Saturday, November 18, 2006

Birthday Party!!

At 7:11 am today, my little girl will turn 3 yrs old. She is so excited..yesterday all she could talk about in her broken toddler vocabulary, was "party,cake,see(three), nanny party??" LOL... So I am sure she will be a happy girl today. She is a real blessing to me. If she had not come along...I would not have anything I have now. That is a long story that I would like to keep private... but, she is a true blessing to me and I am a proud mama.

We are celebrating this afternoon with family...and of course cake and ice cream. As much as I tried to talk the lady into it..the store where I bought the cake (Cinderella) does not make fat free cake...hmph. That might be a good business to start!! Fat Free Cakes for Every Occasion!! I might have to look into that! Anyway, my mom...who is also on a diet...offered to bring the ice cream...she is going to bring the fat free, sugar free, taste free stuff. LOL... but that is okay.. we can always pretend!! LOL

So yesterday was an ok PD..but not good enough for me to count it. I had pizza for dinner, and of course strayed from my promise to only eat one slice. I did not drink enough water..only 3 glasses... and I did not do any excersize...(but I felt guilty this morning so woke up at 4:15am and did 45 min cardio tae bo) So.. it was not TOO bad of a cheat.. but definatley not a PD#4.... I am going to try again today. I will have a small piece of cake, but will keep it to one piece and small. I will also find something to do tonight to get my cardio in. I am also going to drink the 124 oz of water that I am supposed to drink everyday. As long as I stick to that, I will have PD#4 done today!!

Yesterdays food:

oatmeal and strawberries
protein shake
tuna salad w/ light vinegret
protein shake
protein shake

no excersize (fell asleep on the couch with the hubby rudely told me to go to bed because I was snoring so loud he could not hear his T.V. show...hmph)

I am feeling good today though.. working out this early gives me a good start to my day... but I can only do it on the weekends because I will need a nap in the middle of the day! LOL Well, I am off to start cleaning and decorating so that Amber can wake up to a festive house for her birthday!!

Have a Blessed Day


ArleneWKW said...

The photo of your little girl brings back fond memories for me. I'm happy for you that you're enjoying her so much. Cake and ice cream. Yuuummmmm! I'd have a hard time limiting myself to just a small piece. I hope you have a wonderful week-end.

Julie said...

I had pizza last night too. And not just one slice. They were the little squares and it is so hard to keep track of how much pizza you've really eaten when they are in that shape! And the recipe swap party today was a calorie-counter's nightmare. least I worked out last night (while watching Survivor again on On Demand.) I think I'll work out again tonight to make up for a little bit of the party gorging!


Mama said...

It was a wonderful Birthday Party!
Happy Birthday Amber!
You said you needed 124oz of water
and i think I had 124oz of wine.
No cake but lots of wine when I gothome. Did not have cake and just had ice cream and then got home and had lots of wine.
I loved seeing Amber in all her Princess dress up and having so much fun. Bailey too was having fun. I love them both so very much!
How many calories does wine have?
I may have to starve in order to
keep my calorie count.
A wonderful day!
Love you Mama

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your lil girl!! I hope you took pictures of the party that you can share. BTW that picture is soooooo adorable!!

-Sarah Living to Feel Good