Friday, November 17, 2006


Oh Yeah...I did it! PD#3 was a piece of cake...I mean, uh, a piece of broccoli? LOL. Anyway, whatever it was, it was good. I did not cheat.. did my upper body workout and my pilates. Woooohoooo. I am feeling good about it.

I am trying to figure out how to get some more cardio in...the only time I can do my cardio dvd's are at night after everyone has gone to bed..and by then I am exhausted. I am enjoying not having the treadmill take up so much room, but am missing my walks.. and all excuses aside, it IS too cold to go walking with the girls now. I will just have to figure out something... any ideas??

I am getting ready for my daughters 3rd birthday tomorrow...(*sniff,sniff*) I cant beleive its been that long...she is such a princess.. and as much as I look forward to seeing her get older and explore life.. I sure will miss her baby years. For those who havent been reading my blog since the beginning, I had a hysterectomy last year after they found a 5lb tumor connected to one of my ovaries. Thank the Lord it was not cancer, but I sometimes get the baby blues... I know it just was not meant to be, but once a mother.. always a mother! I have two precious girls who, hopefully, will give me a bunch of grandchildren one day!!! LOL

Yesterdays food:

oatmeal and strawberries
protein shake
tuna salad w/corn and peas
chicken and dumplings soup
protein shake

upper body conditioning / pilates

today I will try to find some way of doing some cardio...even if I have to stay up late.. I also have to focus on my water intake.. I did better yesterday but need to keep it up!

PearShapedGirl: I am totally still up for our challenge...

Jeannie: hope you made it home safe for the holidays..not too many delays!

Mom: you are such a beautiful woman, I am proud of you for deciding to lose weight too... WE can do this!! (would you like to start your own blog??)

Have a Blessed Day


Cory said...

Glad to hear you had another good day. And good luck getting the cardio in tonight.

Happy birthday to your daughter.

totegirl said...

Woohoo!!!! Ready to kick PD#4's butt? You are rocking it and I am totally proud of you!

PearShapedGirl said...

Congrats on three PD's, that's awesome! I'm going to have some stiff competition for this 5 lb challenge...

Mama said...

Thank you but I think I will just work off you blog. All the encouragement you get just makes me feel possitive too.
I'll try and find some ice cream that has no sugar. no fat. and will probably taste like play dough.
Love you Mama