Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Found the Cure!!

Yep... thats right.. I found the cure that stops any craving to binge! Its called "The Flu". LOL. Came down with a terrible case last night. I was shaking so bad last night that my side of the bed was soaked in sweat this morning. Not exactly what I had in mind for exercise.. I am feeling a little better this morning, although I am extremely nervous to put anything in my tummy.

So today will be a day of breaking in the new sofa...and lots of water. I dont think that will be a problem. I will probably walk my two miles.. but at a slower pace then usual.. that way at least I am still getting the body moving.

Totegirl... sounds like a challenge!!! I accept! Lets see how many perfect days in a row we can rack up.

Have a Blessed Day.... and dont forget to take your vitamens!!!


de said...

hi tl hope ytou get to feeling better i sure do nto envy all the work you have ahead'

Cory said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Be sure to stay doped up!

A friend of mine has given up smoking because he's been sick for a week. Maybe this will help you to give up those binges too!