Friday, May 18, 2007

Starting Over

Its almost June, which means that 5 months has gone by in this 'New Me' year... and I am back to the beginning. I am heavier then when I started in January, which baffles me... but I'm not going to say I don't know how it happened. I do.. I let my guard down and I sabotaged myself again. I have had my pity party and today I am done with it. I have not snacked, munched or snuck anything... I've been drinking tons of water... and when hubby gets home tonight I will get on my treadmill and walk a couple of miles. I have a wedding to go to in two weeks... I'm not going to say that I'm going to lose X amount of pounds by then.. but I definitely want to be feeling good about myself. So back to caring for ME.

In other news, we bought a new car. With gas prices souring over the $3.00 mark we had to get rid of the SUV and go for something smaller. We ended up getting a Hyundai Santa Fe... I am loving it. It is bright red... AND I have driven to town and back 5 times and on the same tank of gas... with a 1/4 tank still left!!! WOW!! The old car could only go to town 3 MAYBE 4 times before I had to fill the tank.. and even then it was costing me $100 to fill it to the top. OUCH! So I am much happier now!

The weather is beautiful today, so the girls and I have been outside watering our garden.... corn, squash, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and carrots all starting to come up. I am still trying to teach the girls which are plants and which are weeds! LOL..

Well... off to do some laundry and cleaning.. I don't work tonight, but it definitely starts to pile up on my days off.

God Bless


Cory said...

You've had a lot on you here lately with your new job. Just don't beat yourself up. You're going to get healthy, and you're going to lose the weight. I have a friend that has dropped three or four sizes and weighs exactly the same. Are you still keeping up with your measurements?

Christine said...

Very nice new car! :) Good to hear that you are back on the wagon. I had fallen off a while back as well - took me gaining 20 pounds for me to get snapped back into reality. I think that I am doing okay right now - wish it came off faster than it goes on!

Fatinah said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're putting yourself back to the top of the list. If you're starting over, then we don't need to talk about where you where back then - today is a new day, you're on track, and you're going to start feeling healthy after that treck on the treadmill.
Way to go on being smart enought to switch to a smaller SUV! The Sante Fe's are really nice.

butterflygirl17 said...

glad to see you back blogging. I look forward to checking your blog out. glad you had a good time in Disney-your pictures are soo good.

i had definitely fallen off the wagon so to speak and am getting back into my program.
hang in there and God Bless...

de said...

ok tl dont know why you are back up in wieght you looked pretty good to me in the dizzyland pic's

Mr. Happy said...

Cool car...good choice on getting something smaller. I have a mega SUV and it cost me $72 to fill up. Thinking about getting something more gas friendly.

Good luck on your diet. I'll be rooting for you. I've lost 12 lbs so far on my diet but I can't seem to make it past that amount. My goal is 20-25 lbs so I still have a ways to go. I'll keep checking back to see your progress. Keep up the great work!