Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Look Out World.... Here I Come

First thing I have to do is thank Cory, Totegirl,TC,and Lisa Jane for being SO supportive... without you guys I would probably have given in yet again. BUT this morning I am determined to have a perfect day.. I am going to do this, and do it right. I am planning on going on the trail walk this afternoon. It is freezing outside, but the girls need the fresh air and I can bundle them up with blankets in the stroller. I have realized that I have fallen into my old way of excuses. "I'm too tired", "The girls won't let me", "Its too cold/hot outside", "I dont have time"... I know that all of these are balony, because I was working out twice a day and none of these got in the way before. Its just my 'fat side' whispering in my ear! Well.. I'm not listening anymore. Once again, I am going to do this...and eventually I WILL WIN!

As for water intake.. I bought a sport bottle that I can carry around with me..and I will just make sure that I take sips as often as I can. I still drink alot of hot tea, and in this weather that is NOT going to stop anytime soon, but I am making sure that they are all decaf now.

I found some YUMMY recipes for protein shakes.. and I can definatley replace my 'snacks' with one of those!

Why is it so difficult to do something that is good for you? Its not that I dont love myself.. I do! And I love my family and want to be around for them for as long as I can, but for some reason, food and laziness takes over everytime. I fall into the whole..'they should love me the way I am'... Well.. THEY DO! but that is not what I want. I dream of having the beautiful body that looks good in clothes right off the hanger! The healthy body that can roll around on the floor with my girls instead of sitting on the couch and just watching all the fun. The healthy body that would look good standing next to my gorgeous hubby. When I think about it, my body is not THAT far from its goal. 70lbs... people on here have lost twice, even triple that weight.. so why cant I lose it? I CAN, I CAN, I CAN... and I am starting today. Look out world... I'M TAKING OVER!!!!


Cory said...

It's great to hear your positive attitude. I'm so happy that someone else just KNOWS they can do it. Let's see how this week goes!!!

And glad I was able to help you. That makes my day!

jeannie said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! That was such a great, inspirational post! I too am shooting for a perfect day today. So let's do it together :) I'm going to step class after work, and have all my meals planned out.

You trail walk sounds great, and I bet the girls will love to get out of the house as long as they're all bundled up!

GOOD LUCK! You WILL do it :)

totegirl said...


I'm totally pumped! You can totally do this! We all can, and WILL!

skinnygirl said...

You can do it... Just remember there's no such thing as a perfect day. If you fall of the wagon all you need to do it get back on it. Let's race to loss as much weight as possible before 2006 ends. I know with the holidays and all it'll be difficult but you could do it.

lisa jane said...

perfect smerfect.You do the best you can and we'll cheer you on.I used to come butt last in all my races as a child but my mum would still be there at the end screaming my name and cheering me on.

theres something to be said for unconditional love and you should try a little of that on yourself,you are enough,just as you are. xx mwahh xxx

ArleneWKW said...

You sound determined. That has a positive energy to it. Like you, I often find it challenging to do what is good for me. I like to eat and be lazy waaaaay too much. In the past I've found that if I do something for about 3 weeks, it becomes a habit. Unfortunately a good habit is easier to break than a bad habit. Today, for the first time in almost a week, I walked around the lake. Hopefully walks and such will become routine for both of us. Actualy all of us who are struggling with weight issues.

MOM said...

You can do it!!
You look so beautiful and happy with friend JJ so glad you got a brake and had some fun in Tucson.
I too am looking into loosing some pounds and know it will not be easy but better catch it now before it gets away.
Love you MOM