Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Weakness

Baby's party was a blast yesterday. It was the perfect number of friends and family. We grilled some hot dogs and ate tons of cake and ice cream... Some pics of the happy day:

The Pinata!!

The Cake!!

The FUN!!!
So, it is 8:30 in the morning and I have already had a couple of bites of leftover birthday cake.. and I'm sure it wont stop there.. but I'm not going to stress about food today.. I'm just going to have a good, relaxing day. I will be a true procrastinator and say... I'll start again tomorrow!


totegirl said...

Aww, love the cake! And how precious is your baby?! Too cute! Looks a lot like mama!

Looks like y'all had fun, but throw that dang cake away!

Fatinah said...

looks like a fun party! start again tomorrow if you want - but I don't want to see you beating yourself up over it!!

marc said...

I totally agree! A day off isn't that bad! There's always tomorrow!

..just make sure it turns into a TODAY, and doesn't stay a TOMORROW :D

great job on the weight loss! i'll link you uo, alright? :)