Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Morning

I had a great weekend. Saturday I got to leave the kids with Hubby and took our Basset Hound Woodroe to the park where there was a HUGE craft show going on. There were hundreds of people there and I was lucky enough to find a parking spot inside the park. The Humane Society had a 'Shot Tent' were I got Woodroe caught up on his rabies shots. We walked around and visited with all the people who were amazed to see a Basset Hound and just had to pet him. I didn't mind... he was loving the attention... you could tell because as exhausted as he was from walking so much he was still holding his head up high and wagging his tail. After 3 hours it was time to go home. Woodroe did not want to get out of the car when we got home... I think he was having too much fun. I really should do that more often.

Sunday was a work day in the yard. Hubby and I got the yard cleaned up, grass watered and started on another fence along the side yard. Mom and her boyfriend came over in the afternoon and just hung out with us... We played with the girls out in the yard for a little while and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Workout??? Didn't know the meaning of the word all weekend. I didn't even think about it for a minute. That's ok... because this morning I am ready to hop on the treadmill and get moving. I think I am going to start C25K again. I did really well the first time, but kinda lost track of running. So.. lets try it again. Running seems to kick start my body into losing weight... and I have a summer full of fun that I want to look good for!!

Today's Plan:


Chest & Back


Water and Food

Have a great Monday!!

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Jill said...

What a fun weekend!! Sounds to me like you got a lot of exercise over those two days!

Your dog is so cute!!