Thursday, August 09, 2007

God is amazing. We did not get the house we were trying so hard to get...BUT...yesterday I was with a realtor looking at houses and she looked at me and said "why dont you come look at my house!". At first I was a little confused. "Thank you, but I think we should keep looking at houses before the kids get too tired.".... she laughed. "NO... I am selling my house and I will bring the price down for you if you like it enough" ... We drove over to this beautiful neighborhood and stopped in front of a beautiful house built on the side of the hill. We had to go up 15 steps to the front door. I turned around to see the view and it took my breath away... you could see the entire town and beyond. The house is 3 stories.. the top is all the master bedroom and master bath (with a claw footed tub), the second floor is the main floor with the kitchen/living/dining room and 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.. the bottom floor has the garage and two huge rooms to make into whatever you need. This house is fantastic... more then we could have ever asked for. Today we are talking to the bank and trying to get an offer ready for her.. If we get this house it will truly be a blessing.

Tonight is the finale. I am going thru stages of terrified and excited. I know my song, but they said we need to do some dancing... what?? How am I supposed to dance on a stage that only gives me 4 feet to move around on... and what kind of dancing? I still dont even have my clothes picked out...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk. Plus they will be broadcasting us singing LIVE over the radio... can I get a 'take two?'...

I am going to do my run today to try and get my stomach settled a little! Ha! Then it is off to spend hours in my closet trying on clothes that dont fit. Ugh.

Tomorrow is friday... YEAH!! I am ready for a weekend with hubby...and I'm ready for all of this to be over!


Randi said...

Good luck tonight honey! You'll kick butt! Plus got my fingers crossed for you about that house. Sounds awesome!
And yay for running as a relaxation technique! Way to not turn to the fridge!

Lola said...

You are going to ROCK the house tonight!!

Best of luck, have fun and enjoy it.

Hope you get the house too!

Christine said...

Good luck tonight! Toes are crossed for you! You've got a cheering section right here!!

The house sounds amazing - what a great realtor! I hope she gives you the lucky break you need!

Cory said...

Good luck tonight!!! (Although you may be done by now!) I hope you have fun.

Good luck getting that house. It sounds like a real dream.

Kitty said...

Good on you for giving up the ciggies Tigerlilly!

Good luck with that house its sounds divine.

You look lovely in your new photos!

A Heathier Me said...

Good luck with everything!!!! You will do great!