Friday, August 10, 2007

Me Singing...I think!!

Last night was a blast. The bar was packed, the radio DJ was live on air and talking to everyone. The music was loud, the singers were amazing. I came in 3rd. Eh.. I had a blast and that is what counts. I still won a prize of $150 so not too shabby! My best friend Lynn won 1st...and she deserved it.. she rocked!

Me and Lynn....what the #$@%???

Weighed in this morning at 202.5!!! Yahoo.. the scale is moving down again! I may not break the 200 mark by this weeks weigh in.. but it is going to be soon!!

I have a couple of things happening this month that should be motivating me. My hubbys youngest brother is in the Marines and is coming home on the 24th of August...and getting married on the 25!!! I am so happy for him... it will be a BIG party!! I want to be able to wear my 'post first baby' jeans.. they are not quite my 'skinny' jeans, but they are definitely on the right path...and smaller then what i am wearing now!

Second thing is actually on Labor Day weekend. It will be my first public performance playing congas for the band. Lynn...yes, the girl who won first place... is going to take me and her daughter shopping for matching outfits. Since we are the only women in the band we figured it would be fun to wear the same thing. It has to be fancy... and most likely skirts... so the skinnier the better!! LOL

Today is Friday.. and I am not planning on doing a whole lot of anything. Just kicking back and relaxing with my munchkins.


Cory said...

Congrats on making it in 3rd. That's awesome.
And you're doing fantastic on the weight loss! Keep it up!

Christine said...

Winning any type of cash reward is awesome - hope you get yourself something real nice! Congrats to you!