Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yesterdays workouts were awesome... I started the C25K ! I did the first run and it felt great. The first time I tried C25K was 8-9 months ago and I was wheezing the whole way. Yesterday I ran it without a single bad thought in my mind. When it was done I wanted to do it again!! I didn't ... but I wanted to!

I then did my Chest and Back weight workout. Push-ups and Chin-ups galore. I was a little bit weaker then I have been... not finishing some of the push-ups... but I think it was from not eating enough during the day. Not on purpose. I had a banana for breakfast and then didn't get to eat anything until 2:30... so I think my body was lacking a lot of energy. For those of you who are worried about my food... I do eat at least 1500 calories a day, and on big workout days like today I try to eat closer to 1800. As long as I stay under 2300 then I am losing!

Today's Plan:
Tang Soo Do


As much as I really want to run again today, I already have too much on my plate as it is. Plyo is an hour of jumping. Athletes do this workout to make them faster. I am just doing it because it burns A LOT of calories.

I will run again tomorrow.

My motivation is at its ultimate high. I am feeling the changes in my body. My arms are MUCH smaller then they were last summer... and I am just all around healthier. I want to keep feeling these changes... and I want to start seeing results again... so no more slacking. Its time to suck it up and get going... 40 more lbs to lose... that's it!!


Jill said...

Woo!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Carol Bardelli said...

You're doing great! Plyo is definitely a hard workout. High impact. And you look great.