Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 143 : 197.5

Oh yeah... your not seeing things.. I have gained 4 pounds this weekend. But I'm pretty sure its all water weight from too much sodium and serious workouts. I should see it drop by mid week. I know, I'm so positive.. but I will tell you that what the scale says is null and void compared to how I feel.

Saturday my mom came and watched the girls while Hubby and I went to our Tang Soo Do class. I was the only girl there and it was floor work day... in other words, we worked on escaping different mounts and side positions. Much like wrestling. I have never wrestled in my life and to be put under 5-6 different men and trying to escape them was a workout like no other. Every muscle in my body was aching. My thighs are swollen...yes, swollen.. from all the bucking and squating I had to do with the weight of a man on them. That night I settled in and watched the UFC fight on PPV. It was WWE wrestler Lesnar fighting Mir... Lesnar was huge and really fun to watch fight but even his massive muscles were no match against Mir's kneebar. Mir won it in the first round after getting a beat down... great fight!

Yesterday I did nothing. I couldnt. Overnight my muscles had tightend and hardend.. I could barely crawl out of bed without crying. So we hung out and watched tv all day... and of course the Super Bowl. I have to say, I was sorry to see the Patriots lose their shot at a perfect season... but the Giants kicked butt!

So, on to this morning. I wogged 1 mile, did 30 minutes of upper body weights and then finished with a second mile. I feel good... but can already feel my body moan and groan. Tonight is Belly Dancing but we are in the middle of a snow storm, so unless the roads are clear I will be staying home. Yes, I am a wuss and HATE driving in snow.

Like I was saying... I feel great. My body looks great! Oh and its the end of another month so here are measurements:

AUG: 43/ 40.5/ 44
DEC: 39/ 36/ 42
JAN: 38.5/ 36/ 42

A loss of 11 inches in 5 months... and a loss of .5 an inch since December. I'll take it.

I have been watching Hanlie with her Juice Feasting and am fasinated. I am thinking of trying it for 7 days.. and take if from there. I dont know. Whatever I do I need to start it today. I really think that the only thing keeping me from seeing great numbers every week is my food.

Ok, I am off to rearrange the furniture. See you tomorrow!

Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in trainging, some not. - George Sheehan in Heroes and Sparrows.


Cara said...

you are doing awesome and I am glad you know it :-)

Hanlie said...

You want to try juice feasting? There's no reason why you couldn't, but it has to be as a step towards a high raw diet, otherwise you will just put all the weight back on. If you really are interested, I can direct you to websites that will describe the philosophy and the how to, etc for you.

You are a workout goddess! I'm working towards that!

groovybabe said...

I am sorry to hear you have put on a few pounds but you sound like you have the right attitude towards it.

Hey we are the same weight now! Well half a pound between us as I am 198! :)

robyn479 said...

Geez, reading your blog makes me feel so lazy! I hope to be as exercise-savvy as you are one of these days.
It does seem like you are doing GREAT! I wouldn't worry about that 4 probably is water weight. I've learned already that my scales can go up and down 3 or 4 pounds every day, depending on what I've had to eat.
Your measurements: 11 inches in 5 months? That's awesome! Keep up the great work!

Fatinah said...

you work out a lot to only have juice in the day. be careful!

Laura N said...

Holy crap, I would NEVER call you a wuss, even if you don't like to drive in the snow. I can't believe you wrestled a bunch of burly men! You are an exercise goddess.

You'll get your food worked out. Hang in there.

P.O.M. said...

You are sooo kickin' booty!
I gained 2 lbs this weekend - after running 13.1 miles! Who knows why. The only thing I did differently was I allowed myself fries (which I nornally avoid).

Ger. We'll get back to where we were! How can we NOT?