Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm on my way!!

FINALLY!! A perfect day under my belt! Yesterday went GREAT! I didn't take the girls on the walk, it really was too cold and the wind had picked up....BUT...I did do a 30 min. upper body workout in the morning, followed by a 1 hour Tae Bo workout last night!! I am S-O-R-E this morning..but it feels great! My diet went great.. the protein shakes really filled me up AND satisfied my sweet tooth at the same time! I think I will start listing my food intake..that way I can keep track of my good days and what I ate:

1 cup oatmeal w/ fresh strawberries
protein shake w/ flax
soup and salad
protein shake w/ flax
Turkey stroganoff..Low carb, low sugar recipe
protein shake

I kept up on water, but need to still drink MORE... All together.. I FEEL GREAT.. and back on track!!

Today I am off to see my mom.. home from texas!! Which means that we will probably spend the morning there.. but will do an afternoon pilates class when we get home, its the only workout that I can do with the girls in the room...although it is a little more challenging doing the ab workout when you have two toddlers sitting on you!! ..followed by another Tae Bo class tonight... I am going to make a protein shake to take with me and put in her fridge, just in case I get hungary later!! I am soooo ready to get Perfect Day #2 !!!

Have a Blessed Day


jeannie said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! GREAT WORK!!!! I too had a perfect day yesterday. Well near perfect, I went over my weight watcher points by 1... but I did everything else! And it feels great! I too amd shooting for another perfect day!!!

How do you make your protein shakes? I'm intrigued :)


Cory said...

Congrats on the great day girl! Hope today is just as great!