Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 1 of 84 and LOTS of Tamales!!

Do you ever get discouraged when an event is coming up and you are no where near the weight you were hoping to be? How about this one... Do you ever want to give up because the event is only a month away and there is NO WAY you can lose all the weight by then? This is where I am right now... or was, until I got a fresh start last night. A friend sent me a book called Body-For-Life for Women! I read the entire thing last night.. and it inspired me to get going again. Not so much on working out... because I am doing that really well.. but it doesn't do any good when you are eating anything and everything in sight. So I am doing the challenge. I am going to stick to this challenge for the entire 84 days... and I don't care if I lose a ton of weight or any at all. My goal this time is to FINISH what I started. So starting today it is time to concentrate on my eating.

With all of this in my mind, I also had to make 5 dozen tamales for my father-in-laws wedding this weekend. I managed to do them all in one day... and you would think that I would have had to make extra to munch on myself.. but after making that many.. I couldn't stand the sight of them anymore! I will have to use some strong will power this weekend though.. there will be ALOT of no-no's there... including alcohol... and EVERYONE is camping out there over the weekend... ugh. Come on Will Power!!

I am a little excited to start a new day... and when I looked at the calender I realized that I still have 7 months before this "new me" year is over... plenty of time to lose the weight I was wanting to... BUT.. no time to mess up. This is it.. If I don't do it now, I will be letting myself, my hubby, my kids down. Ugh... Lets get this over with and start doing it RIGHT!!

Have a Blessed Day... and thanks for checking in on me... I will try to blog a little more often now!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Hi all!

Yesterday kinda sucked with the diet. Only because I was exhausted from working the night before and not really thinking (or caring) about what went in my mouth. I don't think it was too bad... just alot of carbs. So today I have to make up for it and eat lots of fruit and veggies instead. Oh.. and lots of water.

I want to give a HUGE Thank you to PearShapedGirl and Tiffany for donating to my Breast Cancer Walk For the Cure! Believe it or not.. with all the cash donations I have received as well.. I have raised $500 so far. Which means I have $1700 left. But considering I have 5 month.. and ALL of YOU .. I think it is very possible. Donate to fight Cancer and get me out walking 60 miles!!

I am back on the treadmill this morning, and today is a weight lifting day.

Hope ya'll are doing great! Have a Blessed day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Need Your Support

I have signed up to be a walker in the Susan G. Komen 3Day Walk to fight Breast Cancer. I have to raise $2200 in order to participate... so PLEASE.. donate what you can. Pass the website on to friends and family that you think might want to donate. Lets kick butt!!

Thank God For T.V.

Ok, so normally I would never say that. I hate the TV. But yesterday it was a blessing. Or, at least the timing of the shows was! Every time I started getting the munchies, I sat down and cruised thru the channels... and every time I was able to stop on a weight loss show.... Celebrity Fit Club .... The Biggest Loser (reruns) .... It was awesome. I didn't snack at all, and was even inspired to get up and go a SECOND round on the treadmill. Yeah!!

Ok.. so today is my weigh-in day. The results.....

Weight = 209 lbs
Body Fat = 40%
Hydration = 45%

chest= 42 1/4
waist= 40
hips = 44

If you were paying attention.... you will notice that I have lost 2.5 lbs since YESTERDAY. WOW!! Now, what I am thinking is this... I think that the 5 lbs I have lost since Friday is water weight. I am drinking A LOT more water then the past couple of weeks.. so I think that it may be water retention. Although.. it would be nice if it was FAT too!! LOL

I did a total of 2.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday.. and my LL Cool J weight lifting. Today I am going to do the same.

Have a Blessed Day... we'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning

So I woke up this morning wandering how successful I was at losing weight this weekend. I jumped on my scale... actually it was more of a creeping slow crawl onto the scale so as not to add any unwanted energetic pounds! Surprise Surprise it was down to 211.5. YES!! That means I've lost 2.5 lbs this weekend. I'm finally doing something right... and do you know what that is? Its a mix of a couple of things... but they seem to work together..

1. I am NOT eating in between meals. I eat what I want, but only until I am full. Which means ...

2. I am eating SLOWLY. No racing to the finish line... just enjoying everything that is on my plate.

3. I am not stressing about what IS on my plate. So I eat carbs....fat...sugar. I am not going to stress out about it. This doesn't mean I am loading up my plate with cookies, doughnuts and cupcakes... I AM trying to eat HEALTHY after all.. but it means that if I am craving a cookie, or Popsicle.. I have one for dessert (because I am NOT eating in between meals... remember?)

These three things are working for me! and I am so happy they are. On top of it all.. I did not exorcise at all this weekend. In fact, I slept because I had to work. So just eating right is helping me lose weight. This morning I busted my behind though. I jogged/walked 1.5 miles in 30 minutes. I did my LL Cool J weight lifting regimen... and I have already had 8 glasses of water and its not even lunch time yet!

I am so happy that this feeling, this strength is back again. I was down in the dumps for too long... this time ... well this time is like all the other times... I am going to put my whole heart into losing this fat. The only new thing I have to do is try not to sabotage myself again.

My father in laws wedding is in two weeks. Now, in the back of my head I am counting days, pounds and calories... but I am not going to give myself a weight to reach by then... I am just going to do my best to look healthy... happy.. and , ok, maybe just a couple of pounds lighter!! LOL

I found my measuring tape.. but I am going to wait until tomorrow morning to do all the measuring. Tuesdays will be my official weigh in day from now on.

Hope everyone finds their inner strength strong .... its what drives you to succeed!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weigh Day

Since I am starting over, I figured I better update all my measurements, weights... etc.

So, for the record...

Weight 214 <--- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkk
fat % 40.0
Water % 41 <---- That is terrible.. more water please!!

Measurements will have to wait... once again my measuring tape has disappeared!

Time for another run on the treadmill! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Starting Over

Its almost June, which means that 5 months has gone by in this 'New Me' year... and I am back to the beginning. I am heavier then when I started in January, which baffles me... but I'm not going to say I don't know how it happened. I do.. I let my guard down and I sabotaged myself again. I have had my pity party and today I am done with it. I have not snacked, munched or snuck anything... I've been drinking tons of water... and when hubby gets home tonight I will get on my treadmill and walk a couple of miles. I have a wedding to go to in two weeks... I'm not going to say that I'm going to lose X amount of pounds by then.. but I definitely want to be feeling good about myself. So back to caring for ME.

In other news, we bought a new car. With gas prices souring over the $3.00 mark we had to get rid of the SUV and go for something smaller. We ended up getting a Hyundai Santa Fe... I am loving it. It is bright red... AND I have driven to town and back 5 times and on the same tank of gas... with a 1/4 tank still left!!! WOW!! The old car could only go to town 3 MAYBE 4 times before I had to fill the tank.. and even then it was costing me $100 to fill it to the top. OUCH! So I am much happier now!

The weather is beautiful today, so the girls and I have been outside watering our garden.... corn, squash, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and carrots all starting to come up. I am still trying to teach the girls which are plants and which are weeds! LOL..

Well... off to do some laundry and cleaning.. I don't work tonight, but it definitely starts to pile up on my days off.

God Bless

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Its been two weeks since I last blogged... and there is plenty to tell!

First- We went to Disneyland!! It was a blast. The girls didn't do alot of the rides, but the ones that they did do, they LOVED. The worst part was trying to get them OFF the rides at the end. LOL.

We got to have lunch with the Princesses... which my oldest LOVED. Just seeing the look on her face when each one came to the table was priceless. Her dreams came true that day!

Then there was Toon Town... and my youngest FINALLY got to give Goofy a great big hug... and Mickey a big kiss on the nose.

Both girls got real princess dresses thanks to DE!! They wore them almost every day... and are still being worn today!

By the afternoons the girls and granny where worn out, so they would go back to the hotel room and Hubby and I were left to do all the big kid rides. Our favorite was Bear Mountain... the one where you go on a rafting ride and get soaking wet! Somehow, hubby always remained dry... where as, I got soaking wet each time! LOL

We especially loved Downtown Disney at night. There was always a romantic feel to it. Jazz musicians playing in the street... magical lights... it was very romantic. Because we were there on Mothers Day, hubby bought me a beautiful locket with Tinker Bell on it... I need to get some pictures shrunk down to put them in there!

So.. the past week was a blast...and exhausting.. but I would definitely do it again!
But I don't think granny will be willing to sit in the backseat for 10 hours again! LOL

As for my diet... what diet?? LOL ... yeah, I've been very, very bad.. but today is a new day and I need to get back on track. I am not going to stress about it though. Its just time to start thinking 'healthy'. No more sodas, no more cookies, no more fast food... just good stuff! Water... lots of water!!

Now it is time for me to visit all my blogging friends to say a much needed 'Hello'.

Have a Blessed Day

Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Chapter

My title today is "Another Chapter". I was going to use 'a new me' or 'day 1' but good grief, how many times can I start over again.... well the answer is ALOT. So why 'another chapter'? Because it gives the feeling of another beginning... but without forgetting or erasing the last chapter (or 50). In the last chapter I strayed from my healthy eating and daily exorcise and gained the weight back +1. Now, I can use me excuses of.. I got a new job, I work nights, I'm stressed out, we have money trouble... but when I look at all of those things I think "Well, when are those EVER going to go away?" NEVER!! I am going to have to live with the truth that I am going to be stressed out... I am going to work odd hours... I am always going to have money trouble. I cant let those things get in the way of my dream of being healthy. I just need to find a way of dealing with them... and NOT WITH FOOD! Yesterday was my first day working out in weeks. It felt great... but did not give me that little umph of energy that I usually got. So today I did it again. I jumped on the treadmill and did some speed walking. When I got off I felt better.. but still felt frumpy. Obviously I am back up to my high weight, and am going to feel frumpy... I just have to keep going.

My idea of joining WW is out the window. No money = no WW. So I went thru my library of weight loss books that I have collected over the years. I came a cross a book that called 'The Fat Smash Diet' by Ian K Smith, MD. You might recognize the name from Celebrity Fit Club. Hubby and I have started watching the show again because this season has Cledus T. Judd on it.. and he is one of Hubbys favorites. Anyway... the point is.. after their first week on this diet, each one of the members had lost 9 lbs or more. So I thought... heck.. if Cledus T. Judd can follow this diet then so can I! So I am on the 'detox' part of this diet. All you can eat fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and egg whites for the next 9 days! Lets see what my weight will be on day 10!! Oh yeah... what did I tell ya?... I just looked at the calender and day 10 falls on our 3rd day in Disneyland! HA! Ok.. so I will focus on eating salads.. lots and lots of salads! LOL

I am also doing a little catch up... yesterday was devotional day.. and I didn't get a chance to put one up. This one is a good one so I HAD to add it to today's blog:


Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind. -Job 38:1

On the desert where I grew up, the tall saguaro cactus lift their arms as if praising God, and the warm, dry air creates little whirlwinds of dust everywhere. After my Sunday School teacher introduced me to the Book Of Job-- I was about ten-- I started chasing those "dust devils" to see if I could hear God talking. I never did, although once while running after the whirlwind I stumbled over a young fox, who yipped as we collided.
We all chase whirlwinds or look for handwriting on the walls. Even after asking God for guidance, we aren't willing to believe that casual words spoken by a friend could be that guidance. The signs are present, but unless they come from the hot desert wind or the mouth of a donkey, we don't want to believe them.
I don't have to be a storm chaser to hear God's voice. In fact, God could be speaking through my little dog, who is whining right this minute to go for a long walk. Maybe a stroll through the hills would be better than staying home with my nachos.

For Further Reflection

Think about the ways God may speak to you and guide you: first through the Bible, then through other spiritual reading, sermons, and the words of friends. What is the massage God is sending you today?

Grant me, gracious Lord, the ability to hear You when You speak. Amen

I work tonight, so it is time to have a nice big bowl of veggies and get the girls down for a nap so I can do the same! Have a Blessed Friday!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stress, Stress, Stress

Three words to describe my life right now. Work is going fantastic.. but taking its toll on me. I am getting 3-4 hours of sleep on the nights I work, and then having to work two days in a row. Ugh! On top of that my bank has switched to a new name and along with it has added a bunch of new charges... which has led to a nasty snowball affect. Money is nowhere to be seen. It is sad to see that with me working now..(to start saving money) ... we have actually gone deeper in the whole. It doesn't help that I had to pay my doctors visit and lab tests out of pocket.. On top of that our trip to Disneyland is in a week and I'm worried that we wont have enough money to really enjoy it. I am truly hating life right now.

On to the positives: I am eating less food... which is on the right track for me! One thing I keep telling myself (especially with all my negative thinking right now) is "Good IN.... Bad OUT". So I am concentrating on eating healthy and drinking lots of water to help all those bad things get out! I also grabbed my mama's treadmill and put it up in my living room so that I have no excuse to just hop on it and walk 30 min a day!

My F-I-L has his wedding in exactly one month... so my goal for May is to lose 20 lbs this month. It may be a stretch... but damn it... I'm going to try.

Hope all is well with everyone. I apologize to all my blog friends, I have not been very good at visiting you all! Know that my thoughts and well wishes are with you and I will make time soon to check in with ya!

Have a Blessed Day!