Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still Here....Just Busy

Hi y'all!! Sorry for not blogging everyday.. but I've just been trying to get my grove back!

I am doing really well with my food. I am watching my portions.. and eating healthy. I challenged Michelle to 5 hours of cardio this week... Monday I did 1 hour (walking 3 miles), yesterday I did a big fat NADA!, Today I have 4 miles to walk on my training schedule for the Breast Cancer Walk... which everyone needs to check out!! I am also asking that when you donate money, please put a name down in which you would like to donate in honor of or memory of.. I am going to print up a shirt with everyones name on it. I will wear it all 3 days (hmmmmm maybe I should print 3 shirts!) of walking... and will wear it proudly.

The wind is blowing like mad today... so it looks like I wont be going anywhere.

Have a blessed day!


Cory said...

We've missed you, but it's good to work on getting moving again.

I'll definitely be donating when I have money (hopefully this month) and will do my best to remember about the memory mention!

Good work with your training!!!

Christine said...

Ohhh - your are reading the book that I have next on my list. Right now I am reading another Dean Koontz, please let me know if I should pick up the Husband, please! :) Glad to see you are doing good! Take care.

A Heathier Me said...

I'm glad things are going so well!

kelly said...

5 hours of exercise sounds great! you go girl! :)

jeannie* said...

What a wonderful idea about the t-shirt to wear on the walk! I put my Aunt's name down (Karen Kazanjian)... so great to know she'll be honored throughout your walk!!!

And glad that youre BACK and ready to kick some butt in June!!! Keep it up :)

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Great job on sticking with your portions! Keep up the great work!