Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 144

I am not going to step on the scale again until next Monday... I am tired of the roller coaster. Its playing games with my head. I know that if I just keep taking the next step every day that eventually I will reach my goal. I have been eating fairly well.. more carbs then I would like and sodium up the wa-zoo because of the soups I've been eating for lunch. Dang snow always makes me crave them. I am getting back on Sparkpeople and tracking my food again. I was doing my best when I was using them.. so time to swallow my pride and realize that my head cannot keep track of everything I eat in one day.

Yes, the snow kept falling yesterday and no snow plow in site. I had to miss a belly dancing class, althought I'm pretty sure the school called for a snow day anyway. Some areas got as much as 3 feet of snow.. we got about 16 inches. Enough to build this snowman!! This morning he had about 6" of new snow on top of him...

I woke up hungery this morning and had a yogurt coved in raisin bran, so I have not worked out yet. I will have to wait another hour to make sure my belly is empty before I start running. My goal is to Wogg 2 miles.. 3 would be nice. I need to double up on water today and make sure I keep track of food.

UPDATE: Almost sabotaged myself on the couch with a good book, but made myself Wogg 2 miles in 32 minutes first!!! yeah me


Cara said...

tracking food is a pain in the ass, but definitely works!!

I vote no against the evil scale as well, especially if it messes with your emotions every day. I am pretty good at blocking it out, unless it goes up insanely high. hahha.

Your snowman, and children are freaking adorable!!

Christy said...

I agree and vote to keep the evil scale away. I find it totally plays with my mind and even though I understand why it goes up (salt etc) it still affects me and I get discouraged and sometimes it translates into a "I may as well eat if I'm gaining" mind frame and nobody wants that.

Your kids are gorgeus!!

robyn479 said...

What a couple of cuties! And the snowman looks fabulous, too!

The scale: Ah, yeah. I keep telling myself I'll stay off of it, but somehow I talk myself into taking just a little peak once or twice a day lately. It makes me wish I didn't have a scale.
Stay off of it for a while. Or, try your hardest to at least! :)

Laura N said...

Good plan on the scale. And on tracking your food.

I am so jealous of your snow. Not that we need 16 inches--we'd be shut down for days if that happened, but my daughter loves the snow and would adore making a snowman like that. Yours are such cuties!

Hanlie said...

Well done on the wog!

P.O.M. said...

I'm definately only steppin on the scale once a week now. It's too stressful to deal with on a daily basis.

Michelle said...

You are really doing such a great job!! (o;