Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 164: 193.5

Ok, so it took a couple of weeks but I am finally back down to my low of 193.5! Which shocks the heck out of me after yesterdays splurge of fat free ice cream and chocolate candy bars. Of course this morning I made up for it by doing this:

Muscle Group/ Sets/ Reps/ Rest

Back 4/10/1
Chest 4/10/1
Triceps 3/10/1
Hamstrings 4/10/1
Abs 3/20/1
Quads 4/10/1
Calves 4/30/1
Biceps 3/10/1
Shoulders 4/8/1

In between each muscle group I hop on the treadmill for 2 minutes. This is not a daily workout for me.. but because I missed 3, yes 3, days of working out I decided to push two days together. It ended up being an AWESOME workout.. I might just do this every Monday.

Saturday's Karate class was not what I expected.. although still very informative. We did a lot of different things... but in the end it was working on our CHI that we focused in on. Your Chi is two inches below your belly button. Martial Artists believe that this is where all your power is stored. It is too hard to explain it but some of the things he showed us where incredible. A 12 year old boy was brought up and he told him to focus on the light coming in the window. Posing him so that one arm was across his waist and the other was palm up towards the window. Then asked the biggest guy in the class to come over and bend the boys out-stretched arm. He could not do it. I know it sounds strange... but it was very cool to learn. We learned some exorcises to strengthen our Chi.. and our organs.. every morning. I really am enjoying it.

I also learned this weekend that I am lactose intolerant. I never really thought about it because I don't drink Milk.. just Soy milk. I do , however, eat yogurt... and have always had gas pains after eating it but never thought twice. Then Sunday I had a bowl of ice cream and spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom. (that may be one of the reasons I am finally down to 193!)... So, no more milk products for me. I'm ok with that really. I love my Soy milk but the yogurt will be missed.. I am sure I will find something to take its place.

Today is catch up day... hubby is home again so I doubt I'll get anything done anyway, but I can try!

See you tomorrow!


Hanlie said...

Well done on the weight loss!

The "chi" ("prana" in Hindi and "life-force" in English) is so fascinating. Blockages in chi (either physical or emotional) disrupts the energy flow in the body and causes disease.

I am also lactose intolerant and spend a lot of time in the bathroom after eating dairy.

Laura N said...

Man, I just left a long comment and blogger freaked out so I lost it.

Anyway, good for you for getting the weight back down and your class sounds amazing!

robyn479 said...

Sometimes I wish I would find out that I am lactose intolerant or something like that, because that sure would be a good excuse to avoid things like ice cream and milkshakes!
I'm sorry that you are, though, and I hope that figuring that out now will help you feel better stomach-wise from now on!!

ClaireBoe said...

I'm almost 100% sure there is soy yogurt. You might have to check a Whole Foods Market or somewhere like that.

Congrats on the loss!

Cory said...

Well done on the loss! Keep up the good work!

P.O.M. said...

Good job on the workout!

Have you ever tried chocolate soy milk? It's my morning treat after I run. It's so creamy and delish, like a dessert.

Marshmallow said...

By the way... you're a runner up in Marshy's Scavenger Hunt!