Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sugar Rush Headaches...

Yesterday was a blast. We took the girls to our churches Trunk Or Treat party. The girls got to run around and by the last car Amber FINALLY got the hang of it and ran up to the lady and said 'tickorteet'... it was soooo cute. The highlight of the night was going to Granny's house where, instead of candy, Amber got a Barbie and horse and Bailey got a baby Elmo.(hmmmmm, can we say spoiled??) We got home early, which was great since it was getting really cold. We let them dive into their candy and by 9 pm they finally passed out on the floor. This morning I think they have a bit of a sugar hangover LOL. Amber is STILL wearing her princess dress...and Bailey is trying to stay as far away from the pumpkin as possible!!

So, as for me, I did give in to the candy demon... but not too bad. I had 3 pieces, and then put up all the candy. thankfully, the girls got mostly candy and not chocolate.. which is my weakness.. and my hubby took the left over chocolate that we had to work with him today to give out. So.. I am temptation free today. I followed my goals pretty well yesterday... I ran on the treadmill, drank lots of water, stretched... but I did eat candy and I did not have the energy to do Tae Bo last night :(

This morning is another trip on the treadmill and then I am going to do the Abs Tae Bo this afternoon during nap time. I need to continue with drinking lots of water... I came up with a little way of making sure I drink enough.. I drink 2 glasses before and after every meal.. that way I am not really that hungry when I eat.. and I definatley feel full afterwards. That give me 96oz of water plus my tea that I drink all day...should get me up to 124oz..

Another day... another mile or two!!

Have a Blessed Day


totegirl said...

I think you did an excellent job! A little candy won't hurt as long as it's not an everyday thing, right?!

And I'm glad your girls are spoiled. Kids are for spoiling! As long as my kid behaved, he got everything he ever asked for and more!

So, let's get it together today. I'm totally with you! How many perfect days in a row can we do? Wanna find out?

ArleneWKW said...

That's great that you were able to limit yourself to only a few pieces of candy. Chocolate is also one of my many downfalls.