Friday, April 27, 2007


Another week has flown by. I am failing miserably at losing weight.. and as my friend Becky would say; "Its cuz you eat big honkin' blizzards!". Yes, I got caught going thru the drive thru at Dairy Queen... but I just got a kiddie size blizzard... and I didn't even finish it! Becky, who was sitting inside the restaurant called me on my cell phone as I was pulling away and bitched me out! Scared the heck out of me... but I had a good laugh about it. Guess there is no more sneaking around to eat sweets now that this small town seems to know my blog!! LOL Talk about great support!!

So I am seriously thinking of joining Weight Watchers. The only problem is the one meeting here in town is on Thursday nights.. and I am usually scheduled to work Thursday nights. The neighboring town has one on Tuesday nights... and I guess you can go back and forth between them right??? I fight myself about it because I am so cheap and don't want to spend the money... I know I could do it without joining.. but how well has THAT worked so far? LOL

Tomorrow night hubby is taking me out on a date to celebrate my birthday. I am excited to have some 'us' time. He is planning on starting flying lessons pretty soon.. which I think is great.. but I'm not really sure what he plans on doing when he gets the flying licence. Its not like we can afford a plane.. let alone the gas! LOL

OK.. so I am off to see what all the screaming is about! Have a blessed weekend and we'll see you on Monday!


~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Honestly... I think that, if you think joining WW might help, then you should consider seriously doing it (as long as it won't place a financial burden on you). I'm guessing your hubby is taking flying lessons because it's a dream of his and it will help fulfill him (my hubby has the same dream). Well, I know flying lessons aren't cheap! LOL You deserve to take care of yourself and fulfill your dreams, too!

Cory said...

I think that weight watchers can be really great. And if it doesn't work for you, quit going. Personally, I need it, even if I'm not going to any meetings right now. The only way you will know for sure if it helps is for you to go!

Salma Gundi said...

Sometimes to get revved up again, we need a new approach. Maybe WW is the revving you need :)

Megan said...

Your friend cracks me up. I hope you had a lovely time with your hubby for your birthday!

Maria said...

I joined WW almost 3 months ago. Initially I did great for the first month but then we moved house and as always.. I wasn't able to cope with the stresses..and also health I turned to food. And I started gaining weight again. But all hasn't been lost because I still hang on to some small changes and feel I have purpose and reason to exercise -whereas if I didn't attend WW, I think I'd throw the whole lot out the window in despair. I've been stuggling since moving house because I have hormone issues too (and can only lose weight now at a very slow rate) -however, I haven't missed a meeting yet. I belong to an Australian online weight loss forum and most of the ladies doing WW don't attend the meetings (they're put off by the cost I imagine). However, I can't emphasise enough how important they are for someone who has struggled to lose weight on your own. Yes.. I have been yo-yoing and doing more gaining than losing lately..but that's not WW fault. I have the support there and the tools I need to lose weight.. but I have made conscious wrong choices for myself. Those ladies and my WW leader are all waiting for me each week and always ready to hear anyting I have to say. I go there and I'm surrounded by people going through the same thing as me. I feel like I can say anything or ask for any advice or support I want as we are all there for each other. We aren't best friends or anything..but I'd rather have them there than not. And who knows.. I'm believing that I WILL make a friend there which will go beyond the meeting and Thursday mornings. During the first month of WW I felt like a fish out of water. But now I definitely feel like one of them and the discussions are so healthy and helpful. We get awarded 'silver star' stickers if we tell the group of any small changes we've made during the week.. ANY changes. We're encouraged not to measure our successes by the scales alone and are taught the other ways we can measure them... or rather we are REMINDED. This regular reminding of things we already know is valuable too. There is an emphasis on 'no guilt' and instead of saying "bad foods"..we say "sometimes foods". It's such a healthy environment to be in when you're trying to lose weight. As long as I'm attending.. I don't feel like I've failed. Even if I have gained weight. I've already proven that doing it alone hasn't got me far in the past. There is nothing wrong with support, education and guidance to overcome a problem that deals with addiction and satisfying hungers that aren't necessarily physical. Of course it's your decision if you join -but I only have good things to say about WW and their meetings :-) Best wishes with it all.

JOY said...

I can't comment on WW as I have never tried it but know some people it worked for and some people it didn't. I guess you should give it a go and see how you feel.

I hope you have a great "date" with your hubby!

How exciting learning how to fly - your hubby is very adventurous.