Sunday, November 26, 2006


Ok, so yesterday wasn't all that bad. I ignored the MIL which made it easy to just enjoy the rest of the family. I have TWO new (soon to be) sister-in-laws. Both the oldest and the youngest brothers proposed to their girlfriends last week, and we got to meet them for the first time yesterday. Thanks goodness they are both wanderful ladies. They were very easy to talk to , and a wanderful addition to the family. I did wish them luck though... this family is not an easy one to marry into!

Here is Leslie and her two year old daughter.. she will be marrying the youngest brother...

Here is Heather.. she will be marrying the oldest brother.

As usual... I come up with great plans,but have a hard time following thru with them. I did eat there... only because it was 3:30 by the time the food was ready and I was starving.. if I had waited until we got home, I might have eaten a whole pie! So I served myself a plate of fruit salad, sweet potatoes, turkey and a roll. All tiny portions, but enough to quiet the rumbling tummy. Here are some pics of the girls.. and once again I forgot to take pictures of myself.

Here is the youngest brother home on leave from the Marines..with one of the cousins.

Today my mama is coming to watch the girls while hubby and I go for our first long bike ride... wooohooo... maybe I can lose 5 lbs before weigh in day tomorrow!! I think it would make me even though.. with all the food I ate!

I am off to drink a gallon of water so that I dont get dehydrated biking... and no, I did not get a PD#6... I did not drink any water yesterday.. and no excersize.. but hopefully today will make a great #6. Tomorrow is Weigh in day, so I will start my count over again.. that way I focus on the # of PD's in a week... and the goal is still 7!!

Have a blessed Day


jeannie* said...

So exciting that you got to meet new family members! And I'm sure your hubby was happy to see his brother home from the marines. Thought maybe your day wasn't perfect, but conside ring the circumstances seems like you did great!!! Enjoy your bike ride today!!!!

totegirl said...

You have way too much going on right now! It's a miracle you made it to PD#5! You are doing real good, just get back on track and keep up the good work Tigerlilly! I'm so excited about the bikes, and the upcoming bike ride. It sounds like fun alone time with the hubby, too. So, keep us posted, and also let us know about Jaz.

Take care!

lisa jane said...

Wow,your brothers pick such beautiful wives for themselves,what stunning women!.

love your kids.just want to eat them up.

I think you are doing excetptionally well

Living to Feel Good said...

Love the pics, and your lil ones cheeks are SOOOO cute!! :D