Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving #2

Ok.. so I thought I was going to be safe now that thanksgiving was over...but! I was wrong. My hubbys mom is doing Thanksgiving dinner today, and although we had agreed that we were not going to go (the monster-in-law and I don't get along) my hubby found out that his littlest brother will be there on leave from the Marines. So.. I guess I can hold my tongue long enough to see him! I did tell my husband that I was going to eat my lunch here so that I do not eat anything there!! I am also going to take a protein shake with me , as the drive is 2 hours long.

My dog Jaz is having complications from her surgery yesterday. Her blood is so thin that she is bleeding excesively. She is at the vet but am waiting to here some good news soon. Because the vet is in another town my mom is taking care of her for me.. so at least she will be there while we are out of town at the in-laws.

I have to get ready, and my morning is already shot... so I will write again tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Day


jeannie* said...

Good luck with your mother-in-law. If nothing else it'll be nice to see your brother-in-law. And great work on planning ahead and eating something before you go and just bringing a protein shake!

Hang in there :)

lisa jane said...

Your poor doggy.That is sad.Try to be amused if your MIL behaves badly,because you are better than petty family squabbles.

Sometimes i find peoples silly behaviour entertaining hwen i dont take i personally.

ArleneWKW said...

It sounds like a stressful day. You'll be reading this after the mother-in-law Thanksgiving. Hopefully you've been able to be kind to yourself as you've gone through all of this. If not, how ever it went, give yourself credit for going through it. And be kind to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Awwww sorry to hear about Jaz. Hopefully as you read this you have gotten some good news on her.

Good plan for Thanksgiving 2. Keep it up!

-Sarah Livingtofeelgood