Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 84:195.5

Well, I made it! Today makes 3 months. That's right, I have been tracking for 12 weeks now... That was my first goal. Making it this far is a big first step for me. The fact that I am not giving up yet makes me think that I am actually going to succeed this time. When I was 13 I lost 40 lbs in one summer (3 months), making my freshman year in high school a big success (in my eyes anyway!) I did not come close to losing 40 lbs, but I am also 16 years older now and my body is totally different now. I do see a big change though. The belly, the back, the arms, the butt... all of them slowly shrinking. I know, I know.. .you want to see progress pictures. Well, here you go: (before is in black, after in pink and down 19.5 lbs)

Well, I did it... again!! I am back down to my pre-thanksgiving weight. I cant believe it took me 2 weeks to lose the pounds I gained in one afternoon! LOL It was really nice to see 195 means I am half way thru the 190's and well on my way to the 180's. I am really pushing to be 189 by Christmas morning...

You all gave me great ideas for mid afternoon snacks. Its funny how many of you REALLY like peanut butter! Ha..but so do I!! So yesterday stayed on track.. thanks to some celery with peanut butter, of course, and a big salad. Dinner was whole wheat spaghetti and corn... I was hungry, but not starving, so I ate a decent amount. My numbers for yesterday:

Calories: 1265
Fat: 51
Carbs: 156
Protein: 66

Today I wogged 3 miles in 51 minutes...not my fastest time, but I was going for distance this time. I used my 3 lb strap on dumbbells on the last mile and did an arm workout. I had to slow down my last mile, but my heart rate stayed up with the arm movements. It was a great switch to my usual weight lifting.

****Stay tuned this afternoon for my 'Vegas Pants' picture preview....or will they fit??****************


Cory said...

That is so awesome! I'm so proud of you for making it this far.

You have some great changes there from those progress pics. Keep up the good work.

Since this has worked so well for you, I think I might do something like it next year. (I would do it now, but I want to finish up my Christmas thing first!)

Christine said...

Look at you skinny! Good for you! Super proud of you. I sure wish that I had taken some better prior pictures for myself!!

Laura N said...

That is some awesome progress! Your pictures have to be very motivating for you. Big changes going on there. And three months is a BIG DEAL. You have well established habits and know what to do and are DOING it. Persistence truly is key to fat busting. And you are busting it, girl.

Have a healthy weekend!

Teresa said...

Bravo for you. Keep up the good work. Looking Good.

Fatinah said...

I just can't believe the change in you! Your hard work is really paying off and you look just fan-freakin-tastic!!!!