Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 87

Today is Weigh Day... and I am giving myself immunity! I haven't been myself all weekend. It may be the weather, raining and snowing.. but most of my weekend was spent with comfort food and bed rest. I know the scale will not be nice to me, so I am going to wait until next Monday to step on it. I will stick to my soup and oranges all week... and maybe see a loss next week!

I did manage to wogg 1.5 miles this morning, but it was painful. Nausea set in and I had to step off. Hubby is sick today too. He went off to work looking a little green in the gills, so I think he may be home early. Hopefully the girls are ok.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.. see you tomorrow.

********By the way, the pants went all the way up but I couldnt get the dang things to button and zip. Hey! At least my thighs fit in a size 12!!!***********


Teresa said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Get Well Soon. Thats great news about the pants, next try they will zip up no problem.

MilitaryMom said...

I sure hope you feel better! Exersizing while ill is admirable, but please take care of you! You're doing a great job!

Laura N said...

Holy cow, are we on the same bus or what? I had the same weird stuff going on with me--the skinny girl was not in control all weekend, or today. I hope you and hubby are feeling better soon. What a trooper you got in 1.5 miles anyway, wow. Good decision to delay the weigh in. And yay for thighs fitting in size 12s--that's a great thing.