Thursday, June 28, 2007

The more times I try.... the more times I fail miserably

Why this title? Because I have had a terrible week. I weighed in at 215... yes a gain of 2.5 lbs. I wish I still had TOM because them I could blame that on him... but after a hysterectomy.. well.. you just don't have an excuse anymore! LOL

Why am I failing miserably? There are a couple of things that are causing this... (not that I am using them as excuses to eat badly)...

1. We are selling our house....and if you have ever done this you would know that it means keeping it spotless ALL the time. I have two toddlers... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkk. OK, so the house isn't even on the market yet.. but just trying to get it to where it looks presentable is killing me. Today I am redecorating and putting away a lot of pictures so as to make the rooms look a little less cluttered.

2. Yesterday I had to drive my daughter 4 hours to the eye surgeon, where he put some painful drops in her eyes and scared her to the point where she will never walk into a doctors office again.Then drove 4 hours back home last night. She is 3 years old and will have to have surgery in a couple of weeks to remove a cyst under the eye. I hate the thought of her having to have surgery at such a young age.

3. I have been given the job of also finding a new house for us. Can I just say that Realtors are as bad as used car salesmen!! They don't stop. The second you walk onto the lot, or call them on the phone, they are on top of you. I cant stand it. Hubby and I have actually decided that , since we cant find a house big enough that we like, we are going to build our own house. YEAH.. I love the idea of having a say in what my house will look like!

So, all in all... a lot has been going on. I know better then to use excuses... and I am not really using them as excuses. I just know that when I become stressed, I think of myself last. Which means that I eat what is easiest, I don't drink any water, and at the end of the day I am so exhausted (mentally) that I don't want to exercise.

I have not been using my Satiatrim... which was working great... and I still have two or three cases of the stuff left... so today, I am back on the wagon. Will I fall off again? probably... but do I just give up?? NEVER. I owe myself that much!

Have a blessed day...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Still HERE!!!!

Hi y'all!!

I'm sorry for disappearing on you guys for a WHOLE week.. but I packed up the girls and we went to the city for 3 days. We got a hotel room and a pool key and spent 3 days in the pool. It was a blast!! My mom, grandmother and aunt went too... so it was kind of a girls week out! My 2 year old swam by herself for the first time.. and my 4 year old learned how to jump off the edge of the pool and go under water!! They had soo much fun... but after the 3rd day they were very much ready to come home. As was I! Hubby had to work.. but he enjoyed having peace and quiet for 3 days. As far as I can tell, that is all he did... the house was in the same mess that it was when we left... so I am doing alot of housework today. Oh well!

I missed my weigh in on Tuesday .... and I sucked at my diet (the hotel had free breakfast, free dinners AND free alcohol from 5-7pm... can we say calorie haven!)... so I am sure there is a gain, but I am stepping back up and will be working my butt off until next weigh in.

I was a dough head and forgot to take my Satiatrim with me on the trip. I'm sure if I had, I would have stayed away from all the delicious food.. but that was not the case. Anyway, I had one for breakfast this morning and am doing great so far. The vanilla flavor is actually pretty tasty. I am starting to like it a little more then the chocolate! Did I just say that??? LOL

I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of working out to do.. so I will leave you with this:

Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork. ~English Proverb

Have a Blessed Day

Friday, June 15, 2007

Out Of Curiosity


The difference is... in real life the clothes dont fit all that well and the arms are WAY bigger. LOL. I am definitley liking the 'after' though!!

Day 3

Once again... I ROCKED!! and then I rolled. To be more precise, I stepped in a hole in the back yard and rolled my ankle. I went to my hands and knees and cried for about 10 minutes. My girls didn't know what was wrong, so they hopped on my back and played horsey!! LOL Which worked out well since I wasn't about to walk back to the house!! I bandaged it and iced it. There was no swelling, so I went to work. I lasted an hour... and came home to put it up on a pillow. This morning it just feels really bruised.. and just a little swollen. Crud... now what do I do for a workout??? I'm thinking The Biggest Loser workout and then weights... I can put weight on it, it just hurts to walk.

Satiatrim rocked once again too! I had my drink before each meal and ate much smaller portions then normal. I am also really trying to listen to my body... I am finding that I really DON'T need to eat two helpings of pasta to fill me up. In fact, one cup did great!! LOL

Ok, so today's plan is to find a workout that my ankle can handle, drink lots of water, listen to my body, fill that hole in the back yard!

Have a Blessed Day and we'll see you tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 2

Yesterday went fantastic. I walked 3 miles on the treadmill... drank 10 glasses of water...had great portion control... and felt pretty good. At least until this cold set in last night! LOL Oh well.

The Satiatrim wasn't all that bad. I was a little nervous to taste it, but the chocolate tasted pretty chocolaty. It definitely filled me up pretty well before I even started eating. I ate healthy sized portions because I was full so fast. I snacked all day on grapes, celery and carrots soaked in lemon juice. Lets see how day 2 holds up!!

Like I said, I am suffering from a cold... and everyone knows that summer colds are the worst. I also am scheduled to work tonight... might have to call in if my head doesn't start to clear up soon.

I have been roaming around the blog world again, looking for inspiration. I found a girl name Roni who lost around 70 lbs. Just to see her progression pictures gives me hope that I can do this too! Check them out here!

My plan for day 2 is this : Drink 4 glasses of water, eat oatmeal, walk 3-4 miles, drink more water, work in the yard, relax before work. Sounds good to me!

Have a Blessed day and we'll see y'all tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Ok, so I wont say that my life has gone from shit to sunshine overnight... but I did get a couple of things that motivated me to start strong today. First:

I saw the first show of FightGirls on the Oxygen channel. It was fantastic. It is about 10 women who are Moay Thai fighters, training and fighting for the 5 spots in Thailand to compete. These women have the most amazing bodies.. and they train HARD for them. It kinda reminded me that things don't come easy to anyone.. I wrote down some of their training tips and will use them today ... yes, today I am working out.


I am trying a new thing called Satiatrim. It is an all natural drink that is supposed to trigger your "I'm full" feelings. This is what they say

When you drink a delicious Satiatrim beverage before or with a meal, its natural ingredients activate your “feel-full” proteins. These special proteins, which are released in response to eating, produce a number of effects to diminish your appetite. First, they slow the movement of food from your stomach, making you feel satisfied even when you are eating less.

In addition, the feel-full proteins send a signal to the appetite center of your brain that extends the feeling of fullness after you eat, so you remain hunger-free between meals. Satiatrim also contains an ingredient from green tea that activates important enzymes to help you burn more fat calories.

One drink is 50 calories... and for those of you on WW, it is equal to .65 of a point. Today is my first day, so I will let you know how it goes. I got enough to try it for 2 weeks and see if I notice a difference. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

So, the plan today is to drink 4 glasses of water, eat breakfast, hop on the treadmill for 3 miles, lift weights and try those new training moves, drink more water, watch what I eat and maybe go for a bike ride with the kids this afternoon. OH... and to stop writing in such a depressing way.. I'm sorry y'all, I know my last couple of entries have been depressing but like everyone else, I struggle with my motivation. When things start going down hill, they really pick up speed. Sometimes I just have to wait till I hit bottom before I can even think about climbing the hill again.

Have a Blessed day and I'll be seeing you tomorrow~

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Life has given me quite a few loops the past week, so I am sorry to say that diet has sucked.... shoot, I even picked up a couple of cigarettes this weekend, and I haven't even smoked in 4 years. Today I am sticking to just liquids... teas,soups, broths... especially water. Maybe it will help me get back on track. I am going to get on my treadmill this afternoon and walk 3 miles... and then I am going to get a good nights sleep. Will let y'all know how it went!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still Here....Just Busy

Hi y'all!! Sorry for not blogging everyday.. but I've just been trying to get my grove back!

I am doing really well with my food. I am watching my portions.. and eating healthy. I challenged Michelle to 5 hours of cardio this week... Monday I did 1 hour (walking 3 miles), yesterday I did a big fat NADA!, Today I have 4 miles to walk on my training schedule for the Breast Cancer Walk... which everyone needs to check out!! I am also asking that when you donate money, please put a name down in which you would like to donate in honor of or memory of.. I am going to print up a shirt with everyones name on it. I will wear it all 3 days (hmmmmm maybe I should print 3 shirts!) of walking... and will wear it proudly.

The wind is blowing like mad today... so it looks like I wont be going anywhere.

Have a blessed day!