Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jail, Jury and Just about everything in the kitchen.

So my gung-ho attitude has faded a little bit. Ok, so its GONE. It slowly started whithering away this morning when I passed up my regular water and tea and went for the fried egg/cheese/biscuit breakfast. Then I had to run to the store to pick up some milk, eggs and bananas.. and ended up buying some low fat Slow Churned Ice Cream... damn them, why did they have to make strawberry cheesecake ice cream??? Went home, took the girls outside and sat down in the sun and finished an entire gallon... yes, and entire gallon... granted it was over a 4 hour period.. and the girls did take a COUPLE of bites.. but none the less.. 1400 calories in one sitting. UGH Then I got a call from the town animal control. My dog had gone missing on Saturday.. I didn't tell anyone because I was in denial that anything had happened to him.. and thankfully nothing had. They picked him up 20 miles from our house.. my husband thinks that someone saw him and picked him up thinking they could make a quick buck selling a pure bred Basset Hound... but little did they know that we had him fixed the second those two little suckers fell! HA jokes on them... anyways, hubbys thinks they tossed him back out on the street once they realized they weren't going to make any money. AC called me and asked me what he looked like.. I was so excited, I had honestly given up on the idea of him coming back home. So I pushed the girls into the truck and ran into town to the local animal shelter. There he was, looking as pathetic as ever... but not hurt.. and very happy to see us!! I got a citation for 'dog at large' that I have to go to court for.. but its not a big deal and as long as I show that he has all his shots, they will dismiss the ticket.
So, everyone came home. Woodroe got a bath to wash off that 'shelter' smell that they always have in there.. and he crawled into his bed and hasn't moved since. I think he spent his nights in doggy jail doing the hound thing....hooowwwwwwwling!
I continued to snack on everything in site.. and made dinner. Cleaned the kitchen and realized that I had not written anything in my blog today... so sat down and realized that I was supposed to go to Jury duty tomorrow but lost the paper with all the info on it. Luckily the Internet has EVERYTHING and I was able to find the 800 number and called. It has been cancelled... so I don't have to worry about it.. not that I was going to go... 1)I don't have gas money to drive two hours to another town just to drag my children in there and tell them that I cant do jury duty.

OK... so the plan.... finish this up, drink a big glass of water (the first for the day) , go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start over the right way. I have a workout scheduled for tomorrow.. so I will look forward to that. If the weather is nice again I will load the girls up in the trailer and take them for a bike ride. The trick is not to let myself get down about it. The worst thing that I can do from here is... nothing. I have to get back on the wagon... or at least start pushing it.

Have a blessed day... ummmm.. night.


Karin said...

Yes, do not get down about it. One high-cal day is nothing to stress about it. 1400 calories spread over a couple of weeks is just a hundred extra calories a day - not such a big deal. The trick is to make this just one day and not the beginning of something. So sun or no sun, stay out of the ice cream aisle for a while! Remember... you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you...

jeannie* said...

Sounds like a good plan for tomorrow! Just get back on track and youll be all set. It'll be like that ice cream never happened :)

And I'm glad your pup is home safe and sound!!!

kelly said...

i'm glad your doggie is home, safe and sound. i used to have a basset hound, they are so loving.