Thursday, November 30, 2006

Learn How To Pause

Yesterday was not a PD#3.. but I really didnt do too bad either. Nothing to beat myself up over.. I just didnt drink enough water, or excersize.. I had a small piece of Sweet Potatoe Pie for dessert and a couple of fruit snacks that the girls were eating. I didn't BINGE.. but I did cheat on my diet. So.. today we will have to work on PD#3... and for those who were not around when I started PD.. its stand for Perfect Day... meaning no cheating on the diet, excersize and plenty of water. Sounds easy... but if it was, I would have been skinny along time ago!!

So for some reason last night I saw myself in a new light.. to be specific, it was the bathroom light. I stood naked in front of the mirror and gasped as I started to see how my curves were not curvy.. just blobby. (only word I could think of to describe it) I saw myself, but it was me wearing a fat suit... I think I have been kidding myself for years.. thinking that I was merely chubby. I know it sounds terrible, but it actually helped me realize how baddly I need to lose weight. I promised myself right then and there that I was going to do this. I know that I eat too many carbs, I eat bigger then diet portions, and I dont do enough excersize.. so I am going to quit kidding myself and start doing this right. Good grief, I am not going to be 200 lbs the rest of my life... and I am NOT going to gain more weight. So.. today starts a new determination for me. I want to take this fat suit off and see the real me again. I know my body.. and what has worked in the past. It was not easy, but if I did it then, I can do it now.

Tea Quote:

"Harmony is the inner cadence of contentment we feel when the melody of life is in tune. When somehow we're able to strike the right chord - to balance the expectations of our families and our responsibilities in the world on the one hand with our inner needs for spiritual growth and personal expression on the other... Usually, when the distractions of daily life deplete our energy, the first thing we eliminate is the thing we need the most: quiet, reflective time. Time to dream, time to think, time to contemplate what's working and what's not, so that we can make changes for the better....Learn how to pause."
-Sarah Ban Breathnach

So today starts new for me...

Have a Blessed Day.. and pause today.. just for a minute, for yourself!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yeeee-hawwwww... I'm on a roll! Yesterday was fantastic! Drank 10 glasses of water, 3 glasses of tea. Ate around 1400 calories..guessing.. but I think I'm pretty close. I did my pilates in the morning and Tae Bo Flex last night. I feel great this morning and would love to go out and do something, but Murphys Law....ITS SNOWING! grrrrrr. The only thing snow is good for right now is entertaining the girls as they sit in the window watching it fall. I guess I can be thankful for a peaceful morning!

I think today is another day of indoor activities. I didn't get to ride my bike yesterday because the wind was blowing 40mph and was FREEZING.... and today doesn't look any better. :( Go figure, I finally find something I want to do outside, and it turns to winter in a flash.

My sweater is coming along beautifully... I am not following a pattern and guessing all the way.. so it may come out like nothing you've ever seen.. but thats ok.. I'll still wear it with pride! LOL Here is my baby holding it up for all to see!

I am ready to do PD#3.. someone told me that once you get one whole week under your belt it is smooth sailing! Lets hope so!

Have a Blessedly Sunny Day!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've been tagged...

One of my favorite blogers... Flip this body... tagged me. This is what she has passed along....

CHRISTMAS SONG MEME: This one is pretty easy. List (at least) five of your favorite Christmas songs and tag (at least) five of your favorite blog friends to keep your MEME going.

1. White Christmas:(Bing Crosby) This song always gets me in the holiday mood.
2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: (Judy Garland) Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside
3. Santa Baby: (not sure) just love to sing it to my kids
4.. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: (not sure) One of those songs that get stuck in your head.
5. Jingle bells: fun song to sing with the kids while riding the horses!!

Now my 5 tagged bloggers: Jeanie,Michelle,Cory,Totegirl and Amanda Jane

Drop me a note when you've put yours up, and contact Mimi so she can add you to her meme blog.


Yesterday was great.. I did pilates in the morning, rode my bike for about 10 min and tried to make it up the hill next to our house (only made it half way), and did tae bo before bed. I drank 12 glasses of water, 4 glasses of green tea and stayed on track with my food.

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit sore.. but not too bad. I am hoping to get the same workout routine today that I did yesterday.. I am looking at dark and low clouds this morning, so snow will be falling today.

So I ran out of 'tea quotes' until I buy more tea... so I found this little thing and thought it would be fun.


4 jobs I've had:
Operating room tech
Anesthesiology technician
Dialysis Tech

4 movies I watch over and over:
The Goonies
Princess Bride
Finding Nemo

4 Places I have lived:
Palm Springs , CA
Tucson, Az
Irving, Tx
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4 TV shows I watch:
CSI... any of them
Without a Trace
Close To Home

4 Places I've been on Vacation:
Alberta, Canada
Prt. Vallarta, Mx
Denver, Co
Prt. Penasco, Mx

4 Websites I visit everyday:
literary Guild

4 Favorite Foods:
Fresh Fruit.. any kind

4 Places I'd rather be right now:
There is no place like home!

4 Favorite Bands/Singers:
KT Tunstall
Bailey Rae Corrin
Don Williams
BB King

4 Bloggers I'll tag:
Dragon Loss
Finding Lisa
Pear Shaped Girl
Points and Pounds
Living to Feel Good

Ok.. so all of you!!!

I am going to have to copy some of my favorite bloggers... Points and Pounds, Dragon Loss and Onwards... have all started a Christmas Card list so that we can send out Christmas cards to all our beloved fellow bloggers.. so if you would like to get on my Christmas Card List.. please email your address to

The clouds are slowly letting the sun peak thru.. so it might be a gorgeous day after all!! Have a Blessed day and stay strong..

Monday, November 27, 2006

Weigh In Day

I am so sore I could barely get up this morning. Hubby and I went on a 4 mile bike ride, which sounds really easy.. but it was mostly uphill!! I was dying. When we got home I was trying not to throw up.. which is really embarresing, considering my hubby was barely out of breath. grrrrr. I am definatley going to ride my bike everyday.. even if it is just up the hill by our house.. so that by next weekend, maybe I can keep up with him a little better.

Yesterday was definatley a PD#6.. which I am very proud of! Today we start over again and am going for PD#1 again! I weighed in at 209 which is a loss.. but again, not as much as I was hoping. BUT.. I am looking much better. My posture has changed and my torso is slimming down... even though my measurements are not changing much either... hmmm is that possible, or am I just seeing things? This week I am going to work extra hard so that I can fit into my wranglers once again.. we are headed to Las Vegas next week for 3 days of the NFR!! (National Finals Rodeo) YEEEEEEHAWWWWW. We didnt know if we would be able to go because we thought we would be in Puerto Rico.. but so far we have not heard anything, so we are just going to plan on going to vegas. Hubby is a retired Bull rider.. so he is thrilled to be going. Its pretty hard to get tickets.. they are usually sold out the year before, but my father-in-law somehow managed to get us some.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and did my Pilates and some upper body strength conditioning.. so I am off to a good start. Now if I can just keep it going all day. I want to take the girls for a walk, but the news says we are going to get snow this afternoon... YUCK! I am the worst person to live in the mountains, I absolutley HATE snow. I cant drive in it so it gives me terrible cabin fever. I also hate being cold, so that just does not help. So I will have to find something to do with the girls... maybe a dance workout?

My bulldog Jaz is doing better. They said that because of her age she is bleeding a little bit more then normal. They put pressure bandages on her and my mom said the bleeding has stopped. So it looks like she will be fine. My basset hound , Woodroe, is missing his friend though. He has been at my feet since she left... so we are both looking forward to her return, which should be in a couple of days. Then it is Woodroe's turn.. poor guy.

Looks like a day of knitting, reading and playing!! Hope everyone has a great start to their week...

Have a Blessed Day

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Ok, so yesterday wasn't all that bad. I ignored the MIL which made it easy to just enjoy the rest of the family. I have TWO new (soon to be) sister-in-laws. Both the oldest and the youngest brothers proposed to their girlfriends last week, and we got to meet them for the first time yesterday. Thanks goodness they are both wanderful ladies. They were very easy to talk to , and a wanderful addition to the family. I did wish them luck though... this family is not an easy one to marry into!

Here is Leslie and her two year old daughter.. she will be marrying the youngest brother...

Here is Heather.. she will be marrying the oldest brother.

As usual... I come up with great plans,but have a hard time following thru with them. I did eat there... only because it was 3:30 by the time the food was ready and I was starving.. if I had waited until we got home, I might have eaten a whole pie! So I served myself a plate of fruit salad, sweet potatoes, turkey and a roll. All tiny portions, but enough to quiet the rumbling tummy. Here are some pics of the girls.. and once again I forgot to take pictures of myself.

Here is the youngest brother home on leave from the Marines..with one of the cousins.

Today my mama is coming to watch the girls while hubby and I go for our first long bike ride... wooohooo... maybe I can lose 5 lbs before weigh in day tomorrow!! I think it would make me even though.. with all the food I ate!

I am off to drink a gallon of water so that I dont get dehydrated biking... and no, I did not get a PD#6... I did not drink any water yesterday.. and no excersize.. but hopefully today will make a great #6. Tomorrow is Weigh in day, so I will start my count over again.. that way I focus on the # of PD's in a week... and the goal is still 7!!

Have a blessed Day

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving #2

Ok.. so I thought I was going to be safe now that thanksgiving was over...but! I was wrong. My hubbys mom is doing Thanksgiving dinner today, and although we had agreed that we were not going to go (the monster-in-law and I don't get along) my hubby found out that his littlest brother will be there on leave from the Marines. So.. I guess I can hold my tongue long enough to see him! I did tell my husband that I was going to eat my lunch here so that I do not eat anything there!! I am also going to take a protein shake with me , as the drive is 2 hours long.

My dog Jaz is having complications from her surgery yesterday. Her blood is so thin that she is bleeding excesively. She is at the vet but am waiting to here some good news soon. Because the vet is in another town my mom is taking care of her for me.. so at least she will be there while we are out of town at the in-laws.

I have to get ready, and my morning is already shot... so I will write again tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Day

Friday, November 24, 2006

Lousy Leftovers

Yesterday was fantastic! All my dishes came out yummy, family was in a good mood, kids were happy AND I worked out... which is good because I pigged out at dinner. LOL . Oh Well.. at least Thanksgiving is only once a year. I just had to vow to have a REALLY good day today. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the leftovers. I have pies, stuffing, turkey and potatoes.... I tried to talk the hubby into taking one of the pies to work with him, but it didnt work. So.. what to do?? So as much as I worked out and drank water.. I cant count Thanksgiving day as my PD#6. Oh well.. today will just have to do!

I have to do some running around this morning, unfortunately it will be in the car, but once home I am hoping I can get in an aerobic workout.. at least pilates... .and a bike ride once hubby gets home from work.

Granny has offered to take the girls on sunday, so hubby and I will be going up the mountain to try out our new bikes.I am excited.. but hopefully it won't be too cold!!

I've got to run, we are getting our bulldog Jaz fixed this morning, so I have to get her to the vet. ugh... its going to be a workout just getting her into the door at the vet!

Have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It is a great day! I already did my aerobic workout and abs... am going to do my upper body conditioning with my hubby when he wakes up!! So I am on track so far for PD#6... thats right...yesterday qualified as PD#5!! Woooohooo. It was great. The weather was warm enough that I packed the girls into their stroller and took a walk around our house. Sounds easy, but we are surrounded by hills.. so my BOOTY is SORE!! but it felt great, and the girls enjoyed it. Then... my grandmother and aunt found out we were looking to buy some bikes, they both had one that they did not use so they gave them to us as an early Christmas present.. bike rack for the car included!!! WOOOHOOO (again!) So I brought them home and hubby filled the tires up and we rode them up and down our driveway.. we would have gone for a ride, but we thought the girls might get to tired chasing after us! hahaha Now I am going to go in search of some kids bike seats to attach to them so that we can ALL go for a ride when we want to!

I drank a TON of water.. no really.. I think it was a ton of water!! I was in the bathroom the majority of the day.. but it made me feel so much better. I stayed on my diet, even with Pizza for dinner!

So today, I am going to be in the kitchen all morning.. but am hoping I can escape for a little while for another bike ride! I am planning on only eating a little bit of everything, but I am only giving myself a dessert plate to eat on .. that way I dont overdo it... and NO SECONDS!!

I am adding a 'Recommended Reading' list to my blog.. I have been reading alot lately and have really enjoyed the books I've been reading.. so I thought I would share! If you have any books that you would recommend, let me know...

I hope everyone is surrounded with family, friends and love. Happy Thanksgiving and ..have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Baking and Bikes...

So today is a beautiful day...cold, but beautiful. There is not alot planned today so I will most likely just clean house for tomorrows company. I have some great dishes planned... like, stuffing made with sausage, apple and dried cranberries. Mashed potatoes with chives. Green bean salad and of course two turkeys that my hubby will be frying. I am also going to be very busy in the morning baking an Apple Pie, Pumkin Pie and Sweet Potatoe Pie...all on request from my hubby. So that will be my priority first thing in the morning. Its going to make the rest of the day hard on the diet with the smell of all those pies drifting thru the house. Oh well...its worth it.

I found two mountain bikes that we can afford...unfortunatley it is at a stores 'black friday' sale. which means that if we want them I will have to head out at 4am to stand in line. I dont understand these one day sales..let alone this 4 HOUR sale that this store is having... Oh well... they are selling their Mountain Bikes for $40 each from 5 am to 11 am... and it is the only way we can afford to buy TWO of them. My husband was excited about starting our weekend biking trips.. so we agreed that the bikes would be our christmas gift to each other. YEAH!!

I am lacking my usual energy this morning... I think I have neglected my water intake and am feeling a little dry. I am going to try and do a pilates workout this morning with the girls.. wish me luck! I HAVE to get this body moving.. at this point I think I am just maintaining weight.. NOT the plan. So, today I am going to focus on making it PD#5.

Thanks to all my blogging friends for being so supportive. Your friendship means alot to me.. I hope you all have a wanderful day and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hectic Morning

I am a little late posting my blog this morning... I woke up at 4 am with a cranky kid and decided that if I was up I might as well beat the rush at the grocery store and get all the food I need for Thanksgiving. Amazingly, half the town had the same idea... so it was still hectic, but much better then it will be later on today. I love this time of year, but people always make me so mad. It never fails that when I go to the store, or out in public, people are RUDE. People cutting me off driving, getting impatient in the isles at the market. No smiles, just stressed out people that have forgotten the meaning of these holidays. I think times have changed soo much that we no longer Know the meaning of holidays.. Thanksgiving is when we have to cook of a bunch of family that we only see once a year, Christmas is when we get everything we want at a great price. Easter is simply a day to hunt for candy. Maybe it is because I am christian that I have a hard time with all of this. God has been replaced with cooking and great deals. Now you cant even say Merry Christmas without the chance of offending someone... what has happend with this world?

Anyway, I am off to organize the house and figure out my plan for Thanksgiving.
Hope you all have a blessed day... and remember.. its Thanksgiving.. so share a SMILE!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weigh In Day

I lost 1 lb!!! Not as much as I was hoping for, but it is still a loss none the less. My measurements are jumping around...I think it depends on how much I work on a certain area... when I do alot of sit ups my waist shrinks, but if I dont keep it up, it bubbles back out! hmmmm... I am still gung-ho about it , I feel good and am determined to get this done. In the same breath, I cheated terribley on my diet yesterday.. so no PD#5 today :( I dont know what gets into me, but whenever I KNOW I have to do well on my diet, I tend to want to cheat MORE... and yesterday I gave into the temptation...


UGH... I probably could have lost a whole other pound.. but ate it back on. Well..I am back on the wagon and today is going to be an outdoors day... the park, trail walk, and yard work. Hopefully, if the weather is as warm as it was all weekend.

Yesterdays food:

oatmeal and strawberries

NO EXCERSIZE... hmmmm, notice that on my PD's those snacks are filled in with protein shakes?? I really need to start packing a shake with me in my purse..

I am trying to get recipes together for Thanksgiving dinner. It was going to be a simple dinner with just me , the hubby, kids and father-in-law... but NOW we are having 12! people over... good grief. I am going to try and keep everything fat free (since I am doing all the cooking, that should be easy) If anyone has any good recipes they want to share please let me know!! I need some side dish ideas! OH.. and does anyone know how to make giblet gravy?? My husband is begging me to learn how to make it.. and I dont know where to start.(obviously NOT a fat free dish)

Hope everyone has a beautiful monday... and have a blessed day!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

PD#4 and Mountain Biking...

Yesterday was fantastic. The birthday party was a blast and Amber got showered with presents..everything from the entire doll set of Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses to a Doodle Pony to a box full of princess dress up costumes. I think she will be busy until next year!! Who needs Christmas presents?? LOL Here are some pictures of the party.. My youngest recieved some presents too. Everyone was worried she would get jealous, or just feel left out.. so even she made out well!!

I had ONE piece of cake and a small scoop of strawberry fat free yogurt ice cream. I then sent what was left of the cake home with my mom to give to DE (hope you like it!!). I did have another scoop of the yogurt ice cream after dinner, but then threw the rest away.. I was tired, so for dinner I went to the grocery store (big mistake, as I remembered it is the weekend before thanksgiving) and since it was soooo busy, I grabbed a roasted chicken that was in the front of the store and left! I drank a ton of water and tea and did my tae bo workout that morning... so I am calling it my PD#4!! Even with the cake and ice cream, I think I came out well.

Today I have to really stay strict. Tomorrow is weigh day and I would like to have at least lost one pound!! So lots of water and NO sweets.

My hubby and I were thinking of getting some mountain bikes so that when we have a babysitter, he and I can go riding along the mountain... We live on one, so we might as well take advantage of it!! I am going to start looking around for some good prices...probably used ones!

I am off to start cleaning the house...enjoy your sunday!!

Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Birthday Party!!

At 7:11 am today, my little girl will turn 3 yrs old. She is so excited..yesterday all she could talk about in her broken toddler vocabulary, was "party,cake,see(three), nanny party??" LOL... So I am sure she will be a happy girl today. She is a real blessing to me. If she had not come along...I would not have anything I have now. That is a long story that I would like to keep private... but, she is a true blessing to me and I am a proud mama.

We are celebrating this afternoon with family...and of course cake and ice cream. As much as I tried to talk the lady into it..the store where I bought the cake (Cinderella) does not make fat free cake...hmph. That might be a good business to start!! Fat Free Cakes for Every Occasion!! I might have to look into that! Anyway, my mom...who is also on a diet...offered to bring the ice cream...she is going to bring the fat free, sugar free, taste free stuff. LOL... but that is okay.. we can always pretend!! LOL

So yesterday was an ok PD..but not good enough for me to count it. I had pizza for dinner, and of course strayed from my promise to only eat one slice. I did not drink enough water..only 3 glasses... and I did not do any excersize...(but I felt guilty this morning so woke up at 4:15am and did 45 min cardio tae bo) So.. it was not TOO bad of a cheat.. but definatley not a PD#4.... I am going to try again today. I will have a small piece of cake, but will keep it to one piece and small. I will also find something to do tonight to get my cardio in. I am also going to drink the 124 oz of water that I am supposed to drink everyday. As long as I stick to that, I will have PD#4 done today!!

Yesterdays food:

oatmeal and strawberries
protein shake
tuna salad w/ light vinegret
protein shake
protein shake

no excersize (fell asleep on the couch with the hubby rudely told me to go to bed because I was snoring so loud he could not hear his T.V. show...hmph)

I am feeling good today though.. working out this early gives me a good start to my day... but I can only do it on the weekends because I will need a nap in the middle of the day! LOL Well, I am off to start cleaning and decorating so that Amber can wake up to a festive house for her birthday!!

Have a Blessed Day

Friday, November 17, 2006


Oh Yeah...I did it! PD#3 was a piece of cake...I mean, uh, a piece of broccoli? LOL. Anyway, whatever it was, it was good. I did not cheat.. did my upper body workout and my pilates. Woooohoooo. I am feeling good about it.

I am trying to figure out how to get some more cardio in...the only time I can do my cardio dvd's are at night after everyone has gone to bed..and by then I am exhausted. I am enjoying not having the treadmill take up so much room, but am missing my walks.. and all excuses aside, it IS too cold to go walking with the girls now. I will just have to figure out something... any ideas??

I am getting ready for my daughters 3rd birthday tomorrow...(*sniff,sniff*) I cant beleive its been that long...she is such a princess.. and as much as I look forward to seeing her get older and explore life.. I sure will miss her baby years. For those who havent been reading my blog since the beginning, I had a hysterectomy last year after they found a 5lb tumor connected to one of my ovaries. Thank the Lord it was not cancer, but I sometimes get the baby blues... I know it just was not meant to be, but once a mother.. always a mother! I have two precious girls who, hopefully, will give me a bunch of grandchildren one day!!! LOL

Yesterdays food:

oatmeal and strawberries
protein shake
tuna salad w/corn and peas
chicken and dumplings soup
protein shake

upper body conditioning / pilates

today I will try to find some way of doing some cardio...even if I have to stay up late.. I also have to focus on my water intake.. I did better yesterday but need to keep it up!

PearShapedGirl: I am totally still up for our challenge...

Jeannie: hope you made it home safe for the holidays..not too many delays!

Mom: you are such a beautiful woman, I am proud of you for deciding to lose weight too... WE can do this!! (would you like to start your own blog??)

Have a Blessed Day

Thursday, November 16, 2006

and the battle continues...

Perfect Day #2 went great. It was even a little easier too! So what IS a perfect day??? Well, most things will never be perfect.... unless you look at them a different way. A perfect day for me is waking up to my family. Thats it! Just being able to see their faces (happy,sad, sick or dirty!) when I wake up. However my day goes from there...well it doesn't really started perfect and as long as I can kiss my girls and hubby goodnight..then it ends perfect! The perfect days I post are days that I tried 100% on my diet...that I did my workout..and that I felt good about the whole day. THAT is my perfect day. My short term goal is 7 perfect days in a row... that should bring me to when we move to the island.

My hubby...the wanderful man that he is.. has taken up his weight lifting again. He is back on his diet ... which motivates me! I cant let him get in shape and leave me behind!! LOL .. He has promised that we will find a gym on the island and we can keep up our routine.... I am not too worried about a gym when there is a beautiful beach waiting for me to walk on everyday! He said OUR goal will be to come back fit, tan and looking like models.. LOL.. I can do that!!

Yesterdays food:

Oatmeal and strawberries
protein shake
broccoli and tuna w/ light vinegret
protein shake
salad, corn and half a grilled cheese sandwich

45 min. Pilates

I didnt get the tae bo in , but the pilates was a great workout so I am not worried. Today is upper body workout w/ weights..

I found a way to make myself drink more water.... while I am waiting for the water to boil for my tea, I drink one glass of water... maybe that will help me? If I dont do something like that, then I just dont drink water. Yesterday I went all afternoon without even thinking about drinking water...

Well... I'm off to start my perfect day.

Have a Blessed Day

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Protein Shake Recipes...

Ok.. so my hubby is on the Abs diet.. and they believe that there are certain foods that trigger the fat burning this is their recipe for protein shakes and they are YUMMY... you can try different combos.. but these are my favorite..


1/3 c. non fat yogurt
1/2 c. non fat milk
1 scoop whey protein (I use chocolate, it gets rid of my sweet tooth)
1 tblspn Flax Seed powder
1 tblspn all natural peanut butter
4-6 frozen strawberries

Blend it all together and you get a yummy shake...

You can take out the berries and use a bananna, or take out the peanut butter and use pineapple and mango...mmmmmmm.. just make sure it is WHEY protein powder you are using (I actually can buy it here at Walmart) and dont forget the Flax seed powder..that is fantastic for you.. Enjoy!

I'm on my way!!

FINALLY!! A perfect day under my belt! Yesterday went GREAT! I didn't take the girls on the walk, it really was too cold and the wind had picked up....BUT...I did do a 30 min. upper body workout in the morning, followed by a 1 hour Tae Bo workout last night!! I am S-O-R-E this morning..but it feels great! My diet went great.. the protein shakes really filled me up AND satisfied my sweet tooth at the same time! I think I will start listing my food intake..that way I can keep track of my good days and what I ate:

1 cup oatmeal w/ fresh strawberries
protein shake w/ flax
soup and salad
protein shake w/ flax
Turkey stroganoff..Low carb, low sugar recipe
protein shake

I kept up on water, but need to still drink MORE... All together.. I FEEL GREAT.. and back on track!!

Today I am off to see my mom.. home from texas!! Which means that we will probably spend the morning there.. but will do an afternoon pilates class when we get home, its the only workout that I can do with the girls in the room...although it is a little more challenging doing the ab workout when you have two toddlers sitting on you!! ..followed by another Tae Bo class tonight... I am going to make a protein shake to take with me and put in her fridge, just in case I get hungary later!! I am soooo ready to get Perfect Day #2 !!!

Have a Blessed Day

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Look Out World.... Here I Come

First thing I have to do is thank Cory, Totegirl,TC,and Lisa Jane for being SO supportive... without you guys I would probably have given in yet again. BUT this morning I am determined to have a perfect day.. I am going to do this, and do it right. I am planning on going on the trail walk this afternoon. It is freezing outside, but the girls need the fresh air and I can bundle them up with blankets in the stroller. I have realized that I have fallen into my old way of excuses. "I'm too tired", "The girls won't let me", "Its too cold/hot outside", "I dont have time"... I know that all of these are balony, because I was working out twice a day and none of these got in the way before. Its just my 'fat side' whispering in my ear! Well.. I'm not listening anymore. Once again, I am going to do this...and eventually I WILL WIN!

As for water intake.. I bought a sport bottle that I can carry around with me..and I will just make sure that I take sips as often as I can. I still drink alot of hot tea, and in this weather that is NOT going to stop anytime soon, but I am making sure that they are all decaf now.

I found some YUMMY recipes for protein shakes.. and I can definatley replace my 'snacks' with one of those!

Why is it so difficult to do something that is good for you? Its not that I dont love myself.. I do! And I love my family and want to be around for them for as long as I can, but for some reason, food and laziness takes over everytime. I fall into the whole..'they should love me the way I am'... Well.. THEY DO! but that is not what I want. I dream of having the beautiful body that looks good in clothes right off the hanger! The healthy body that can roll around on the floor with my girls instead of sitting on the couch and just watching all the fun. The healthy body that would look good standing next to my gorgeous hubby. When I think about it, my body is not THAT far from its goal. 70lbs... people on here have lost twice, even triple that weight.. so why cant I lose it? I CAN, I CAN, I CAN... and I am starting today. Look out world... I'M TAKING OVER!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Morning

I had an awsome time with my friend this weekend. We did alot of chatting, shopping and just enjoying the company!! We went out to dinner with some of her friends and I had a wanderful time. Here is a picture of her and I at the restaruant...

It was her friends daughters 18th birthday.. .at the restaruant we went to, they make the birthday person hop on the traveling saddle and they embarrase them completely!!

I was sad to leave so soon, but was excited to get home to my girls and hubby. They seemed to have had an uneventful weekend...thank goodness... so I came home to smothering kisses and hugs. It was great!

So , today is weigh in day... and the news is bad. I am at 211 ... not really diet had been pretty shaky and drinking water is few and far between! So.. I will take the humiliation of admitting to gaining weight on my weight LOSS blog. ugh... I am not going to give up though... this is for ME... and I need to figure it out.

Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Girls WEEKEND out!!!

This will be short and sweet... I am off to visit one of my bestest friends.She lives in a neighboring city..about 4 hours away and we are going to spend the whole weekend together!!! YAY!!!! Hubby has offered to take the kidlets all weekend, so I get to be kid free..I havent had a weekend without the kids since... well, since I had them! LOL. I'm going to miss them.. but I think I also need the vacation. Will be back tomorrow evening to post pics...

Have a Blessed Day

Friday, November 10, 2006


Thank goodness.. another week is done.. which means we are another week closer to leaving! I know.. I cant make up my mind. First I am stressed out about the whole thing, and now I am being impatient. The truth is , my husbands brother called yesterday. (The one who is already there) He was bragging.. not really.. but when someone mentions that they are sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in while enjoying the warm 80 degree weather... while we are sitting inside to avoid the freezing wind outside... grrrrrrr. He described everything to us.. and now I am SO excited to go that I can hardly wait. One more week.. I think.. and we will be able to go. WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Yesterday went well. Didn't cheat too much on my diet... had a little too many carbs.. will have to watch that today. I am still having a problem drinking enough water.. for some reason I just cant swallow it. No excersize again , but will make up for it this morning. somehow.....

the girls are feeling better today.. in fact they are getting into their normal morning trouble routine.. so I think we are back to our old selves again. Ahhh.. kids!

Okay.. so my new short term goal is to lose 10 lbs before the new year. That way I will be under my 200 lb mark.. I really need a new tea pot when we get to the island. I just need to be strong... my weak point. LOL I can be so competitive, but when it comes to myself, I just give in.. why? Well, not this time.. I am going to lose this fat, I am going to win this race... I am going to be HEALTHY!!!

It isn't the big pleasures that count the most;
it's making a great deal out of the little ones.

-Jean Webster

Thursday, November 09, 2006

(*cough*, *cough*,*cough*)

Ugh... these stupid colds last forever. I thought I was feeling better, but woke up this morning with a sore throat and a terrible sinus headache. My girl is coughing her little heart out and runny noses all around. I did't excersize the time the kids got to bed it was WAY past my bedtime, and I was exhausted... so I will definatley make up for it today. My diet has been pretty good... the great thing is that I haven't been binging.. or even feeling the need to .. believe it or not, this knitting thing is TOTALLY helping me. I can just sit and knit, and food never enters my mind!!

I bought a whole pineapple last night... and it was the sweetest most delicious one I've ever had... the girls and I ate the whole thing last night.. and we were sticky from head to toe from all the juice!! What a treat!!

I have to thank my friend Ivy for being such a great supporter... she has made this move to PR a whole lot less stressful... knowing that I already have a friend waiting for me to play on the island... makes everything so much better!! mmmmmmm Mango smoothies.... we will definatley have to have Mango smoothies...

So today is probably another day of sitting on the couch and cuddling up to the girls. Not a bad day when you think about it!!

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I had a GREAT day yesterady!!! I did not take the girls on a trail hike, mostly because they were coughing and I was worried they would get cold.. but I DID do my trampoline workout last night and I am soooooo sore!!! It was GREAT!!! It took awhile to get used to, but once I did I felt EVERY muscle in my legs working.. and my knees never even got sore. I did a little bit of Pilates to work my 'core'. I am feeling great this morning.. and as much as I am ready to workout this morning, I am covered with sicklings so will probably have to wait until tonight again. Oh well.

So I decided that I needed 'another' hobby. I went out yesterday and bought 10 thingies of yarn and some knitting needles. I found a great pattern for a purse and some cute house socks... and I am going to try and knit a copy of my favorite sweater. I finally learned the pearl stitch last night and I am ready to start my sweater!! wooohooo. Maybe it will burn calories!!! My husband made fun of me and called me 'old'. I just replied that I had to do something to match my grey streak!!

I am ready for another perfect day...and LOTS of water. Hope everyone is doing well!

Have a Blessed Day

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Perfect Day #1

Ok.. so today will be the day. A perfect day... on-track diet, lots of water and excersize!! Besides.. I cant let Totegirl get ahead of me!! (I'm so competitive...)
It looks like it might be a nice day today, so I am planning on taking the girls for a trail walk.. will have to bundle them up.. they still have a yucky nose.. but I think it will do them good to get some fresh air. I think my cold was 'stress induced' because I am feeling much better today.

I was online and found something called 'Urban Bound' its basically a 40" single trampoline that fits in front of your tv and comes with workout dvd's. THEY say it is better on the joints then jogging.. and since I dont have the treadmill anymore.. and my knees have finally healed from the running I was doing on it.. I thought I might like it... has anyone tried it??

So I have to share with everyone my 'christian moment'I had yesterday. I was upset that we were not leaving on wednesday... so I turned to the bible for advice.. and the page that my bible opened to was James 4:13-17...

Now listen, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money." Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. what is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, "If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that." As it is, you boast and brag. All such boasting is evil. Anyone, then , who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins.

So.. I have calmed down alot and realized that if it is meant to be.. and the Lord wants it to be.. then we will go when the time is right. In all reality, it does work out better for us to leave in two weeks. 1.. the kids will hopefully be over this wretched cold... 2.. we will be going at the same time as my father in law and sister in law and her 14 yr old son.. (built in baby watchers!!) 3... we are ready.. and it is less stressful to have to run off so fast.

Anyway.. I am off to start my perfect day.. hope all is well with everyone and am glad to see my friends are doing so well in their weight loss..

Have a Blessed Day

Monday, November 06, 2006


weigh day??? what weigh day??? ok so I totally forgot this morning and did not do my weigh in.. which I am alright with, because I do not need the bad news right now. Our trip has been postponed for another 2 weeks.. which is fine with me because both girls have a terrible cold, and I am coming down with one. ICK. So now I am ready to go.. but there is no rush.. ahhhhhh I feel much better about it.

My diet has gone down the toilet so starting tomorrow, since I dont have to worry about leaving, I can get back on that wagon!! I am hoping to lose at least 5 lbs by the time we leave...

Thought I would leave more pics of my beatiful little girls... Bailey is 16 mos.. and she is a doll.. dont worry, that is not a real tatoo.. it just wouldnt come off after halloween!!

Amber is 3 and into everything. She has such a fantastic imagination... I sometimes wish I could live in her world.

So... now that I am stress free... I am feeling very confident. I hope all is well with everyone else and will try to catch up on my blog reading!!

Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Water world...

I didn't drink one glass of water yesterday.. and I am feeling terrible today...It's amazing how your body totally tells you when you are feeding it trash instead of premium fuel! I am back on track today... and am definatly going to fill my water jug and carry it around with me. As for food... I am just going to do the best I can with what we have. Since we are leaving I am trying to use up as much of the food that we already have and not go grocery shopping. Its not that bad really.. lots of canned veggies... tuna fish.. that kinda stuff.

As for excersize today.. I will be doing alot of phsyical stuff today with my hubby. Moving the treadmill to my mom's is a HUGE workout because it weighs so much... I am going to my Kempo class, but only to say goodbye :( ... then I am off to my moms again to build a dog run, put in a doggy door and build steps... when we come home I have to load up the goat and take him to the lady that is caring for him while we are gone. Billy goat is a two legged goat that we got from a rescue shelter. He is very sweet and can walk around on his front legs with his butt in the air... kind of like a handstand. I will miss him very much, but he will be well cared for.... then, if I have enough energy, I will come home and do a tae bo dvd.. at least the abs work out..

So.. my day is full.. but my spirits are still high. Yesterday went so smoothly, I was able to be in and out of the court in 10 min with both girls original birth certificates..... surprising really... I am ready to get todays list done...

I wish you all an 'on track' and blessed day...

Friday, November 03, 2006


So my diet has taken a backseat to everything else right now. I am trying not to binge.. and trying to eat healthy, but to be honest.. right now I am just not thinking about it.

Today I have to drive to a neighboring town to pick up my girls birth certificates... this afternoon I have to start cleaning out the kitchen and getting rid of everything parishable. Hopefully I dont get rid of it by EATING it!! I dont think I have anything like cookies or chips.. I quit buying those a long time ago, so I think I'll be ok. I am taking my treadmill to my moms so that she can use it while I'm gone (it was hers to begin with ) so I will not be walking until we get to the island.... I LOVE saying that... the just sounds so...tropical!!

MOM: I found out that they have computer access at the library yes.. I will be emailing you often. Hopefully I will be able to keep up my morning blogs.. but it will depend how far the library is to where we will be living!!

I am trying not to stress about anything.. and everything is actually falling into place rather easily... hopefully it will continue to do so.

I am soooo excited to get there! I dream of eating tons of fresh fish, shrimp and tropical fruit... walking everywhere... stolling down the beach everyday... swimming... I have a feeling this may be my ticket to finally changing my 'lifestyle' in more ways then one!!

So.. I am off to continue packing... hope everyone has a wanderful and blessed day!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 8th...

My fravorite line from Annie is "oh my goodness, oh my goodness"... which is what I have been muttering all morning. The results are in and we are moving to Puerto Rico on next wednesday.. Nov. 8th... oh my goodness. I have soooo much that has to be done. I had made a list , but every time I turn around I am adding to it... and nothing has been checked off yet. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaack. I am beyond excited to go.. and cannot wait to see the island.. but am a little overwhelmed at the thought that we are finally going.. somebody pinch me..

So... I am off to try and finish at least one thing on my list!!

Have a Blessed Day.. and please, keep me in your prayers.

I Found the Cure!!

Yep... thats right.. I found the cure that stops any craving to binge! Its called "The Flu". LOL. Came down with a terrible case last night. I was shaking so bad last night that my side of the bed was soaked in sweat this morning. Not exactly what I had in mind for exercise.. I am feeling a little better this morning, although I am extremely nervous to put anything in my tummy.

So today will be a day of breaking in the new sofa...and lots of water. I dont think that will be a problem. I will probably walk my two miles.. but at a slower pace then usual.. that way at least I am still getting the body moving.

Totegirl... sounds like a challenge!!! I accept! Lets see how many perfect days in a row we can rack up.

Have a Blessed Day.... and dont forget to take your vitamens!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I made this soup yesterday and I just HAD to share with is sooo yummy and perfect for these cold winter days!

Maple Squash Soup with Apple

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large onion, coarsley chopped
2 large Granny Smith apples (1 pound) peeled, cored and cut into chunks
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon gound cumin
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 package (12 oz) frozen winter squash, thawed
2 1/2 cups chicken broth
3/4 cup 1% milk
1/4 cup pure maple syrup

In a soup pan, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the onion and apples and cook, stiring often, until tender. Stir in cinnamon,cumin, salt and pepper.

Add the squash and broth. Cover and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to low and simmer covered, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes.

Puree the soup in batches in a food processor or blender. Return to the saucepan and stir in the milk and maple syrup. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring often. Allow it to cool slightly and serve.

Makes 6 servings

Per serving: 180 calories, 3 g protein, 37 g carbohydrates, 4 g fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 500 mg sodium, 7 g dietary fiber

Sugar Rush Headaches...

Yesterday was a blast. We took the girls to our churches Trunk Or Treat party. The girls got to run around and by the last car Amber FINALLY got the hang of it and ran up to the lady and said 'tickorteet'... it was soooo cute. The highlight of the night was going to Granny's house where, instead of candy, Amber got a Barbie and horse and Bailey got a baby Elmo.(hmmmmm, can we say spoiled??) We got home early, which was great since it was getting really cold. We let them dive into their candy and by 9 pm they finally passed out on the floor. This morning I think they have a bit of a sugar hangover LOL. Amber is STILL wearing her princess dress...and Bailey is trying to stay as far away from the pumpkin as possible!!

So, as for me, I did give in to the candy demon... but not too bad. I had 3 pieces, and then put up all the candy. thankfully, the girls got mostly candy and not chocolate.. which is my weakness.. and my hubby took the left over chocolate that we had to work with him today to give out. So.. I am temptation free today. I followed my goals pretty well yesterday... I ran on the treadmill, drank lots of water, stretched... but I did eat candy and I did not have the energy to do Tae Bo last night :(

This morning is another trip on the treadmill and then I am going to do the Abs Tae Bo this afternoon during nap time. I need to continue with drinking lots of water... I came up with a little way of making sure I drink enough.. I drink 2 glasses before and after every meal.. that way I am not really that hungry when I eat.. and I definatley feel full afterwards. That give me 96oz of water plus my tea that I drink all day...should get me up to 124oz..

Another day... another mile or two!!

Have a Blessed Day