Saturday, August 04, 2007

Had a great day yesterday. Ran all over looking for a house to move into this week... may have found one, but we are going to meet with the owner today. I am praying we get this house. It would be a dream come true. He is willing to rent it to us until our house sells so that we can then buy it from him. It is a beautiful 3 bed 2 bath...gorgeous...big work shop out back for hubby...two car garage...and right in our price range! I hope it works out today!

I played drums last night.. and of course the first song was at super speed and of course I was wearing a sweater, so you can imagine the sweat I was pouring! My arms are killing me this morning, but hopefully they start feeling better for tomorrows service!

I had a friend come and watch me play drums. She is in a 10 piece blues/jazz/R&B band and they are looking for a conga player....she asked me to go to her house on Monday and see if I can play with them. IF I do , it means $100 a gig! wooohoooo

I am singing my song every second of the day just trying to remember the words.. as soon as I have them down I can start to really work the improvising part.I am sooooo nervous and excited.. I just keep picturing the radio mike in my face while I'm singing... if that doesn't scare me the hundreds of people will!! LOL

Today is going to be a little hectic... tomorrow is weigh in... so I will see you then!!


de said...

hi tl;things sure are looking good for you scoundrels; see what faith in our lord can do,
i expect you to win that sing song if you donr i am going to have killer and thor get you

Kitty said...

Good luck good luck good luck! For WI and songs and conga playing too. x

Christine said...

Very happy that things are working for you. Super happy for you. Keep it up! You taking a picture of you and your toes tomorrow am??