Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 157

I have been beyond lazy. Working out has seemed like too much work. I've been eating fast food, ice cream, chips and chocolate. I've been drinking maybe 4 glasses of water a day and sleeping as much as I can. Sick? Nope... just not 100% in my head.

I know this is a long term change... so I figure there are going to be days where I mess up and go back to old habits. The hard part was getting back on track today. So far so good. I wogged for 40 min this morning and then did an upper body weight lifting regimen.. running for 2 min in between each set. It was kinda gross that I could smell all the crap I ate for the past 4 days seeping thru my skin.

I washed up, drank 32 oz of water and juiced the most yummy drink I've tasted in days. Carrots, cucumber, parsley, radishes, apples, celery, garlic and tomatoes. I drank 8 oz and put the rest in the fridge for this afternoons snack. I then ate one cup of oatmeal and took my vitamins.

Lunch will be a simple turkey sandwich and more water. Its time to replenish my body...and get it working the way it was. Hopefully getting my body on track will help get my head right too.


Cara said...

I am working on getting more of a clean diet, or fresh foods that make my body happier. Good luck with it, although you won't need it! :-)

robyn479 said...

Yes, way to get back on track! Doing extra good today will kind of cancel out your bad day yesterday. That's what I tell myself at least! :)
Today's the beginning of a new week. You can stay on track this week, and your head will remember how good that feels!

fertilehealthy said...

Yeah, some days we're just not feeling it! That's why doing the right thing needs to be a habit, so that we just do it anyway! Great job on the exercise!

Fatinah said...

I'm so glad you're getting back at it - you've come so far!

Ron Estrada said...

Hi Tigerlilly,
I came across your blog because I too was inspired by the When Is A Man Educated? blurb from Joseph Fort Newton on the box of tea. You mention the quote in a post a couple of years ago. Thank you for taking the time to type it out and get it on-line for all to share. So while I was enjoying the blurb I cruised through your blog and
I am moved by your commitment to yourself. I hope that girl you are looking for appreciates all the specialness of the girl who is seeking her. Blessings to you and your family. Keep loving yourself!

Laura N said...

The important thing is that you get back to it. You will have bumps in the road. As long as you don't totally derail and quit, that's what counts. Glad you are back at it today!

Caroline said...

You are so right and I think adopting the attitude that "I am going to have bad days and that's part of a healthy lifestyle" is so important for maintaining the change for the long-haul. I feel that it's a lot easier to get back into my head when I treat even bad days as just part of the journey. Good for you for getting back in it!