Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It is a great day! I already did my aerobic workout and abs... am going to do my upper body conditioning with my hubby when he wakes up!! So I am on track so far for PD#6... thats right...yesterday qualified as PD#5!! Woooohooo. It was great. The weather was warm enough that I packed the girls into their stroller and took a walk around our house. Sounds easy, but we are surrounded by hills.. so my BOOTY is SORE!! but it felt great, and the girls enjoyed it. Then... my grandmother and aunt found out we were looking to buy some bikes, they both had one that they did not use so they gave them to us as an early Christmas present.. bike rack for the car included!!! WOOOHOOO (again!) So I brought them home and hubby filled the tires up and we rode them up and down our driveway.. we would have gone for a ride, but we thought the girls might get to tired chasing after us! hahaha Now I am going to go in search of some kids bike seats to attach to them so that we can ALL go for a ride when we want to!

I drank a TON of water.. no really.. I think it was a ton of water!! I was in the bathroom the majority of the day.. but it made me feel so much better. I stayed on my diet, even with Pizza for dinner!

So today, I am going to be in the kitchen all morning.. but am hoping I can escape for a little while for another bike ride! I am planning on only eating a little bit of everything, but I am only giving myself a dessert plate to eat on .. that way I dont overdo it... and NO SECONDS!!

I am adding a 'Recommended Reading' list to my blog.. I have been reading alot lately and have really enjoyed the books I've been reading.. so I thought I would share! If you have any books that you would recommend, let me know...

I hope everyone is surrounded with family, friends and love. Happy Thanksgiving and ..have a blessed day!


TC said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

lisa jane said...

the thought of you and your rosy cheeks in the kitchen is lovely! It reminds me that our xmas isnt far off and i should get into the swing of it all.i am usually a diehard christmas fan but im sort of out of the groove this xmas because our family arrangements have changed and we are unable to afford the usual truckload of presents we buy.

I know its silly but doing the giving is one of my fav things.

anyway have a great day,im not sure what thanksgiving really is though ive heard a lot about it.

Living to Feel Good said...

That is fantastic about the bike and rack!! You are kicking ass sister!! I can just feel your energy through the blog!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

angie said...

woo hoo!!!! fanTAStic!!!!