Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 151

I guess I had a brain cloud this morning. I woke up, walked to the kitchen. Made a cup of coffee (I am not a coffee drinker in the morning) and poured a bowl of cereal. I returned to bed, got warm and comfy under the covers and ate breakfast. It wasn't until an hour later that I thought about having my warm water/lemon/cayenne pepper drink... but then thought 'CRAP!!'. I'm not sure what I was thinking, or if I was even awake! LOL I know I had a night of restless sleep and probably woke up in my old habit of being on auto-pilot when it comes to eating. I think the last time I drank coffee for breakfast was 3 or 4 years ago... weird.

Anyway, I will continue the day with my juicing... I cant be perfect all the time!

Todays work out is supposed to be a 30 min cardio run... but I'm thinking of switching it up a bit and doing my Tae Bo Abs dvd instead. An hour of ab workouts is definitley cardio...

Here is to awakening to a new day!


Hanlie said...

In Ayurveda one of the ways in which they determine which type you are, is by asking when you break your fast. Some people eat shortly after waking, other people wait a little bit, and yet others, like myself only start thinking about food at about 10 am. This makes the whole Western idea of "a hearty breakfast" laughable, because some people's bodies just don't work that way! I wake up thirsty, so it's easy to have only liquids.

Have a great day!

Laura N said...

Hope the juice thing is going well for you!