Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hectic Morning

I am a little late posting my blog this morning... I woke up at 4 am with a cranky kid and decided that if I was up I might as well beat the rush at the grocery store and get all the food I need for Thanksgiving. Amazingly, half the town had the same idea... so it was still hectic, but much better then it will be later on today. I love this time of year, but people always make me so mad. It never fails that when I go to the store, or out in public, people are RUDE. People cutting me off driving, getting impatient in the isles at the market. No smiles, just stressed out people that have forgotten the meaning of these holidays. I think times have changed soo much that we no longer Know the meaning of holidays.. Thanksgiving is when we have to cook of a bunch of family that we only see once a year, Christmas is when we get everything we want at a great price. Easter is simply a day to hunt for candy. Maybe it is because I am christian that I have a hard time with all of this. God has been replaced with cooking and great deals. Now you cant even say Merry Christmas without the chance of offending someone... what has happend with this world?

Anyway, I am off to organize the house and figure out my plan for Thanksgiving.
Hope you all have a blessed day... and remember.. its Thanksgiving.. so share a SMILE!


de said...

hi tl i am with you as you know i do not do holidays and i am dismayed at the aclu and liberals who are doing all they can to destroy a [eacefull christian life

PearShapedGirl said...

I hear ya, Tigerlilly! It's so disheartening to encounter people who are rude for no apparent reason. Just try your best to spread kindness and cheer and you'll know you've done your part. Have a great time this Thanksgiving!

lisa jane said...

Take a deep breath and go about your day in your own joyful way.It will catch on,I promise.You are contagious!

iportion said...

I started writing what I am greatful for each day. I think that helps. We have more "time" then ever bfore but more wasted time on things that just take away from love "homework" "TV" and less time with the family.

Mama said...

I too have a hard time with these holidays. We are to be Thankful for what we have and share that thanks with others. God has Blessed us with so much so say "Thank you"!!!
I love you my precious daughter!
I am so thankful for the Blessings that God has poured down on me and I know He has many more for me all I have to do is trust in Him.

ArleneWKW said...

I am not a Christian but I am dismayed with people, Christians included, who are rude and inconsiderate. I think we should behave honorably with one another every day, and especially during stressful times such as the rush and crush of the holidays. For me this is not about being one religion or another or no religion at all. It's not about politics or ethnicity or any of the other ways in which we divide ourselves. It has to do with honoring the humanity of all of us, ourselves included. When we behave disrespectfully, we disrespect ourselves.

Sorry about the rant. De's comment elicited it. Errrrrrrrg, De, we all can have love in our hearts.