Monday, April 02, 2007

Unexpected Inspiration

Have you ever come across something that inspired you to do your best. Has it ever been something your would have never dreamed would do that? This weekend was shaky for me. I ate too much, no exorcise at all... and no water but plenty of soda. Ugh.. what was I thinking? I went to church yesterday morning and came home planning on just cleaning out closets... but when I got home hubby was sitting on the couch and I seemed to be magnetically pulled towards him. He was watching "The Ultimate Fighter". A reality show that has two teams of fighters competing for a MILLION dollar contract with the UFC. At first I rolled my eyes and thought.. 'well, just for a minute and then I'll get up and clean'. One minute turned into one hour into a whole afternoon AND evening of watching the Season 3 rerun marathon. It was awesome!! I was getting into it.. picking favorites and shouting.. "KICK HIM, PUNCH HIM.. .NO DON'T ROLL OVER!!!KNEE KNEE KNEE!!!" It was hilarious. Especially when hubby was going for the 'other' guy. Before each match though, they showed them training... and for some reason I just wanted to get up and do the workouts with them. I wanted to look like them... well.. to a point. Mostly I just want the abs!

One guy, Josh Haynes, had lost 125 pounds to get down to his fighting weight of 205. I don't know.. but something just kinda clicked in me.. and this morning I am training myself harder. Not so much to be a UFC champion fighter...although that would be soooo coool.. but to get myself into the best shape ever. Because my next fight may not be in the octagon cage.. but you never know what, where or when it will be. Whether it will be with cancer again, or fighting for the life of one of my girls. I want to be ready to kick some butt.. and the only way to do that is to get serious about it. I have 24 days to see a change this month... and you can bet there WILL be a change.

Have a Blessed Day... and start preparing your body for whatever YOUR next fight may be.


Cory said...

Giving up an afternoon of housework to become motivated again? Sounds like a great idea to me! Anything to keep, or get, our butts in gear is worth it!

Michelle said...

An old man walked up a shore littered with thousands of starfish, beached and dying after a storm. A young man was picking them up and flinging them back into the ocean. "Why do you bother?" The old man scoffed. "You're not saving enough to make a difference." The young man picked up another starfish ans sent it spinning back to the water. "Made a difference to taht one," he said.

Thank you Tigerlilly for making a difference, you never give up and are always striving for me. I'm so blessed to know you!

Anonymous said...

The Newest UFC champ....... TigerLily!

Great post. Thanks for being so uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, have you been checking out my fitday log?! (as it's really bad today)

Thanks for the reminder to eat way better. I really need to focus on this part for the month.(for life)

jeannie* said...

Thats awesome! What a great post -- youre right that we never know when our next fight may be. And its best to have our bodies ready for whatever comes our way.


Anonymous said...

I soooo know what you mean, I love to watch the female wrestlers on WWE because they dont give a crap if they are skinny or fat, they want to just be in shape and kick some dupa! They inspire me just like you do :)