Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day 104: 195.5

Wow.. I wogged two miles this morning, did my weight lifting regimen and did 100 sit-ups. After all that I saw a 1.5 lb loss... that makes me feel pretty good! It also helps that my stomach has finally calmed down enough for me to eat. I cant eat a lot, but when I look at my plate I think "hmmmm, maybe what I think is a little serving is actually a normal serving". Maybe that is why I have been losing weight all week... who knows. At least something is working. The fact that I did not gain any weight over the holiday makes me feel really good about myself.

My new running shoes need a little breaking in, but they are much better then the tennis shoes I was using before. My iPod nano is awesome and made running so much easier, especially the arm band that I got with it. No more passing it from hand to hand while running..

Hubby went back to work today, which means I need to get to work on the house and get it cleaned up. It is snowing today, so there is nothing better to do anyway!

I am excited to see the new year... I am starting it the right way, 20 lbs lighter, and I know that I will see my final goal sometime in 2008.. now that is something to be happy about!


groovybabe said...

Thats fantastic news, tigerlily. I have been thinking about how I will reach my goal weight in this coming year and how exciting that prospect is. 2007 has been a good year for me (I lost almost 60 pounds after all) but here is to hoping 2008 is even better for both of us!

I am so jealous of your exercise too. I havent been able to do any for about 10 days due to severe sciatica but with any luck I'll soon be back in the gym (esp as I got a heart rate monitor for xmas)!!

Christine said...

Super proud of you girl. You have come out ahead from Christmas for sure! I have head NO self control with the 4 holiday dinners, the leftovers, and the sweets. Now - a kick in the face with the flu. Looking forward to sharing a great 2008 with you!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh bummer... now I feel rooly bad as I have just finished a bowl of cornchips and half a tub of hommus...ackkkkkk