Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thank God For T.V.

Ok, so normally I would never say that. I hate the TV. But yesterday it was a blessing. Or, at least the timing of the shows was! Every time I started getting the munchies, I sat down and cruised thru the channels... and every time I was able to stop on a weight loss show.... Celebrity Fit Club .... The Biggest Loser (reruns) .... It was awesome. I didn't snack at all, and was even inspired to get up and go a SECOND round on the treadmill. Yeah!!

Ok.. so today is my weigh-in day. The results.....

Weight = 209 lbs
Body Fat = 40%
Hydration = 45%

chest= 42 1/4
waist= 40
hips = 44

If you were paying attention.... you will notice that I have lost 2.5 lbs since YESTERDAY. WOW!! Now, what I am thinking is this... I think that the 5 lbs I have lost since Friday is water weight. I am drinking A LOT more water then the past couple of weeks.. so I think that it may be water retention. Although.. it would be nice if it was FAT too!! LOL

I did a total of 2.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday.. and my LL Cool J weight lifting. Today I am going to do the same.

Have a Blessed Day... we'll see you tomorrow!


Cory said...

Even if it is water, it's still good to have it gone. Keep up the great work.

Fatinah said...

you're on fire!

Christine said...

10 week challenge starts when you are ready. Take this weight - and pick a weigh day. Post your weigh in weekly. It is something to push you along. I find the fact that fellow bloggers are keeping an eye me very motivating. And everyone understands when you have a bad week and you have a gain - no one judges which is great, it just forces you to be honest with yourself. Which is something that I haven't been doing for a long time. Take care and see you soon.