to be written down and counted. No more stalling....

On the other side, I am baking cup cakes for the girls today to do a little celebration of Baby's birthday. Her real party is on Saturday.... but I had to do something for today!

Here's to not diving into the icing head first!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I know, I know, I'm late.....

But its not my fault. Something happened to my Internet service. Since 9 a.m. I have been checking the computer every hour, half hour and second to see if it had connected. Finally...5:30 pm and I am able to say 'hello'!

So.. today was a bust. I got a ton of cleaning done. Two huge piles of laundry have vanished and everyone has clean sheets. My calories...a little on the high side but not horrendous. My workout, well, I am exhausted. I usually have Tang Soo Do class tonight, but Hubby has asked to switch nights I think I might take the night off. Get the girls settled in their room early, relax in my nice clean bed and read a book.

As for the tattoo... I did not like how long the words 'tiger lily' were in Korean... so I looked up TIGER in Chinese... check it out:

Of course it will be smaller... about an inch in diameter. I am going to try and get it done this weekend... YAY!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I had a great weekend.. if you don't include the food. Once again, I have stayed on track Monday thru Friday only to give into temptation all weekend. I used to beat myself up about this, but I have learned one very important thing. If your not enjoying life, then your not living it. I enjoy my training all week...but I enjoy my weekends just as much. If I didn't have my weekends to look forward to I would lose it.

The one big change that I see is that I am much more active on the weekends then I used to be. Sure, I have a hamburger one day and an ice cream the next...but I also spent 4 hours on the golf course, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my car, cleaned the chicken coop and did some gardening all in the same two days. I remember never leaving the couch on the weekends... and eating ALL DAY LONG.

So I may not be losing weight as fast as I want to... but I think I have found a pace that I am happy with. I can focus on my body all week....and then focus on having fun all weekend. That seems like the perfect mix!

So, it's Monday morning and its time to get back into gear. I have a 2 mile run planned for this morning... and then Yoga tonight.

On a side note...I am getting another tattoo but I need help finding it. Does anyone know how to write in Korean?? I want to tattoo the words "tiger lily" on the back of my neck in korean......

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I played Golf yesterday!! First time in 20 years.... really! The last time I played was when I was 10 years old. My dad was a self proclaimed golf pro and he loved to take me out to play 18 holes. I was not thrilled to be out there... which is why I never played again... until yesterday!! Hubby bought a set of brand new golf clubs from his sister for $50. Granny picked up the girls in the morning and Hubby and I ran off to the golf course. I have to say I was a little worried that it was going to be a horrible experience.... instead, Hubby and I had a great day! I wasn't the best at it.. but I kept up! I zig-zaged my way down the fairways.... my strongest point was putting. Once I got on the green it only took me one hit to get it in the hole! My scores were terrible... 74 on the first 9... 63 on the back 9!!! Just so you know... a really good game is in the 30's!!

I am taking a rest day today. Cleaning the house is on the to-do list....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Some of you may remember that I am a huge fan of Gillian McKeith. Her no nonsense ways are brilliant. Well, she has come out with a new book... and lucky me got a copy!
Don't worry, it's not another diet book. This is even better. It teaches you what foods you should eat to help heal your body. Have allergies? Chron's disease? Varicose veins? She has the cure! What to eat, what to stay away from and supplements that will make up for the rest. I have already passed along her advice to some family and friends who I think would benefit from it....
In Gillian McKeiths words:

" I've decided to put my life's work into one must-have food bible. It's a book you can dip in and out of or read cover to cover. You can search for specific foods or ailments, or learn just how foods affect your well being, from head to toe, birth to old age. Whether you want to learn what to eat to help protect you from winter colds, sail through the menopause or banish your IBS, my book provides the answers at your fingertips. Think of me as your personal food oracle. No need to struggle alone!"
I am loving this book. Learning more about the good things that certain foods bring to your body makes you a lot more conscious of what you put in your mouth!
Want to buy the book? Check out this website!

Interested in learning more from Gillian McKeith? Follow these links:

Take her new health quiz here!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Have A Ninja Side.....

After an hour of fiddling on my computer... (apparently I am not as computer smart as I thought I was).. I was able to download pics from a disc one of the guys in class had given me. It was kind of weird seeing myself in uniform. I know this sounds terrible.. but I don't look as good as I thought I did. That happens a lot to me... you know, you put on a favorite new outfit thinking you look hot.. and then someone takes a picture of you and you see it weeks later and you think: "What was I thinking??"

I think the problem is when I put that uniform on I think I look as good as I did when I was 16... my 16 yr old brain has not caught up to my 30 year old body!! The good thing is that if I keep doing this I will eventually look as good as I think I do!!

This picture is of me after my run the other day.... I am adding it because MY ARMS HAVE NEVER LOOKED THAT GOOD!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Wanna Be Like Gina Carano

The one thing that bums me out is the lack of coverage on women athletes. It seems like you have to dig a little deeper. I know that there are thousands of awesome women out there that are kicking butt daily... but I have found one that I have chosen as my 'hero'.

I have seen her fight on TV a couple of times. They have called her 'the face of martial arts' for obvious reasons. She is also 'Crush' on the new American Gladiators. Check her out!
Do you have a favorite female athlete??

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Test Day

Angel has her last round of testing today for her speech therapy. There will be a meeting afterwards to talk about how they will go about helping her.

Yesterday the girls were playing with their Barbies when Baby's Barbie gashed Angel in the eye. She has a little scratch on the white of the eye... the rest is extremely red. I'm not sure if I should take her to the doctor or see if it heals by itself... anyone?? I looked it up on Webmd and it said that most scratches to the eye will heal in 1-2 days on there own... her pupil is reacting normal, so I don't think there is any serious bleeding or infection. She looks like she was hit by Mohamid Ali.

My workouts rocked yesterday. I ran 1.75 miles and did a full hour of chest and back. I am feeling it in every muscle today... I was going to do Yoga today.. but I have my Tang Soo Do class tonight and I think that will be plenty!

Food is on course, except for a bite or three of ice cream yesterday. No bread... We did have brown rice with dinner, but that is allowed!!

Have a great day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Manic Monday

We had a great weekend. I stayed on track with food (no bread) and had a hard Legs and Back workout on Saturday. All day Sunday I was shaking anytime I had to sit down or stand up. Luckily I had a million things to do, so I stayed standing most of the day. Hubby got his Father's Day dinner of Lobster and shrimp.....the girls played with the lobsters in the kitchen while we all waited for the humongous pot of water to boil. They turned out delicious...and even Baby wanted more.
Hubby also got 'The Transporter' movies from the girls. Jason Statham is now my favorite actor...YUMMO!!!!

This morning my hamstrings were still extremely sore...but I still did my morning run. After a good stretch they are now feeling much better. I completed my Week 2 Day 1 of C25K.... running 1.75 miles. I am trying not to focus on my time because I know I am slow and I know it will frustrate me and make me quit.... So I am focusing on sweating. Yep... all I want at the end of my run is to be soaked to the bone with sweat. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Girls....

As I was getting ready this morning for our appointment at Walmart for pictures.. I realized that I take better pictures then they ever have. Why do I pay them $100 for 3 crappy pictures, where one of us is always making a funny face but too bad because they are only allowed to take 5 pics per sitting...whatever. So, I decided I was going to take our pics. (with the help of my aunt) I spent $35 on paper and ink..... what do you think??

Onward and Downward....

Enough with the stories of the past... lets talk the future here.

My workouts have been awesome. I finished Week 1 of C25K this morning and am feeling strong. My knees are feeling the strain again. Its not pain that I feel, but water. I seem to have water forming right above my knee caps the day after I run. Its a very strange feeling...but it goes away in a day. I'm not sure what I can do about it.. if anything. Any of you avid runners have any pointers??

I am eating too much bread. Evil, evil bread. I'm sure I would be 20 lbs lighter right now if it weren't for my terrible cravings for bread. What makes it harder is that I have to have it in the house. The girls and Hubby love their sandwiches. Otherwise I would just stop buying it so the temptation would not be there. Of course, that is no way to strengthen my will power... so, I will just have to slap my hand whenever it reaches for the bread box.

I have found a delicious post workout recovery drink... Mix 1

15 grams of whey protein

23 vitamins and minerals

3 servings of fruit/veggies

antioxidants = to 4 cups of green tea

free of lactose, gluten, soy and caffeine

They taste delicious and have a bunch of flavors like tangerine, mango and berry. I bought mine at the local natural food store.

The girls and I are off to get professional pictures done....well, as professional as you can get at Walmart! LOL. We should be doing family pics, but getting Hubby in front of a camera is like pulling teeth on a mad rhino. So, I have given up the fight and decided that the picture will be all girls. It is also time to do Baby's 3rd birthday pics....

Today's Plan:

Run = week 1, day 3 of C25K

Legs and Back



Thursday, June 12, 2008

And Now... The Rest of The Story

My Dad had just passed away. His battle with cancer had lasted for 10 years. It was late at night. I remember my sister and I drinking coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream and watching the snow fall (we were laughing because my Dad hated snow and he managed to die right before a huge snow storm hit). I passed out in the early hours of morning...drunk. The next morning I remember feeling lost. It was only days after that I called the recruiter. Joining the Army was my sad attempt at running away from my life. I wanted to start over. Do something that would make my life mean something.

Being rejected from the Army was a blessing in disguise. Things would happen to my over the next four years that would define my life. I would go back to school and study medicine. Get an amazing job that had me traveling all over the state and still be home on the weekends with Mom. I would meet my amazing Hubby and have two beautiful girls....

I do wonder what would have happened had that medical director been there to sign my waiver. I wonder if I would have made it in Iraq.... I wonder if I would have met my Hubby anyway....would I have had a baby before my hysterectomy?

Looking back, I know God played a hand in what happened. Doesn't He always??

Today's Plan:



Water, Calories

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I WANT To Run!!!

Not something I would normally say. I hate least, I used to. Lately I have been craving it. Feet pounding on the treadmill, sweat pouring into my eyes, legs burning.......OK, so I don't know what it is that makes me want to do this to myself but I am ready for my next run already!!

7 years ago...(OMG I cant believe it was that long ago).. I joined the Army. Well, I tried anyway. I weighed 196 lbs back then. When my recruiter weighed me he said I have to lose 21 lbs to qualify. So I started going to the gym and walking on the treadmill, bicycling, weight lifting... on my own for 6 weeks. I didn't lose a single pound. The recruiter decided to take it into his own hands. At 5 a.m. every morning he would pick me up, drive to the local park and make me run with him. Not just 1 mile... not even just 2... but 3, sometimes 4, miles!! I was not a good runner and he would get impatient with me... but after two weeks you could see a huge change in me. For one thing, I could keep up with him running for at least the first mile!!... the other change was kind of a funny one for me to notice... but my thighs quit rubbing together. I remember waking up one morning and walking to the kitchen and realized that there was air down there!! LOL ... So a month of that and my recruiter was positive that I had lost the weight and was ready to go.

He weighed me at his office... 191....yeah... only 5 lbs. I almost started to cry but the recruiter said it must be all muscle and that he was sending me to MEPS anyway. I don't remember what MEPS stands for, but it is where they do all the medical testing and paperwork to get you shipped off in the service.

The next day I was in the city standing in front of a huge building down town. I had my bag packed and I had said goodbye to my family. I was excited and scared to death. They had all the girls together for testing. I passed it all....until we got to the last station. The nurse weighed me...frowned...looked at me and asked me to step aside. She called over a couple of other nurses and they started to attack me with measuring tapes. According to my measurements I was a measly 1/2 a pound heavy...(I guess this was their way of figuring body fat), there were two choices. One was to go home and come back the next week, the other choice was to have the medical director sign a waiver that sent me to boot camp anyway. I opted for the waiver.... For hours I sat in the waiting room. Finally, my recruiter showed up and said that the medical director had been called out and that they decided to have me come back the next week.

The drive home was 4 hours long... and the entire way home I could not believe that a measly 1/2 pound had kept me from shipping out. I started to think that this may have been a sign... I mean, what else could it have been?? A half pound , the medical director being 'called away'... So, I decided God had something else in store for me and I told my recruiter I would not be returning. The next week the US went to war with Iraq....

My point to this story is ..... at 191 lbs I had body fat equal to someone at 175.5 pounds.... I am hoping that that is what is going on right now! I am still aiming for 175 pounds on the scale.. but as soon as my thighs quit touching I know I will be on my way!!

(In case you are wondering, there was a reason God did not send me away.... but that story is for another day)

Today's Plan:
Shoulders & Arms


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yesterdays workouts were awesome... I started the C25K ! I did the first run and it felt great. The first time I tried C25K was 8-9 months ago and I was wheezing the whole way. Yesterday I ran it without a single bad thought in my mind. When it was done I wanted to do it again!! I didn't ... but I wanted to!

I then did my Chest and Back weight workout. Push-ups and Chin-ups galore. I was a little bit weaker then I have been... not finishing some of the push-ups... but I think it was from not eating enough during the day. Not on purpose. I had a banana for breakfast and then didn't get to eat anything until 2:30... so I think my body was lacking a lot of energy. For those of you who are worried about my food... I do eat at least 1500 calories a day, and on big workout days like today I try to eat closer to 1800. As long as I stay under 2300 then I am losing!

Today's Plan:
Tang Soo Do


As much as I really want to run again today, I already have too much on my plate as it is. Plyo is an hour of jumping. Athletes do this workout to make them faster. I am just doing it because it burns A LOT of calories.

I will run again tomorrow.

My motivation is at its ultimate high. I am feeling the changes in my body. My arms are MUCH smaller then they were last summer... and I am just all around healthier. I want to keep feeling these changes... and I want to start seeing results again... so no more slacking. Its time to suck it up and get going... 40 more lbs to lose... that's it!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Morning

I had a great weekend. Saturday I got to leave the kids with Hubby and took our Basset Hound Woodroe to the park where there was a HUGE craft show going on. There were hundreds of people there and I was lucky enough to find a parking spot inside the park. The Humane Society had a 'Shot Tent' were I got Woodroe caught up on his rabies shots. We walked around and visited with all the people who were amazed to see a Basset Hound and just had to pet him. I didn't mind... he was loving the attention... you could tell because as exhausted as he was from walking so much he was still holding his head up high and wagging his tail. After 3 hours it was time to go home. Woodroe did not want to get out of the car when we got home... I think he was having too much fun. I really should do that more often.

Sunday was a work day in the yard. Hubby and I got the yard cleaned up, grass watered and started on another fence along the side yard. Mom and her boyfriend came over in the afternoon and just hung out with us... We played with the girls out in the yard for a little while and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Workout??? Didn't know the meaning of the word all weekend. I didn't even think about it for a minute. That's ok... because this morning I am ready to hop on the treadmill and get moving. I think I am going to start C25K again. I did really well the first time, but kinda lost track of running. So.. lets try it again. Running seems to kick start my body into losing weight... and I have a summer full of fun that I want to look good for!!

Today's Plan:


Chest & Back


Water and Food

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

And the winners are.....

Inspired by Diabetes is a global campaign asking people with diabetes, as well as their family, friends and healthcare professionals, to express how diabetes has impacted their lives — and share those stories with others around the world.

Some stories are inspired by small triumphs. Others, by overcoming great challenges. And for some children around the world, the challenge is no less than life or death.The spirit of the Inspired by Diabetes initiative is to bring families and people with diabetes together to raise awareness of the global burden of diabetes — and draw particular attention to people who do not have the resources they need to fight diabetes.

People around the world sent in poems, essays, music, pictures and artwork. All of it expressing life with diabetes.

One of the judges was Elliot Yamin, an American Idol finalist, whose life was affected by diabetes when he was diagnosed at age 16.

"I was feeling ill for about 2 1/2 weeks. My mom [who has type 2 diabetes] tested my blood sugar and it was high. This all happened on a Sunday, so we went to the emergency room, where they tested my blood sugar at 870 mg/dl."

Elliott spent several years on multiple daily injections and experienced a number of hypoglucemic seizures. It wasn't until he was 21 years old, when he met a co-worker who was wearing an insulin pump, that he started thinking about pump therapy.

"He showed me his pump and how it worked and all that." He made an appointment with his co-worker's endocrinologist and worked hard to lower his A1C in preparation for the pump. About four months later, he was hooked up and pumping.As diabetics often do, we touched upon "a cure."

"I want a cure. Of course I want a cure. And I think we're getting close. I'm happy to be able to use my position and my voice to be involved in these great programs and charities. It would be a sin for me not to do anything [to raise awareness]."

(click here for more of his interview)

By entering the competition, participants have had a direct impact on the lives of children with diabetes around the world.

In honor of the participants from the United States, Lilly made a $50,000 donation to ADA for scholarships for low-income children to attend ADA diabetes camps. For each entry into the global contest, Lilly is donating money to IDF's Life for a Child Program, which provides life-saving diabetes supplies to more than 1,000 children in 17 developing countries.

"We're humbled by the response to the campaign and the depth of personal experiences communicated in the stories and expressions received," said Stewart Perry, Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association. "We hope these creative expressions will illuminate the many commonalities of a complicated disease, reinforce a community of support and inspire people to realize that they have a lot to contribute in the fight against diabetes."

U.S. Grand Prize winners will have their submissions entered into the global competition. Winners of the global contest will be announced this fall.


-- Adult with Diabetes - Betsy Ray, Colorado

After managing diabetes for 43 years, Ray is working on a master's degree in psychology to serve as a resource to newly-diagnosed children with diabetes. Her motivation was born out of her desire to help others see diabetes in a new light, beyond the often negative constructs of the disease. Ray entered an essay called "The Journey." "As I reflect upon challenges I have faced as a result of diabetes ... I must also acknowledge the rewards," she wrote. "Diabetes has grown my spirit in a way that no normal life ever could ... It is so far beyond what I was told my life would be that I can only respond to the people I meet by telling them 'Anything is possible. You are on a journey. How you define it is up to you.'"

-- Child with Diabetes - Erin Tetreault, Idaho

Tetreault, 17, was diagnosed with diabetes at age 9. Inspired by her experiences at diabetes summer camp -- where she first learned about the Inspired by Diabetes campaign -- Tetreault hopes that more young people with diabetes can benefit from the emotional and educational support that these specialty camps provide. Her painting, "Self-Acceptance," depicts a young woman wearing an insulin pump. "Four years ago I would have been too self-conscious to paint my bare stomach with my pump proudly displayed," she wrote in her accompanying narrative. But because of diabetes camp, "I've learned to be myself and not worry if I'm different or not accepted."

--Health Care Professional - Theresa Garnero, California

Despite not having diabetes herself, Garnero is no stranger to this condition. Garnero draws diabetes-focused cartoons for various medical publications and also serves as a clinical nurse manager at a major medical center in California. She believes humor is a necessary component when talking about diabetes, saying, "If you laugh, you learn." In addition, Garnero will publish a book in 2008 in conjunction with the ADA that portrays the daily challenges and achievements possible following a diagnosis.

-- Family Member or Friend - Teresa Ollila, Colorado

Ollila is a mother of two and an avid photographer. Inspired by her son's diabetes diagnosis at age 3, she took an interest in capturing the complexity of living with diabetes by photographing others with the condition in her community. Ollila's collection of photographs, titled "Living with Diabetes," reveals the emotional impact of diabetes on people's lives. "I'm photographing how diabetes affects relationships and the feelings it provokes to care for others," Ollila wrote in her narrative.

(read more)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Only Half Addicted

I have been slowly losing my workout mojo over the past couple of days. I have been eating what I want, without really worrying about calories or fat. I am losing the battle. I know, I know... it happens. You fall off the horse, you get back on. Getting back on is proving to be a little more difficult this time around. Burn out?? Maybe. I think it is more along the lines of not seeing the weight drop as fast as I would like it to. I'm not asking for -10 lbs a week... but -1 lb a week would be awesome. It takes me months to go down 3 lbs... and even then it fluctuates like a yoyo on crack. Really high highs and really low lows. UGH.. frustration is what is keeping me from getting back on.

I went through my cupboards this morning. Yes, the magic pill has to be in there somewhere. What I found was a collection of half empty bottles. Half Empty. Why would I stop half way? Why would I bother doing it for so long and then quit. Had I finished the bottle maybe I would have seen better results..... ahhhhhhhh.... now I see the light. I am half way right now and ready to add the next bottle to my collection. (no, not literally... I have been clean and off diet pills for years now) I am suffering from yet another case of self sabotage. I need to dig deep and finish this. All I want to lose at this point is 40 lbs..... yes, just 40 lbs...... so lets get it done so we can stop this crazy roller coaster of emotions and feel the warmth of success!

Today's Plan:
Shoulders & Arms


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Angels testing went fine. They figured out what letters she needs help pronouncing and what questions she has a problem answering...i.e.: who, what , where and when. In two weeks I have to take her back again to have her cognitive tested. What ever that is......

I got home and was making hot dogs for lunch.. hey, it was 1:30 and we were all starving. (the reason why you should eat something every 3 hours!) My mom called me and we talked about her new boyfriend. Things are getting serious and she was a little nervous about how I was going to feel about that. She said she would never get married again...but that they might move in together....(a little background... my dad passed away 6 years ago and my mom hasn't dated since) I told her life was short and that she deserved to be happy. I know he is good to her because they have a lot of fun together. Two nights a week they go square dancing....a couple of nights a week they have dinner together... and most weekends he is over at her house spending the day with her. He is a very polite man... and has a great sense of humor. I think it would be blessing for my mom to have this man in her life.

Having said that, I cried like a baby when I got off the phone. Not because I was upset at anything she has said or done... just because I miss my dad.. and I wish he was still here. I try to do and say what he would. He made me promise him before he died that I would stick around here and take care of my mom. I know that he would want her to be happy... I know that he would want me to support her 100%...

(Mom... if you are reading this I want you to know something. As long as you are happy, I will always be happy. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Daddy will always be in our hearts... but there is always room for one more! )



Align builds and maintains a natural defense against occasional constipation,
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Is anyone interested trying it? I have enough to give 3 people two weeks worth of samples.... or if only one person is interested I will send you all 6 weeks worth!

SIX FLAGS!!! .... I have 8 buy one get one free tickets and one free adult admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain. They expire December 31, 2008!

DALE AND THOMAS POPCORN!!!!!.... A $20 gift card for their online store!!

Interested??? Leave me a comment with your email address.. and what you want (and how many).. and I will contact you soon!!! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE...

I was also contacted by a European media company yesterday. They are sending me a free copy of Jillian McKeiths new book! I am super excited. I love her no-nonsense way! Look for a book review soon!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

So yesterdays weigh in was 194... a gain of 3 lbs. I know it is from a lack of good eating on my part. Lots of carbs and sugar. I'm not sure why I keep returning to my old eating habits when I know for a fact that I will not lose weight like that. Today I am getting back on track with my strict eating plans..

B: Oatmeal
S: berries
L: tuna salad
S: carrot juice
D: not sure yet....

I did my chest and back workout yesterday. Once again totaling 218 push-ups and 76 pull-ups. One of these days I will write out , in detail, my Monday workout. I know it sounds like a lot, but I think you would all be surprised how many push-ups and pull-ups you can do!

Todays workout is Plyometrics (an hour of jumping) and Tang Soo Do class tonight.

Warm weather is finally here, but the wind will not stop. I am dying for a nice day to just lay outside and get a good tan started!

Tomorrow is Angels second round of testing for her speech therapy class next year. She will be meeting with the lady who , I believe, will be her teacher. I'm not sure what, or how, they will test her this time... Most likely it will be more of a one on one with her teacher to give her an idea of what Angel needs. I am still holding my breath praying that they don't diagnose her with ADD or any other disability that will plague her the rest of her life. .... Just let it be a a quick fix please!

Time to get moving... have a great day bloggers!