Friday, June 27, 2008

TTLTWIOAIF (thank the lord this week is over and its friday)

Not that this week has been bad... I'm just looking forward to the weekend! In fact, I look forward to every weekend in July too! July is the month of rodeo's, picnics, cage fights, anniversary's and more. This is officially the busiest month for our family. I love it though.

Anyway, this weekend is Baby's birthday party with friends and family. I have a couple of things to get done tonight.. but otherwise it will be a stress free gathering with lots of food and fun.

This week HAS been bad in one way... my food. I have eaten more crap then normal. Cupcakes....yes, I indulged head first into the icing, batter and whatever else was sitting on the counter! Macaroni and Cheese... this is something I don't usually have a problem NOT eating because it reminds me of my old grade school and makes my stomach grumble in an unnatural way... but I ate it anyway. Bread...lots of bread. Ugh...

Yesterday I finally saw the light. I know that my problem with food is in my head. For some reason I have a switch that turns on the 'I'm Hungry' sign in my belly permanently. This switch is sometimes, to easily, turned on. Last night I finally turned it back off and hung a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign on it.

I need to focus on the food I CAN eat... instead of dreaming about the food I CAN'T eat. Really, I don't crave bread unless I'm thinking about not being able to eat it. It's the ol' you want what you cant have thing. So.. focus on veggies, fish, salads, protein shakes and fruit. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.

Last night I ran 2 miles.. and then went to my Tang Soo Do class. Yes, I thought I was crazy too.. but I needed to do it. Once I got to class I was a little worried.. we sparred for an hour. Four 15 minute fights. YIKES! I was amazed at what I did. I was sweating... I was feeling the pain... but I wasn't out of breath and I was able to keep fighting even though my legs were yelling STOP!!!! My endurance has never been that good. I think running is doing the trick!

So, I took a few good hits. One guy is fighting next weekend at a cage fight event in the next town over. Master A thought it would be a great idea for him to fight me.. I do have the best kicks in class! ... and get him used to taking a few hits now and then. I got him a few time and he countered with a few good punches to my face (I'm not used to using hands in sparring) and one good kick to my left leg that caused my left side to go numb. That pissed me off and I had to counter with a spinning round kick to his head.... I LOVE THIS!!!

Today I am sore.. but its a good thing. It is reminding me why I don't want to eat like crap ever again. I want to train my body.. I want to be in the best shape I can.. I want to kick butt next time I fight that guy!! LOL

Today's plan... I'm not sure. I might run, I might do Yoga...



Jill said...

Next time I encounter a dark alley, I'm taking you with me!!! You Rock!!!

amma15 said...

wow, you ran 2 miles AND went to class!!!! Awesome!!!