Monday, June 30, 2008

The Difference....

It was a great weekend. I learned a lot. Like how much my body hates me when I eat nothing but crap! I had ZERO energy, my stomach cramped up and I was in a fog all day. Ok, so the cramping up was because I am lactose intolerant and ate ICE CREAM... yes, I was stupid. But in that stupidity I learned that I cant go back to feeling like that ever again. Of course, I lived like that for years (which is how I made it to 225 lbs). I must have become numb to the pain, the depression and the lack of energy.

Now that I have lived the good life. Eating great, working out, having tons of energy and no depression.... I don't ever want to stop! Now, I may have to have that occasional fall back, just to remind myself.. but I will never return to that life again.

My weight this morning was 196. Yes, a gain... but no wonder! I haven't had water in two days (my wedding ring is tight) and I haven't worked out since Thursdays run.

I have to have goals. I feel stagnant if I don't have one to move towards.. so here they are:

1st goal: JULY 11 = 190 lbs

2nd goal: AUGUST 1 = 180 lbs

3rd goal: SEPTEMBER 1 = 170 lbs

4th goal: OCTOBER 1 = 160 lbs

This will give me a month to lose 10 lbs... do-able? I think it is! Why did I stop in October? Because on Oct. 4th we are on the train to Disneyland.... and, unlike last year, I want to look great! No more squeezing into my jeans... and no more hiding behind a shirt at the pool!

I have 3 full months that I have to focus. No cheating on the weekends.. no missing workouts... no sad excuses. I know I've said this (to you and myself) a million times, but this time I want to prove that I can get serious, buckle down and do it!

Today's Plan:

2 mile run
Chest and Back, Abs

I need to replenish my body with water.... lots of water!


Fatinah said...

write your dates and goals on post-it-notes and put them on your cupboards and fridge doors - that should help keep the fire burning!

I'm sorry your tummy is hurting, but glad that you know it is from crap!!

Your excitement is contagious - I may have to write myself out some goals also!!

Mark Salinas said...

Fantastic job! Such an inspiration! I love your site :)!

FatMom said...

Yes, water, water, water!!! It works wonders! Good for you for making such clear goals! You CAN do it! LOVED the Barbie cake, BTW...looks like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tigerlilly,

Thanks for your comment on my blog post about body image and size. I'm so surprised to find out that you think you have a large build as well because to me your pics down your RH side at 193 lbs and at "24 weeks" look like a smaller build person (I realise it's difficult to tell on pics) and look like someone who weighs a lot less than just under 200 lbs.

And this tells me something -- how screwed our relative value systems is with weights -- especially due to the number of "white lies" told in the media about what real women weigh.

And also, er girls at school and college, who I'm sure all shaved at least 20 lbs off their real weight.

It's *sooooooooooooooooo* ridiculous. If only all women would be HONEST about what we/they weighed, we would ALL get a much better perspective on what is a healthy weight.

If all the women who ACTUALLY weight 160 lbs would stop pretending they weigh 140 lbs because they think that is what they *should* say and what they *ought* to weigh and what the weight tables tell them they ought to weigh .... it would make life so much easier !!!!!!!!!

THEN we would get a REALISTIC idea of what a woman of 160 lbs really looks like and that, goddarn it, actually that looks pretty damn good -- why would that woman want to starve herself down to 140 or 130 lbs ??????

Oooh I'm having one of my moments!

I'm going to leave this comment here on your blog, but I may copy and paste a few of the salient points into another blog entry of mine in a few days!

Best wishes,

Phentremine said...
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