Friday, August 03, 2007

First of all.... I jumped on the scale for my morning ritual and I am down ANOTHER pound! I'm telling you people... this 'you are what you eat' is true...I've cut my fat intake in half and my body is finally responding!! My 'official' weigh in is on Sunday and it looks like its going to be a good one! Yahoooooo!

Second.... I MADE THE CUT!!! I am in the final four for the finale next week!!! I am so excited.. It will be broad casted live and there will be A LOT of people there. The best part is, the song we have to sing is country... and I AM COUNTRY!!!! YeeeeeHawwwww!

Today is hubbys 31st birthday.. we are going to a local town for their yearly local festivities... and tonight I have church band practice (I fill in on the drums whenever they need me to) and then meeting my friend Lynn to practice our new songs!! So it will be a busy Friday.. but a very good one!

I forgot my camera last night, but will take some pics tonight and will DEFINITELY take tons of pictures at the FINALE!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


Randi said...

congrats! both on the pound and on the final 4! That's super fantastic! Good luck on your official WI this weekend!

Groovybabe said...

congrats congrats congrats!!! youre doing so well with everything!

de said...

hey tl what did i tell you; now you wear your doyle belt buckle and your low rider jeans and that big smile of yours and it is in the bag

Paige said...

You can definitely still join the challenge, shoot me an email at

PearShapedGirl said...

TL, that's SO AWESOME! Congrats on the weightloss and the singing contest! What a great time in your life, so exciting. Keep up the great work!!

Take care,

Christine said...

Congrats are in order for many things! Good for you on the loss and good for you with the singing! Thats just awesome!

Also noticed your quit smoking meter. Good for you. You are really kicking butt in this whole journey.