Friday, June 13, 2008

Onward and Downward....

Enough with the stories of the past... lets talk the future here.

My workouts have been awesome. I finished Week 1 of C25K this morning and am feeling strong. My knees are feeling the strain again. Its not pain that I feel, but water. I seem to have water forming right above my knee caps the day after I run. Its a very strange feeling...but it goes away in a day. I'm not sure what I can do about it.. if anything. Any of you avid runners have any pointers??

I am eating too much bread. Evil, evil bread. I'm sure I would be 20 lbs lighter right now if it weren't for my terrible cravings for bread. What makes it harder is that I have to have it in the house. The girls and Hubby love their sandwiches. Otherwise I would just stop buying it so the temptation would not be there. Of course, that is no way to strengthen my will power... so, I will just have to slap my hand whenever it reaches for the bread box.

I have found a delicious post workout recovery drink... Mix 1

15 grams of whey protein

23 vitamins and minerals

3 servings of fruit/veggies

antioxidants = to 4 cups of green tea

free of lactose, gluten, soy and caffeine

They taste delicious and have a bunch of flavors like tangerine, mango and berry. I bought mine at the local natural food store.

The girls and I are off to get professional pictures done....well, as professional as you can get at Walmart! LOL. We should be doing family pics, but getting Hubby in front of a camera is like pulling teeth on a mad rhino. So, I have given up the fight and decided that the picture will be all girls. It is also time to do Baby's 3rd birthday pics....

Today's Plan:

Run = week 1, day 3 of C25K

Legs and Back



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Fatinah said...

no bread, no bread, no bread.....good luck with that one!! ;-)