Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Its been two weeks since I last blogged... and there is plenty to tell!

First- We went to Disneyland!! It was a blast. The girls didn't do alot of the rides, but the ones that they did do, they LOVED. The worst part was trying to get them OFF the rides at the end. LOL.

We got to have lunch with the Princesses... which my oldest LOVED. Just seeing the look on her face when each one came to the table was priceless. Her dreams came true that day!

Then there was Toon Town... and my youngest FINALLY got to give Goofy a great big hug... and Mickey a big kiss on the nose.

Both girls got real princess dresses thanks to DE!! They wore them almost every day... and are still being worn today!

By the afternoons the girls and granny where worn out, so they would go back to the hotel room and Hubby and I were left to do all the big kid rides. Our favorite was Bear Mountain... the one where you go on a rafting ride and get soaking wet! Somehow, hubby always remained dry... where as, I got soaking wet each time! LOL

We especially loved Downtown Disney at night. There was always a romantic feel to it. Jazz musicians playing in the street... magical lights... it was very romantic. Because we were there on Mothers Day, hubby bought me a beautiful locket with Tinker Bell on it... I need to get some pictures shrunk down to put them in there!

So.. the past week was a blast...and exhausting.. but I would definitely do it again!
But I don't think granny will be willing to sit in the backseat for 10 hours again! LOL

As for my diet... what diet?? LOL ... yeah, I've been very, very bad.. but today is a new day and I need to get back on track. I am not going to stress about it though. Its just time to start thinking 'healthy'. No more sodas, no more cookies, no more fast food... just good stuff! Water... lots of water!!

Now it is time for me to visit all my blogging friends to say a much needed 'Hello'.

Have a Blessed Day


ArleneWKW said...

Such cute pictures. Disneyland with kidlets is such great fun. I'm glad you got to go to downtown Disney at night.

PearShapedGirl said...

Hi Tigerlilly, I'm so happy that you're back! Glad to hear that your trip was amazing... though I'm not surprised - Disney is amazing! Don't worry about the diet going down the drain on your trip, that's the way vacations go sometimes. Thanks for your encouragin words on my blog, I always appreciate your comments. Speaking of my bog... I had a bit of a scare (I'll get into it later) so I've decided to make my blog private. I've added you to the "safelist" so you can read it. Could you please do me a favor and check to see if you can still access it okay? If you can't get through you can e-mail me at Thanks!!

Take care,

Fatinah said...

sounds like you had such an awesome time - good for you guys. You look very happy in those pictures. Plenty of time to worry about your diet now that you're back.

Cory said...

What an awesome trip! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I'm really glad that y'all got to have such a good trip.
As for the diet, I'm sure you will be on track now. I wouldn't be worrying about something like that while I was at Disney either!

de said...

hi tl; i thought that you looked terrific for your trip but mcduff lookeed likw hw was carryinmg two cases of beer/

Carrie said...

Welcome Home!! Glad to hear that you had a great time!! A much needed vacation is always good. Best of luck getting back on track, I am sure you will do great!!

jeannie* said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are ADORABLE!!! I'm so glad youre home and had a great time! And what a treat that you and your hubby got to spend some alone time together as well!

Welcome home :)