Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well... July '07 is gone, and with it went 5.5 more pounds!! Not a bad loss for a month. As for my challenge... my weigh in this morning was 206.5! Thank you WATER!! That gives me a grand total of -4.5 lbs in the past week! Hmmmm, think I have finally found the trick to dropping those pounds. I have been in idle for a couple of months now... maybe my body just needed to be given a little push. I will tell you the other secret of my weight loss... 19g of fat! At every meal I count my fat grams... and I keep them under that magic number of 19. I also look at the calories and make sure that I don't eat anything that had more then 1g of fat per 100 calories. I know, it sounds confusing... but it is really easy.. just pick up the healthy food and you don't have to worry too much about it! Eating all natural has really helped me focus on this diet...

Today I have my morning run to do. I am really starting to enjoy it! I also have to pack, pack, pack... oh... and do laundry... again. LOL We are looking at moving out of this house and into our rental by the middle of August... which gives me two weeks to get this house packed and cleaned. Ugh..

Tonight I have the option of going to the bar and practicing my song for tomorrow nights competition... I hate to go to the bar more then one night a week... but if it helps me win $1000 dollars then I think I should go!

Tomorrow I will post my challengers final weights... and we'll see how we all did! (Girls, just email me anytime today with your final weigh in! Oh and your address, if you feel comfortable, so I can send y'all a little something to keep you motivated!)

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. ~Mark Twain


Paige said...

Hey TL, I'm trying to get the Challenge restarted! I've got about 5 of us, if you & your group want to give it a go, please join us!

Groovybabe said...

Thats fab, TL. You've done great!

Christine said...

Congrats! Holy cow girl! You are on fire. I am so glad that you figured out a system for yourself. Pump back that water - as annoying as it is to go to the can all the time - its so makes a difference.

I hadn't thought about couting fat - maybe I should do that tomorrow. I am kinda curious. I am making as low fat choices as possible, but I would like to see where I am at. Where are you at calorie wise??

Good luck with the singing! Thats great money - I would be singing my heart out too!

Big Momma Black said...

Tigerlilly is getting closer and closer to gracing us with her presence!!!