Thursday, June 12, 2008

And Now... The Rest of The Story

My Dad had just passed away. His battle with cancer had lasted for 10 years. It was late at night. I remember my sister and I drinking coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream and watching the snow fall (we were laughing because my Dad hated snow and he managed to die right before a huge snow storm hit). I passed out in the early hours of morning...drunk. The next morning I remember feeling lost. It was only days after that I called the recruiter. Joining the Army was my sad attempt at running away from my life. I wanted to start over. Do something that would make my life mean something.

Being rejected from the Army was a blessing in disguise. Things would happen to my over the next four years that would define my life. I would go back to school and study medicine. Get an amazing job that had me traveling all over the state and still be home on the weekends with Mom. I would meet my amazing Hubby and have two beautiful girls....

I do wonder what would have happened had that medical director been there to sign my waiver. I wonder if I would have made it in Iraq.... I wonder if I would have met my Hubby anyway....would I have had a baby before my hysterectomy?

Looking back, I know God played a hand in what happened. Doesn't He always??

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Jill said...

Aw TL, so sorry about your Dad. You have had an interesting life - and you're barely even 30!!

Have a good day! =)

P.O.M. said...

Yep, He always does. Even when we don't understand it.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, TL, thanks for sharing 'the rest of the story. I love how God works in our lives.