Monday, June 23, 2008

I had a great weekend.. if you don't include the food. Once again, I have stayed on track Monday thru Friday only to give into temptation all weekend. I used to beat myself up about this, but I have learned one very important thing. If your not enjoying life, then your not living it. I enjoy my training all week...but I enjoy my weekends just as much. If I didn't have my weekends to look forward to I would lose it.

The one big change that I see is that I am much more active on the weekends then I used to be. Sure, I have a hamburger one day and an ice cream the next...but I also spent 4 hours on the golf course, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my car, cleaned the chicken coop and did some gardening all in the same two days. I remember never leaving the couch on the weekends... and eating ALL DAY LONG.

So I may not be losing weight as fast as I want to... but I think I have found a pace that I am happy with. I can focus on my body all week....and then focus on having fun all weekend. That seems like the perfect mix!

So, it's Monday morning and its time to get back into gear. I have a 2 mile run planned for this morning... and then Yoga tonight.

On a side note...I am getting another tattoo but I need help finding it. Does anyone know how to write in Korean?? I want to tattoo the words "tiger lily" on the back of my neck in korean......

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P.O.M. said...

Wow - look at how much energy you have now too (compared to sitting the couch days). You're doing great. Slow and steady is the best way to change your life.

Nice job on the golf.