Saturday, August 11, 2007

Went and cashed in my $150 gift certificate at Corral West... bought these awesome boots!

Also went shopping with my friend Lynn and bought some clothes for our first performance Labor Day weekend... bought a pair of black pants in a size 16!! One size down from what my jeans are.. whoop!! Also got a beautiful white tank top with a lacy jacket that goes over it... and a green shirt that is fabulous with green feather like fringes all the way around the off the shoulder top! I will be looking fantastic.. I am listening to the music as I write this. I want to make sure that when I go to practice Wednesday night I will be familiar with all the songs.

Tomorrow is weigh in day... the last weigh in for my 6 week challenge... which also means its time to start a new one! Oh... and it will also be my reveal of the red toe nails!

See you then!


Christine said...

Guess I should have looked at this post before the prior one! I see you bought yourself some sexy new boots! Good for you - those are great!!! Those boots were made for walking!!!!! Keep it up girl!

Anonymous said...

hi tl; nice toenails on a [retty lil girl