Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Marshmallow is having a scavenger hunt.. the winner gets a copy of Dietgirls new book!! Check it out!

Here is my entry:

1)The color brown:

The love of my life and reason for the weight I put on over the years.

2) The color orange:

What has replaced the love of my life and is now showing me the body of my dreams!

3) The color purple:

The other reason I am succeeding... I have found that my body really does have muscles!

4)A Marshmallow

I have learned that you have to let yourself enjoy what you love... like eating chocolate and reading Marshmallows blog!!

5) A cat:

Hmmmmm... do the words HANG IN THERE come to mind???

6)Someone sleeping:

After an early morning of working out I find myself reading blogs... and then dozing off!!

7)The letter M:

I love my fellow bloggers, because I know that I can lean on them for support whenever I am down.

8)The letter W:

Finally the letter W, for every Word that is Written on my blog, may there be millions more where they came from! ..


Marshmallow said...

Ahahahah that 'hang in there' photo is TOO COOL! And boy, you had me absolutely salivating with the photo of the hot chocolate and the marshmallows - MmMmmMMmmmmmm!

Cheers for entering, gal!

skinnyminny8 said...

awesome entry :)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Great entry :D Cheers for stopping by my blog by the way :)

That "Hang in there" pic reminds me of the Simpsons ep where Marge starts her own pretzel business and puts up a poster with a cat hanging on to a clothes line with the words "Hang in there kitty" on it.

Yes I'm a Simpsons geek ;)

robyn479 said...

Oh, you're SO gonna win. You did a great job with those pictures!