Thursday, November 16, 2006

and the battle continues...

Perfect Day #2 went great. It was even a little easier too! So what IS a perfect day??? Well, most things will never be perfect.... unless you look at them a different way. A perfect day for me is waking up to my family. Thats it! Just being able to see their faces (happy,sad, sick or dirty!) when I wake up. However my day goes from there...well it doesn't really started perfect and as long as I can kiss my girls and hubby goodnight..then it ends perfect! The perfect days I post are days that I tried 100% on my diet...that I did my workout..and that I felt good about the whole day. THAT is my perfect day. My short term goal is 7 perfect days in a row... that should bring me to when we move to the island.

My hubby...the wanderful man that he is.. has taken up his weight lifting again. He is back on his diet ... which motivates me! I cant let him get in shape and leave me behind!! LOL .. He has promised that we will find a gym on the island and we can keep up our routine.... I am not too worried about a gym when there is a beautiful beach waiting for me to walk on everyday! He said OUR goal will be to come back fit, tan and looking like models.. LOL.. I can do that!!

Yesterdays food:

Oatmeal and strawberries
protein shake
broccoli and tuna w/ light vinegret
protein shake
salad, corn and half a grilled cheese sandwich

45 min. Pilates

I didnt get the tae bo in , but the pilates was a great workout so I am not worried. Today is upper body workout w/ weights..

I found a way to make myself drink more water.... while I am waiting for the water to boil for my tea, I drink one glass of water... maybe that will help me? If I dont do something like that, then I just dont drink water. Yesterday I went all afternoon without even thinking about drinking water...

Well... I'm off to start my perfect day.

Have a Blessed Day


Cory said...

Good luck on another perfect day.
I hope you reach your goal of 7.

PearShapedGirl said...

That was a great definition of the perfect day! It's so true that you have to appreciate what you've got and give yourself credit for trying. Good luck today, I'm sure you'll get to your 7 days in a row and more. Are we still on for the 5 pound challenge? We can start from our current weights...

jeannie* said...

Good luck on perfect day #3!! You can totally do this. I had a MINOR slip up today (piece of cake), but I've counted the WW points for it and am back on track! So are you all ready for the big move?! You and your hubby will TOTALLY come back tan, beautiful and looking like models. So fun!

Amanda Jane said...

Love your view of a perfect day and the idea about drinking water while waiting for the kettle to boil... think I will try that too :) Greetings from Holland, Amanda Jane.

Mama said...

You are blessed many times over with your wonderful family.
I too started my diet today with a walk with Barb and yogurt for breakfast. Lunch was and egg on wheat toast and broccoli and dinner is chicken and peas. So far so good.
I'm ready for the Birthday but no cake. That will be hard. Don't have to work saturday so that is good.
Love Mama

Living to Feel Good said...

WooHooO! 2 days under the belt. I find it always easier once you get going. You can totally do day #3.

Thanks for the protein shake recipe. Sounds good. :D